DPP calls for improved Law enforcement to save wildlife

Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunji
Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunji

Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunyi has called for improved law enforcement, customs control and judicial systems to save wildlife in Africa.

Mrs. Siyunyi says poachers and wildlife traffickers are often linked to international criminal networks that take advantage of weak laws, porous borders and corrupt officials to perpetuate illegal trade.

She was speaking in Livingstone today at the Attorney General Alliance and African Alliance Partnerships anti-wildlife trafficking training workshop for prosecutors and investigators.

Mrs. Siyunyi said prosecutors and investigators should have enhanced skills in intelligence gathering, evidence collection and prosecution to have successful wildlife trafficking prosecutions.

And Attorney General Alliance and African Alliance Partnerships, Zambia Country Advisor, Marise Haefner said wildlife trafficking is globally estimated to generate more than ten-billion dollars annually.

She explained that wildlife crime results in serious threats to security, political stability and destroys the eco system.


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  2. With one Chitotela incharge you might as well make poaching legal as he will auction everything to the highest Chinese bidder.

  3. There’s no need even to fear any law regarding poaching or trafficking in wildlife as the government itself will facilitate everything for you as they almost did with the culling of hippos deal.

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