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Those Complaining about the Pace of Development Should give me Space to Work-President Lungu

Headlines Those Complaining about the Pace of Development Should give me Space...

President Edgar Lungu addressing a gathering on arrival at South Down Airport in Kalulushu District
File: President Edgar Lungu addressing a gathering on arrival at South Down Airport in Kalulushu District

President Edgar Lungu has said that that those complaining about the pace at which projects are being done should give him space to work. The Head of State said this upon arrival at Solwezi airport, in North-western Province, where he is scheduled to officially open the Expo Northwest Zambia 2019.

President Lungu assured the people in the region that he will continue delivering the much needed development, in order for everyone to benefit from the country’s progress and adding that that those complaining about the pace at which projects are being done should give him space to work.

And President Edgar Lungu has called on the people of North-western Province to continue embracing one another, with love and unity. President Lungu said people ensure that they are all embracing of one another and focus on developing the country.

He said there is need to realise that all tribes and political parties are part of Zambia and should continue living as one, regardless of one’s political affiliation and expressed happiness that people in the Province are appreciating the one Zambia, One Nation motto.

Speaking earlier, Patriotic Front Provincial Chairman Jack Kungo said the party in the Province is happy with the initiative to hold an expo as it will open up the region to development.

Mr Kungo assured that the party in the region is intact and will remain intact and united, ahead of the 2021 elections and Provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said the province is happy with the President’s commitment towards educating the girl child.

This was after he unveiled 110 girls who graduated from a mentorship camp organised by First Quantum Minerals where they are taught on delaying sexual debut and early marriages.


    • Lungu is the only pure element remaining in PF, trouble is this guy kuma beginning did not manage his ministers with a tight fist it was a chill party, they went on a corruption rampage. Also I suspect he was not too ready to take the reigns of the presidency because it was just bestowed on him, he was learning on the fly but time waits for no man unfortunately. The person of Lungu will always hold high esteem in my mind, but PF as an administration have been a pain in the neck on our Economy. Wish you well ECL as you see off your last days, HH will dance when his turn comes from what I see among the bloggers here, they are not entertaining mediocrity.

    • I think as long our politics do not become objective(logical) we risk sinking into anarchy. We cannot rely on affect alone to choose regimes. As I said ECL I hold in high esteem, bafyashi balya. But in the ballot I am guided by my pain, economy has bitten like the winter, we have frost bite.

    • Zambia Expo fast forward.

      After all is said and done, I would like to see these expo activities translate into meaningful investment.

      ECL looks set to wallop his usual losers.
      We ought to politically retire double h fo G.

      Tribal rogue elements ought not rule over the beautiful people of our land.

      Nothing changes, the loser will continue to reap in the 3 provinces – no changes but PF will certainly votes.

    • Space to work my foot! You have so much space. You are driven from point A to point B on tarmac avoiding potholes and where there are no roads you can simply fly.
      I can’t. There are are no roads to my home. No tap water and no electricity and you are looking for space to work? How has the Rwandan president found the space you are still looking for?

  1. No one is complaining about the pace of development you utterly f00lish man, the complaint is with respect to the shrinking economic indicators and the escalating cost of living you dull twat!! I wish one of his cheerleaders here would just take him to their house and keep him there till elections. He gives sane Zambians nausea.

  2. What Pace , slow or fast pace. I think the Pace is slow and gobbling too much money and exposing a large surface to corruption which favours those in Power. These projects should have been finished in the first two yers of PF being in Power. We don’t want to see an accelerated pace in 2021 just to garner for votes

    Personally I feel the projects have been deliberately slowed to create gravy for the 2021 train. Things look like they are building roads with spoons , folks and knives.

  3. His ministers should have got free land in North-western province, than hiding loot in Forest 27 of Lusaka.

  4. The worst president in the whole damn world, cheap useless thieving lawyer wanna be…….. how low can this moron go… I know you are spying on me with your chink friends any way

    • You’re the most useless sycophant and zealot of the known equally useless opposition cult party who should never have been born… Why not just debate… no wonder why you’re Supreme leader cannot ganner enough votes in the other 6.5 provinces….

    • The worst President was Mwanawasa. He registered a case judged in a foreign country. His cousin, a thief will NEVER be a president too. Keep working Mr. President, you are changing Zambia for the better! He is unelectable! Hazaluza Hagain!

  5. Building projects are not necessarily development. Building projects are actually a means to steal the resources.
    We just want the standard of living to be great for the ordinary folk.

  6. Also wandering around the country is not “Work”
    You could do more in the office, let the relevant civil servants do the inspections

  7. The youth have no jobs, food including staple food is expensive with many Zambians going hungry,power load-shedding everyday,GDP growth below 3%, hospitals have no medicines,all government departments have no money and can not operate.The country is at a stand still and Lungu is unconcerned and is travelling all over campaigning for 2021, telling lies about development. Can he define development?

  8. Bwana Lungu your pace of undeveloping Zambia has increased. Slowed economic growth of 2% ,export earnings have come down,the Kwacha has devalued 50% ,hunger has taken root, cholera has killed many,British aid withdrawn and our forex reserves are at an all time low.

  9. President Lungu, just which message do you want us to take home? Just last week right there in Solwezi you told chiefs that the resource envelope has depleted hence some projects have to wait. Now are you saying that the resource envelope has fattened again? Have you borrowed some more? Please be consistent Mr President otherwise you are giving ammunition to your detractors that there is no consistency in what you say.

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