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Attempts being made to say the 48 Houses belong to Moise Katumb- Kambwili

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili at a media Briefing
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili at a media Briefing
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili at a media Briefing
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili at a media Briefing

National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili says the 48 houses in Lusakas Chalala area forfeited to the State by the Anti Corruption Commission belong to a former state house aide.

Mr Kambwili has further disclosed that attempts are being made to create an impression that the houses in question belong to Congolese business man Moise Katumbi.

He says State House is panicking over the houses in questions because of the person involved.

Mr Kambwili said the ex state house staff last week held several meetings at State House to cook up a story on the ownership of the mansions and has since urged Mr Katumbi not to accept the houses as his.

He adds that he respects Mr. Katumbi and believes he will not accept to involve himself in dubious attempts to claim ownership of the vilas.

Mr Kambwili said the Ex State house aide is using a named business executive on the Copperbelt to try and coerce Mr Katumbi to accept the houses.

And Mr Kambwili has urged Congolese business executives besides Mr Katumbi not to claim the 48 houses.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr Kambwili has vowed to deal with any Congolese business executives who might try and claim the houses


  1. No matter whoever accepts ownership now it’s too late. The houses have already been forfeited and now belong to the state. Let national housing authority start collecting the rentals for these house as it is their coffers are empty.

    • Honest Retired teachers houses where demolished just last weekend, and Zambian teachers are sleeping in cold.
      Why those homes in Chalala not demolished and clean up the crime scene #6? Demolish and delete we move on.

    • Zambia is one amazing country. How can you fail to find owners of real property when we have records kept at the council and ministry of lands. When the rentals and water bills are being paid? Land rates are being paid. If all this is being done through a company, then go to pacra and find out? A public mystery? Unbelievable.

  2. No serious politician can worry about Kambwili because his loose mouth is his own enemy. Katumbi is a potential President of the DRC, don’t drag him in your tantrums. The NDC has no foreign policy?

  3. Dr. Kambwili concentrate on issues affecting the Zambians. Stop dragging honourable Katumbi in useless issues. Uleumfwa ne nsoni. Moise is well respected to be dragged in useless issues. When are you going to change kambwili.

  4. forfeited to the State by the Anti Corruption Commission????? Bushe? That means the ACC owned the houses. Mulelemba bwino ba reporter ba ma leaks
    Who forfeited the houses to the State?

    • Anything that comes out of this baby hippo’s mouth no longer makes sense. If he cannot differentiate between US $150 million and Zambian’s K150 million, defies common sense. Go to hell chipi mukoshi.

  5. Nonsense as usual from Kambwili.When will this man grow up sure?Talk about the real issues affected us Zambians such as youth unemployment,high mealie meal prices,etc unlike yapping about 48 chalala flats which now belong to Zambians!!
    Many Zambians nolonger take Kambwili and HH serious because they usually tell lies.Just a week ago Kambwili lied that Govnt is constructing a hospital in Luwingu worth $154million when the truth is K154million.These guys have no data and they really look very fo0lish in the eyes of Zambians!!Why drag Moise Katumbi in this nonsense?Katumbi is very loved in Katanga more than the way Kambwili or HH are loved in Zambia.THE BIGGEST ENEMY FOR KAMBWILI IS HIS ROTTEN MOUTH!!!Sometimes silence is golden.The opposition leaders should be calling for press briefings…

  6. Another lie by the unreasoning Kambwili.
    I had respect for him but now I am sure he is a bitter and selfish person in not disgruntled.
    The former employee at statehouse who resigned was appointed by President Lungu in 2015.
    ACC started investigations into the 48 houses in 2016. Meaning the houses where already in existence before he was appointed.
    We can now read between the lines and draw out own conclusions to who is trying to fool people.
    No wonder he can’t differentiate between $ and K.
    Now he even drags the advise of the court to put his political party in order by trying to fool us that govt will deregister it. People who understand his party’s manifesto are no longer with him so he can not hamonise the lacunas in this party’s manifesto.
    The court gave him free advise and…

  7. “Dr” chimbwili, I think that is what is called fake news. Useless fatso.
    And look at the picture, looks like it has no legs.

  8. Nobe wine fraud ilekulolela in the Courts, chi kapoli iwe!! Donchi ku fentizo nechi lufumo panse when the time comes.

  9. Kambwili thrives on sensationalism. Like some of our New Generation Journalists. We saw a press briefing without any concrete facts but full of insinuations.

  10. Awe baKambwili Kano nimwe bushe kwena all the land you have Luanshya entrance pa welcome it’s your flats the whole Luanshya golf club tenure .Ku Salam’s park .Your son has land ku Chongwe .You got a plot next to state house through corruption when you were minister.You are a bitter person now I know you don’t mean well nitufilile munsenga ala tafibomba.You are a looser concentrate on your health.

  11. Politics of hate talk about how you are going to develop the country.Imwe development will be building prison pakuti mukapwishi ukwikata icalo
    Conse .Abantu bakafwa kunsala.

  12. CK can you for once be serious.Stop yapping you are slowly becoming useless these days.Tell us how you will improve the current economic conditions.The poverty mentality of witch-hunting some of us who are blessed with wealth should stop immediately.We all can’t be rich.

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