The Ndola City Council would has denied allocating land to Chinese Nationals at Masansa Forest, opposite the New Medical Stores.

Following various media reports the Local Authority management and Mayor Amon Chisenga conducted a site visit last week in the accompaniment of Bwana Mukubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda to ascertain the alleged land allocation to Chinese Nationals in the said vicinity.

During the site visit, beacons and limestone markings were noticed indicating that the site had been demarcated.

However, the technical survey by the Ndola City Council Planning Department has revealed that the area in question is in Luanshya District and not Ndola as reported by some sections of the media.

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza has clarified that it is not the planning authority for the said piece of land in question as the land falls entirely in the jurisdiction of Luanshya Municipal Council.

She said the Council has never planned, offered or demarcated land in the Masansa Forest neither has it facilitated for processing of any title deed and thus all reports pointing to the Local Authority are not true.

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  1. Another styupid story, what a mess.
    So a thief from Ndola go steal land in Luanshya, the Ndola people can say it didn’t happen?


  2. So land has been allocated to chinks but not by Ndola city council but by Luanshya?
    Now that’s for Hon Jean Kapata. These days a Commussioner of Lands degazzettes and demarcated a forest land and allocates to himself and selected ministers, under cover that he is not obliged to advertise the land.


  3. pf your days are numbered.You are busy turning the country’s forests into residential places thereby damaging the ecosystem.All these misdeeds will come to haunt you come in 2021.The money you busy stealing has, gone to your dumb heads,
    You will account for all your actions.All property bought through through corruption will be confiscated.



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