Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Kalulushi student gang raped


A first-year Catholic University student has been gang raped and left for dead by unknown people in Kalulushi district on the Copperbelt.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga says police have since launched a manhunt for the three suspects who are believed to have raped the student.

Ms Katanga said the incident happened on Monday along JVC road in Kalulushi’s North Kalengwa area.

She disclosed in an interview with ZANIS that the incidence happened around 23 hours after the victim whose name has been withheld was on her way home after an evening out with her boyfriend.

Ms Katanga said some unknown people who were driving an unregistered silver Toyota corolla offered a lift to them, but later the three occupants forced the boyfriend out of the car and drove off to JVC where they parked and forcefully took turns raping her.

The men later dropped her near the Catholic university premises.

She said the victim was only picked and taken to hospital by well-wishers after they found her lying on the ground while crying for help alongside the road.

Ms Katanga said investigations into the matter have since intensified.


    • That is not the point here. People are allowed to relax and unwind. It is a basic right to exist freely. Question they evil people’s motive. They need to be found and shot.

    • Why should you be worried about where they came from? Why do you want to detract us from the issue of rape? Are you a rapist? Focus focus. When you don’t focus you go to the polls and elect the wrong people

  1. If it was on a Friday you can understand, that’s when most people go out but Monday night sure!…..when the student should have been studying in her room………….Anyway too bad what happened to her

    • You are styupid for saying that. They are young, let them unwind, Zambian need to learn that relaxation is a good thing too. The gang needs to be arrested and shot.

    • @Parent Please be reasonable.Rape can not be justified under any circumstance.Saying the victim should have been studying in her room since it was Monday night and not Friday night is very careless and foolish. People can be raped even in their own homes even on a Friday mornings.You should never blame victims of rape as this exonerates the perpetrators.

    • I’m not saying people should not relax you imbecile but should know when to relax. Some calamities fyakuyi letelelafye

  2. Lusaka Times what moderation does my just posted comment require ? You are helping the perpetrators of rape in our society.

  3. This is very bad!
    Let the perpetrators brought to book and face the full rough of the law.They are inhuman and if possible,let them be castrated.

  4. There is too much lawlessness in this country, especially among cadres. They are driving around in unlicensed motor vehicles, no fitness, no insurance, harassing innocent citizens in bus stops and lay-bys – all one needs a Branding or putting stickers / flag of the ruling party. Police are watching hopelessly as they fear for their jobs. We never saw such under Mwanawasa, can some power that be act now before the situation is out of hand.

  5. I am glad most people (apart from a couple morons) understand that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances were, this was and is wrong

  6. castrate those bastards..that will be a great deterrent to men who cant control their wilies. You do not deserve to be called a man if you force yourself on a defenseless woman ..such creatures need castration lets not waste prison space

  7. Very sad, do not accept lifts from strangers and avoid walking late at night especially if you are alone or two

  8. Ala mwebana ba shino inshiku, Muleunfwa. No matter what Punishment is meted out to the Culprits, a Life has been Destroyed. Mwilaba nge Chipushi ichakunkuma or Chilemba ulya batila, isambo Lyanfwa. Ifintu fimo, malibo ayakuibombela. Even when we studied in Europe, ba Chendeende ba le bachita attack. Umo abwelele ku Africa ne linso Limo. It pays to Listen to Your Parents & Elders. This thing of being Modern has serious Consequences. The Boyfriend should also be held Responsible for endangering the Safety of his Girlfriend.

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