Kasempa district to have 3 constituencies


The delimitation exercise in Kasempa district has concluded on a peaceful note with a resolve by stakeholders to add two constituencies to make it three.

The stakeholders submitted that Kasempa is one of the largest constituencies in the country that should be considered for two additional ones.

Among the constituencies proposed are Lufupa, Mufwashi and the existing Kasempa constituency while seven additional polling districts are proposed for delimitation.

Kasempa district electoral officer Tyrson Chunga expressed happiness that the process of delimitation was peaceful and attended by faith-based organizations, ordinary citizens and civic leaders.

Mr. Chunga said stakeholders also resolved for the creation of three more wards to reduce the voting apathy by reducing distances.

He said the resolutions will be subjected to provincial sittings that are scheduled to begin in October, this year


  1. People have been misled, we don’t need more Constituencies but Wards. More Constituencies means more parasites who disappear after elections to become slaughterers of women at Parley motel. We need more councilors who’ll represent people in councils as more functions are devolved to local authorities. This sits well with the decentralization policy. We don’t need more MPs

    • @Ayatollah. I agree with you.
      Creating more constituencies means creating 2 more parliamentary sits, which means 2 more Toyota VX, etc. More wards can solve the current problem of having a few polling stations.
      Seriously having 2 more MPs isn’t in the best interest of the Zambians right now.

  2. The rigging has begun. Anyway me and my white wife couldn’t care less about Zambian elections. There is so much ignorance that the illiterate outnumber those with sense so they will vote for pf and pf will steal on top of that. I would rather spend time with my white wife than partake in Zambia politics. After all what will zambis give me that my wife can’t

    • We need more constituencies bcoz the population has grown. Creating more wards under one constituency will not yield anything bcoz CDF is uniform.

  3. There’s no need for CDF, after all it’s a fund controlled by an individual with a few of his chosen cohorts. Decentralization means all decisions being made locally by the people through Ward committees. That’s why we need Executive Mayors elected by the people not the nonsense that has been proposed

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