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Dora Sililya calls for curbing social media threats

Headlines Dora Sililya calls for curbing social media threats

Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Dora Siliya, has called for the nation to come together in finding lasting solutions to curb the emerging threats on social media.

Ms Siliya says the negative effects of social media has affected both the developed and developing nations, hence the need to urgently look into finding ways to combat the vice.

She noted that there is urgent need to project that journalism is a profession with standards, rules and ethics, in order to differentiate it from other forms of media.

The Minister said this when Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia, Pamela O’Donnell, who is also overseeing Tanzania, Seychelles and Morocco called on her at her office, this morning.

And Ms Siliya, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson regretted that the international and mainstream media have done away with their agenda of taking responsibility but instead rely on social media for news, without verifying the information.

Meanwhile, Ms O’Donnell, emphasised on the need to address the effects of social media which is characterised with fake news.

Ms O’Donnell observed that fake news is dangerous for any country as it negatively affects the governance and democracy system.

The courtesy call comes as an aftermath of the July Global Conference on Media Freedom held in London this year.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia wanted to get the insights of the July Conference and to find out Zambia’s plans and priorities in fostering media freedom.

Canada is next to host the conference in a continued search for nations to find lasting solutions to emerging threats of social media.


  1. Kampyongo was assigned to give names and arrest person who built housing units in Chalala. Did he find owner?
    That is what is threatening.

    • Social media freedom is healthy for democracy and allows people express their views on important subjects with a free conscience.

    • Dora sweetheart you shouldn’t have said “social media threats” this just confirms the WSJ ‘spying’ allegations. What the hell babe, now we exposed. Act normal, don’t be all paranoid and stuff you know. Do want me to close the whole internet in Zambia sweetheart? So all these bloggers are silenced..kikikiki. Looking yummy today Dora.

    • When are we going to come together in finding lasting solutions to curb the ever present toxic cancer called corruption that is costing the nation billions of dollars every year

  2. Iwe Dora, who are you to complain about fake news when you are forever telling lies?, in fact you are number 1 for spreading fake news

  3. dora first you’d need to define what you mean by “social media” and outline in detail what threat it is posing to Zambia
    there are a # of issues that the government has been attempting to sweep under the rug but have been exposed online. could it be such that is perturbing you dora?
    I’d rather take my chances with social media than rely on znbc to get the gist of what’s going on in Zambia.

  4. Socio-media has done wonders in exposing corruption in Zambia.Dora is only concerned with safeguarding a corrupt regime.The positives of socio-media by far outweigh the negatives.Corrupt regimes are very afraid of exposure.See how they react to FIC reports, vandalisation of Forest no.27.and the 48 houses whose owner the ACC can not find. Dora is simply obsessed with regulating socio-media for some other reasons. Promiscuous leaders are also afraid of socio-media gossip.

    • Without social media we would not have known the full scale of plunder by Satan’s desciples,and soon Dora you will be leaving office,careful you will create monsters that will consume you in your time of need…

  5. Naimwe ba Hon Dora, fake news yes is not good for a country but you can reduce the impact by being truthful and more trustworthy without stories of 48 mushroom houses or unexplained $300,000 donations from chinks and ACC chooses not to pursue it as evidence. Just spend more time doing correct and good deeds, then you will have won half the battle against fake news. Rather than being pushed in a corner all the time defending the indefensible, work and remove the perception of corruption if indeed it is a perception, and I will be there to mobilise support for you 100%. Forgot UPND and do your work, I will deal with the fake noisy opposition.

  6. So imwe ba Dora, are 48 mushrooms from ACC fake news? Since you have not denied that but directed ACC to re-open investigations, then tell us what constitutes fake news. Educate us how to draw the line between fake and not fake news, Hon Dora.

  7. If we renamed social media to serious media, maybe we can alter the output and use of the medium. As soon as people read social they adopt the behaviour they exhibit when in their Lounge, wearing slippers and schlepping their favourite brew. In such a mood, only fake news will satisfy!

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