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Huawei denies spy allegations in Zambia and Uganda

Headlines Huawei denies spy allegations in Zambia and Uganda

Huawei Technologies sent a letter to The Wall Street Journal on Friday, denying the publication’s bombshell report describing how it allegedly helped the governments of two African nations spy on their political opponents.

Uganda and Zambia, the two governments mentioned in the article, also denied that Huawei employees had helped them conduct espionage.

The Journal’s article on Wednesday said that Huawei employees in the two African countries were involved with government cybersecurity forces in helping intercept communications and tracking opponents’ social media activity and physical movements.

In the letter, Huawei lawyer Steven Friedman said “the article is neither a fair nor a responsible representation of Huawei’s legitimate business activities in these countries.”

“The publication of these false statements has and will continue to damage Huawei’s reputation and business interests across the globe,” he wrote.

Dora Siliya, a Zambian government spokeswoman, criticised the news report in a tweet on Friday.

“The WSJ article on government spying on political opponents is malicious, we refute it with the contempt it deserves,” she wrote.

Uganda also denied the allegations, other news outlets reported on Friday.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Huawei employees helped Ugandan authorities use spyware to disrupt the concerts of Bobi Wine, a popular musician who is now a member of parliament.

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  1. Western propaganda atvits best. We all all know that the US government spies on everybody. They have ba kdoors to whatsapp gmails facebook apple yoy name them as shown by one Fugitive by mame of Snowden.

    They are now accusing Huawei against something they have done for yeasr. Hypocrites

    • Chanda. You are right that the US government spies on people as well but they do it legally. Even here in Zambia the law under the Electronic Communication and Transaction Act allows state agencies to intercept communication but only when the law enforcement officer above the rank of Chief Inspector applies to the Attorney General. Then the application is taken before a High Court Judge who then can authorise for a specific period. If the securitu agencies fail to get anything in that stipulated time, then an application for an extention is made. Yes. Huwaei has done it before. I’m one of the victims. The problem with Chinese is that they respect no law. This is the reason why we can easily borrow from China. They do not attach conditions like good governance to their loans. The other…

    • @ch, you are a pathetic black man who is willing to offer excuses for slavery and justify it. The law is a prostitute to capitalism and will dance whatever tune the capitalists play

    • Even if the allegations were true Huawei and GRZ would deny the unlawful snooping on citizens. People know it.

    • Guys grow up please. The govt definitely knows your activities online and they are in our phones as we speak. Just manage your tantrums you psychos. P.S do not store nude photos in your phones hahaha..pervets!

  2. “Snowden came to international attention after stories based on the material appeared in The Guardian and The Washington Post. Further disclosures were made by other publications including Der Spiegel and The New York Times.“

    The media was not portray as wicked and threatening, we learned a lot from Snowden an American whistle-blower.

    How they concentrated on who leaked the information, and how do we explain to the American people. It was not abut demonizing the media.

  3. This corrupt GRZ also denied misappropriating British aid until they were forced to refund it.Watch them deny this one too and yet Huawei has been blacklisted and denied business in USA due to espionage.

  4. Of course no one can agree to wrong doings. We dont expect Huawei to agree to the allegations but the truth is always there and hidden. No one can ever agree to having committed a crime. Just know that even in the midst of such denials some of us are still worried and sceptic about these spying allegations denials. Its true that some opponents are being tracked and thats a fact. Ruling on opposition and vice versa. But why should we do such things on our own people and Zambians for that matter. People now are more learnt and well informed than ever before.
    Governments that are preoccupied at spying citizens are never stable and they learn their lessons badly in the end since their rule is not forever – its just one day!!!!

  5. The Head of the communications regulatory board boasted of their capability to monitor calls and glean in on encrypted messaging services a while ago.

    I thought he was bluffing – turns out he was telling us the truth. The question that arises is – is this legal? The leaks of conversations between PF cadres and government officials can only lead to the communication authority and Huawei corroboration. Any leaks from the magistrates and judges ?

  6. Chinks can never agree to anything…. as useless as scatter teeth worst president in the world thieving lawyer wanna be

  7. Guys grow up please. The govt definitely knows your activities online and they are in our phones as we speak. Just manage your tantrums you psychos. P.S do not store nude photos in your phones hahaha..pervets!

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