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Three people die on the spot in Mwinilunga in illegal gold mining activities

Rural News Three people die on the spot in Mwinilunga in illegal gold...

Three people have died on the spot while two others are nursing serious injuries at Mwinilunga District Hospital after the earth caved in during illegal gold mining.

The deceased persons together with others who survived were digging soil suspected to be containing Gold powder when the upper heap fell on them burying them to their death.

The accident happened at Kanzhenzi area of Chief Chibwika’s Chiefdom.

Acting Mwinilunga District Commissioner Mwiya Thulani has confirmed the incident in an interview with ZANIS in Mwinilunga describing it as tragic.

Mr. Thulani is disappointed that people in the district have continued engaging in illegal mining activities despite government discouraging them due to risks that are involved.

North-Western Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila also confirmed the incident saying it happened yesterday around 04:00 hours at Kasemuka stream in Kanzhenzi area 120kilometres from the district administration.

The deceased have been identified as Greenwell Sanyidimu aged 38, Charles Chitungu,34, and Mothias Sanyidimu, 32, all of village Nswana Chiyan’ga of Chief Chibwika’s Chiefdom.

And Royd Kayumba one of the survivors told ZANIS that he had gone to Kasemuka stream with his friends to find a fortune

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    • And yet it is ok for people in Zambia to kill and wish gay people death? Think about it. You claim to be Christian nation. Anyway sad that they have died but do I care?

    • Empowering villagers and youths is to allow them to work on black mountains and dig gold.
      Who buys the said gold? How much taxes is PF government collecting from those jerabos?
      I am not sad at all, it is annoying that PF’s minister Musukwa is encouraging this crap.

  1. Such comments are ridiculous my brother, every life is precious whether being cadre or anyone. They were trying to make the ENDS meet in this today’s burning hardships we are in. BA jay tomorrow it could be you.

    • No they don’t.
      All that digging, put it in garden s. Gardens you don’t have to dig that deep. Why not grow tomatoes, they get same money.

  2. Please ignore the above posts they have nothing to do with me ….this is a clear example why we never progress as a democracy in Zambia, here you have this silly individual going to great lengths just to tarnish me using my Avatar and other UK based bloggers all in the name for attention-seeking because he/she can not engage me in a progressive debate. Those I have engaged with over the years know that no matter how vicious the debate I abide by forum rules.
    As I always state my fight is never with any blogger on this website but for the betterment of our country.

  3. When the government bans all illegal mining activities they have the best interests of the citizens at heart. As much as gold mining provides a quick way out to poverty the risks involved to undertake mining are very high.
    All well meaning citizens should condemn illegal mining. The Government will soon put in place measures that will ensure safe mining and people are advised to form groups like the way they have done in Kitwe with Chapamo. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

  4. These deaths are very unfortunate.However,i respect these men who were trying to make a fortune without stealing tax payers money.The only difference between these men and these mining houses who come from overseas is that our departed country men didn’t have the money to use the right tools or bribe somebody for a mining license.RIP Country men!!

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