Saturday, July 20, 2024

Tuition ban for public schools


The Ministry of General Education has clarified that the ban on holiday and weekend tuitions is only for public schools.

Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba says private schools are still free to conduct tuitions.

Dr. Kalumba says teachers in public schools who wish to conduct tuitions for remedial work at no cost can still go ahead.He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

Dr. Kalumba said the ban on holiday tuitions is not new saying it has been in effect since July 22nd, 2013.

He said the idea behind the ban is to ensure that pupils from vulnerable homes who cannot afford to pay are not left behind.

Dr. Kalumba added that the pushing of examinations to November is aimed at allowing teachers enough time to complete the syllabus in view of the ban.


  1. Your father or mother did not have better african name to give you?
    Ati Jobbicks! Are you not ashamed of this name?

    • When do they write exams then?
      We used to write exams immediately after independence day 24th Oct. We always started with Special paper 1.

  2. So pupils who want to improve will suffer,knowing PF they will rescind this decision and their useless cadres will start praising the great leaddr for his wise decision.Meanwhile asking teachers to work without being paid is tantamount to slavery and soon the era of leakages will be upon us.2021 is too far….And these are the same people looting our wealth like their will be no tomorrow and yet they have a bone to chew with the paltry amounts these poor teachers need to earn in this difficult economy ….sad state of affairs…

  3. There is always private tuition away from school premises , though it is still going on in public schools.

  4. Whichever way, pupils from public schools will always be left behind since those with money will still manage to send their pupils to private schools anyway. Populist decisions may end up doing more harm than good. Why discourage the volunteer spirit among some public workers?

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