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Friday, February 21, 2020

RTSA Promises to clear the backlog of printing over 150,000 Driving Licence cards by end of September 2019

Headlines RTSA Promises to clear the backlog of printing over 150,000 Driving Licence...

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has said that it has put in place modalities to print and clear the backlog of over 150,000 Driving Licence cardsby the end of September 2019.

The Agency, assured the General Public and all Driving Licence applicants holding Temporal Driving Licences, that the RTSA has enough stock to clear the backlog and guarantees stability and continuity in the production of cards on “print on demand” basis.

Accrding to the statement issued to the media, all Driving Licence applicants are advised to visit any RTSA station and have their Driving Licence card printed upon presenting the original copy of the Temporal Driving Licence or a police report in the absence of the original print of the Temporal Driving Licence.

The Agency further said that all RTSA stations will remain open on Saturdays from 08:00 hours to 13:00 hours, until the backlog of unprinted Driving Licence cards is cleared.

“From the foregoing, the General Public and all Driving Licence applicants holding Temporal Driving Licences, should not panic thinking that the Agency may run out of materials for printing Driving Licence cards”

The Statement concluded by saying : “Going forward, the RTSA wishes to re-assure the public that modalities have been put in place to ensure that all Driving Licences cards are produced on “print on demand” basis and the public will constantly be updated on the progress being made in clearing the backlog.”

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  1. I got my card yesterday…however, I had to wait an entire hour before it was ready. That was at Premium House.

    • Surely in this day of mobile money and contactless transactions how can people be queuing at Post Offices as i its 1985…instead o these Directors at RSTA procuring personal to order vehicles, they should either send junior managers to other countries or ask for technical assistance from UK or USA…ask Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK to assist here you can pay for your Driving licence online and its delivered ia post within 14days after passing your test, even road tax ca be paid online or via standing order.

  2. RTSA has failed, it’s just a drain on our meagre resources. RTSA has just increased the cost of motor vehicle licensing. RTSA must be disbanded and its functions devolved to Local Authorities. Each council shall register vehicles and issue driving licenses, those that will lug behind will be judged as under-performing and people will have their right to confront the Executive Mayor. It’s against the spirit of the Constitution to allow an agency to enforce the Law when only ZP is recognized for that mandate in the Constitution. We don’t need a heavy directorship including a well-paid Board. This will just function as a Department of the council. It’s easy to corrupt an individual if all authority is vested in 1 Director General. Today Zindaba Soko is in the dock because of that

    • New Minister has appointed a new board who will want to reward themselves first before anything else…such incompetence like this can never happen in Tanzania under John Magufuli.

    • Iwe ama councils have failed to grade roads, pick up rubbish and patch potholes so how do you realistically think they can manage road traffic and safety? Ratsa are trying with the meagre resources available what they just need is proper direction, they should not be buying expensive vehicles for road patrols but rather focus on proper service delivery.

    • 2020vision – Its not as decentralized as you think like in the 80s were councils were all roads…today RDA is in the forefront of these contracts its no wonder the likes of AVIC get the chunk of the tenders.

  3. What was soko doing ?

    Soko was in his position for so long because of the corruption ravaging grz.

    And some of you want to excuse lungu ???

    Lungu is the common denominator in all the rot in Zambia

    • @Spaka, Zindaba was put there to facilitate corruption You have to be very well connected to occupy that office. Look at this way, suppose the procurement of fire-tenders was left to the councils? It could have been difficult to steal that kind of money in one transaction. We could’ve easily noticed the most corrupt council by comparison. These are the disadvantages of centralization. Authority is vested in one person or office and when that person makes a mistake the whole country suffers. How many individuals are reaping from RTSA. Look at NRFA, why can’t we let councils run the toll plazas? Shimabala toll plaza has lost millions and no one is held accountable. Elohi, elohi lamasakhatan?

  4. What is ‘an original copy of the Temporal Driving Licence?’ An original is not a copy. The word is Temporary. Temporal means something else. Why does RTSA issue licences applied for 2017 in 2019 backdated to 2017 to be valid for three years? How does that make any sense except that it is done to make money out of drivers.

  5. Why weren’t we told how the backlog happened and the measures put in place to avoid it happening again? And more importantly, who will be punished for this gross ineffectiveness? Year in – year our, the public has complaints about this institution.

  6. RTSA is a failed organization I renewed my license on 3rd December up to date walking and driving around with files.

  7. No, provisional licence is when one passes a driving test first time, temporary licence refers to renewal of an existing driving licence.

  8. Comment:why can’t rtsa be taking only those with bigger licenses on road tests than ba b,c and c1 class to reduce queues at the rtsa offices coz for some1 to take a theory test it means the person knows how to drive

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