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Land will be for Zambians first under a UPND government-HH

Headlines Land will be for Zambians first under a UPND government-HH

Members of the UPND National Management Committee posing for a photo with HH
Members of the UPND National Management Committee posing for a photo with HH

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to favor Zambians in the ownership of land when his party forms government.

Mr Hichilema said under the UPND government, land will be for Zambians first and will thereafter endeavor to dutifully encourage joint ventures with those with capital.

Mr Hichilema was speaking on Monday during opening of the party’s National Management Committee meeting in Lusaka.

“For instance, in a period of 5 years and thereafter, once our citizens especially the youth and the women have the capacity to stand on their own they will be encouraged to seek joint partnerships and then move to their next area of investment,” Mr Hichilema said.

He reiterated that Agriculture will be another economic booster and a major source of employment and income for the country.

“We shall provide more fertilizers to our farmers because the more they produce out of our government’s empowerment schemes, the more we produce cheaper mealie meal and eventually reduce the cost of mealie meal to K50 per 25kg or even less,” he stated.

“Today we reminded members of the party at the National Management Committee level, to understand our vision for our country and speak in simpler terms in which, each one of our citizens will easily understand.”

Mr Hichilema warned that there is no time to warm chairs anymore when citizens are crying over high mealie meal prices, corruption, bad governance and all other detrimental factors to the growth of the country.

He stated that under the UPND government, anyone will be entitled to work for the people as long as they have necessary qualifications and have the integrity to deliver according to the people’s expectations.

“But we also stated that no one will be allowed to be a Cabinet Minister if their preoccupation is to enrich themselves above the duties to diligently serve. This is why we insist that we are in politics not to enrich ourselves but to offer a service to the Nation, and as such anyone wishing to get rich out of politics is simply in a wrong field and the UPND government will never entertain such individuals.”

“During this meeting, we also told our officials in charge of sector areas to speak out on various issues affecting the people and that, this start should immediately because citizens are looking up to them for leadership, and that it must not be about Hakainde Hichilema alone, but all of us as a collective citizenry.”

He added, Education is an investment and we will ensure that every child including the elderly will have access to quality education through our free education model, and resources for this sector will be raised locally, including cutting down unnecessary expenditures such as a blotted Cabinet with Deputy Ministers.”

“There shall be no luxury travels for top government officials, corruption will be fought vigorously while we will enhance government owned industrial activities to boost our revenue base.”

He said, “Quiet often, our mothers and citizens out there face numerous health problems, but when in government this will be a thing of the past because we will take clinics, hospitals closer to them but more so medicines. This is because a structure without medicines and health providers is tantamount to corruption as is the case now under the PF regime.”

HH addressing Members of the UPND National Management Committee
HH addressing Members of the UPND National Management Committee


  1. By Zambians you mean you and your family? Greedy quack.
    You can’t sit in state house. Stop masterburting in public

    • He said, “Quiet often, our mothers and citizens out there face numerous health problems, but when in government this will be a thing of the past because we will take clinics, hospitals closer to them”
      You mean UPND will continue doing what the PF is already doing? Nothing new here. You have no new mesaage Kaponya

    • How far has the Babel Alliance gone with the War crimes report which Milupi was writing? I thought they said 95% complete 5 months ago.
      Maybe they realised that their coward (HH) hiding in the bush for 8 hours in Western province does not constitute war crimes!

    • If only wishes were horses, even beggars would ride them.
      If only witches were Christians, the bewitched would ride on a health path.
      If only the devil would repent, the world would ride on peaceful tranquility.
      Business management by trick and crookery can not translate into National development.
      Wishful thinking yeah?
      Education can only be cheaper not free.
      Zambia needs to address smuggling problems not the undead yada yada mantra. Failed policies already, mamamia!
      Empty mumble jumble as usual. The risk of having all those standing in the photo get empowered through corruption first is huge. Double h may not have control over them because he is a master dribbler worse than FTJ Chiluba. The devil is in the upendi leadership.

    • They look mature, honest with integrity.
      Now put PF’s MCC picture besides, you will cry to what the fuqk went wrong to elect anyone in PF.

  2. Can we have youths in the NMC….Mr Hichilema you are practically the youngest person there.
    Where are the youths???

    • Fuqk off with your youths in PF, those Nathan Chandas, atase fusekeni .
      Zambia needs mature leaders, not those PF thugs we are seeing demolishing what people build.
      We need mature, elders to clean up crime seeing PF has littered.

  3. Mealie meal @ K50.00. That means paying farmers peanuts. Who will grow maize if they are paid so little?
    Land to the people after fencing off tradional land in Namwala to stop local people graze their animals there.

    • Correctly observed the Supreme leader HH of the UPND has grabbed land in Namwala from the villagers… Zambians from the other provinces cannot allow that nosense…

  4. Oh this urgry man he cannot be ashamed of how he ill treated country men in Namwala over land and his workers in Choma farm getting low and delayed salaries . He is now eyeing to mistreat the whole country. Maa,wee ndayowa inga twakubunjila buzike.

    • Worse than the devil yeah?
      Surely double h sounds “hallucinative”.
      A person who loves development can not antagonize people who want to work with the Government of the day.
      He is full of insecurities and envy and jealousy.
      Scary, does he even know what national development mean?
      I feel pity for this loser.

  5. Fertilizer, Fertilizer, Fertilizer….What about organic farming, conservation farming and agro-forestry which are better for the health of our soils and humans? When are politicians ever going to think outside the box? Where are our agricultural experts?

  6. Mr.UPND president pliz give us a MANIFESTO,how do you expect your management team to speak with one voice when there is no party policy to follow.

  7. “He stated that under the UPND government, anyone will be entitled to work for the people as long as they have necessary qualifications and have the integrity to deliver according to the people’s expectations.” This difficulty language by HH has thrown him further away from the people, which Govt does not allow anyone to work for the people? MPs come from all walks of life. HH needs to develop an effective language that captivates his supporters and would be supporters. Comparison of this speech and that of ECL at North-western EXPO reveals glaring differences between the two leaders. No wonder ECL has a a comparative advantage over his opponent.

    • You wonder why MCS called coined the term political under5 as it relates to double h?
      He is inexperienced politically.

      You do not need a trial and error leader who does not even have a clue about basic municipality leadership or basic community service skills to garner the top job. It is a delirious hilarious f*ck up.
      We do not need to jog or trot down that trajectory.
      Purely uncharted territory for an U5 political naive crook and his bunch of political underage thievery trainees.

    • Simple English for you, HH means there will be no nepotism, tribalism, favoritism, etc in appointing people. They will be appointed on merit without discrimination. It means Zambians will be treated equally unlike these days when people from certain regions are being victimized. None of people from certain regions are being appointed by current leadership (just check for yourself including Embassies) and even those that were found in positions, they are being early retired.

    • Nice try

      Is it not true that almost all upndead mps are tribals from the region and other two regions only?
      Is it not true that our brothers and sisters who never voted for double h in 2016 were being banished from SP in an atrocious xenophobic fashion in SP on tribal grounds?
      Is it not true that Kapita is from NW province, Banda is from Eastern province, GVBM is from Northern province and all of these once Veeps in Upndead were sidelined and chocked by the double h U5 politics. He thus has failed lamentably to work with other people from other provinces?
      Is it not true that he has failed to campaign in other provinces. He lacks politics of inclusiveness. We will hear more from GVBM about the h factor in future campaigns.

    • @iliko bad …. it’s true iliko bad since you are the only one who is able to understand hh’s language. he does not only need image builders he is also clueless and he has no vision for this country. only God knows how a clueless lad managed to aquire so much wealth, it can only be through magic or theft. napapa sana to learn that the dude is very far from inspiring me. no wonder gbm left, this guy is too boring for lads like gbm

  8. This is the usual ranting that now sounds like a broken record. Is HH going to be sh!ting fertilizer? Why does he have to wait until he is elected perform miracles.

    • Like a spoiled kid, double h is a failed project. He has nothing to showcase on a Zambian political scene. When he makes claims like the ones in this article, he sounds even more lazy and clueless on how Government runs.

  9. well pf cadres fighting a losing battle. even GOD the creator and one who chooses who to rule his people has said yes and no one can no.zambians are ready and getting the sense of this man. its time up and time now for change kikikiki continue insulting and no reverse.

    • blackbull….10.
      you will faint….if you think ba under5 will form government in 2021. Keep on dreaming while pf government is working. Yash life science in kafue was opened today.Keep on talking while Pf is delivering.

  10. Have said this before and will say it again and will keep saying it again and again. HH can definitely make a better leader than Edgar but the tribal tag is what will keep killing HH and UPND.That 2006 slogan “only a Tonga must succeed Mazoka” is still ringing in our ears. Otherwise we have nothing against Tongas, they are intelligent people.

  11. Look who is talking. Bwana you got thousands of hectares of land in Namwala and displaced the local people.

  12. Now this is the manifesto I have been waiting for. Truth be said, there has been no Zambian president starting from Chiluba to the incumbent who has tackled the issue of land with the zeal and seriousness it deserves. If what HH is promising is true, what can prevent me from voting for him? Is it prejudice or hearsay?

    • He has fallen short of what it takes to lead the nobles like Zambians.
      How can he empower farmers if in the first place he himself is in the forefront displacing farmers in Namwala in a land greedy grab fashion in 2016 for his cattle’s grazing space. Favoring animals instead of people he claims he wants to lead.
      Are you dumb?
      Fwebabemba tutila, ” icikwanka, bacimwena kumampalanya”.
      To much conflict of interest, he can’t surely impartially drive the agricultural policy agenda just like he falls short in driving the national unity agenda on account of his tribally charged cloud hovering around him. Remember how he ascended to power? It is obvious, isn’t it now? A background check of vital consequence.
      Just a kid learning to do politics.

  13. Bitter Hakiende h with his inherited under 5 party without a vice president. Look at the picture none of his cadres who are mps is a member of this nmc. No vuvuzela nkombo and so on. You are looking at future parastatal board members, persons in foreign service and permanent secretaries. This is his inner core he resonates with not the cadres he has banned from national events. He is talking a better future under him? His herdsmen despite minting millions for him still live in squalor, poorly paid and still dress in tatters visit them and see for yourself…Look at the picture again. 2021 another loss.

  14. In that case ! Why did you pick GBM as your VP, a person who openly and arrogantly said that he is in politics to make money. Is that not being a Total Hypocrite ?? HH its always lack of sight and political impotence that kills you.

  15. Academician 9#

    Fair point to you and you must have your own reason. !!!

    If HH believes in what he says, he would NOT have displaced poor people in Namwala, by grabbing 100,000 Acres of their land using the power he commands in southern province

    HH put his cows/cattle first; before human beings. Is this the person you what to give power. What more would he do if he had instruments of power in his hands. Again read my comments on my 13th Comments. He is a hypocrite.

    • I wonder why some people go into a frenzy of hallucinations each time they hear sensible things being said by HH. Is it because some people have never lived in other countries? Which country can you find foreigners getting preferential treatment at the expense of the indigenous people? Where have you seen a government that can give their land for free to a foreigner? I tell you, there, even barren land you can’t get. All economic activities by foreigners have to be done in real partnership with locals. Why are we applauding the current situation?

  16. You have warmed that seat long enough.You mean there is no one in UPND who can take up leadership at the top.UPND would have been more progressive by now especially with all the plunders of the ruling party PF. I see only bitterness and hate speech from supporters most of the time and criticisms/politicization for the sake of it.

    • No, dude, UPND has actually grown bigger since HH took over. The party will not die because we know that is what you all want. Just concentrate on finding another dummy leader in your visionless party and leave UPND be coz whether HH is president of UPND or not has no effect on the economy, waumfwa mwaiche?

    • If only your PF can stop rigging election after election then your point will be valid. Unfortunately people like you who are direct beneficiaries of the PF government looting have been hoodwinked by the PF to label HH satanist and a selfish politician. Things that are not true and very defaming to one’s character. It is very disheartening to see that people in Zambia still believe in ba pompwe ba PF and very much on tribal lines. I’ve said it and I will say it again.,,, our country Zambia need a Tonga President to correct the situation. They are better hardworking people than most I know from other tribes. And that is why HH May never be President because thieves know that they have no chance to steal or remain corrupt.

      Vote OUT PF!

  17. The only time you are assured that the thread will be full of PF dummies. Speak of the economy they are nowhere in sight. They thrive on petty attacks on the individual. That is the dullness of PF in black and white. Cannot engage in technical debate concerning shrinking economic indicators and lack of fiscal policy from dull Lungu and crew but looking like stars demanding for the UPND manifesto. Jokers.

    • Dudelove if pf is full of dull people, how come pf formed government on the third attempt while upnd has been failing since kaya. Dudelove pride goes before the fall.

  18. The only time one can see if HH will win forthcoming elections in 2021 is the general response from bloggers.
    Any other issue is slightly supported by if is HH saying anything surprisingly new names contribute more with negatives.This is the dangerous to UPND.
    Only watchdog is where HH swings with great support.

  19. A pity that even bloggers are confident that ECL and PF are a solution to Zambia. HH offers some solutions and here we are demonsing him and yet we have all essentials skyrocketing because of the failure by the current leadership. I wonder why we would want to stick with PF when it is clear they are simply ruining our country and being wasteful. We should not get used to being led by corrupt elements, let us try some other leadership and kick them out through the ballot when they fail period.

    • The observer…our eyes are able to see what the pf government is doing roads,schools,universities,hospitals etc
      The companies sold by hh and mmd like Zamtel,Zambia railways,mines etc are now in the hands of Zambians.
      Kawambwa Tea company is up and running this is the reason why we are sticking with Pf government,
      Ooh by the way soon soon Zambia Airways will start operating,..Pf is the winning team.

  20. HH is a pathological liar. Since when did HH consider the plight of the poor? This is the man who has corruptly grabbed land from the people of Namwala in order to expand his ranching business. We bet he cannot venture into grabbing land in Eastern,Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces because of the enlightened political genetic make up of the people in these regions. HH must prove his repentance to humanism by returning land to the Ila people of Namwala.

  21. Every person on earth has a right to wishful thinking. HH will dream as much as he can until he becomes forever loser

  22. As someone said, HH is not an option for Zambia, not even a bad one. On a scale of 1 to 17, I put him at the bottom number 17.
    The guy is full of lies. And when he says he will give land to Zambians, which Zambians? Beware brethren. If Lungu is bad HH must be wordy.

    • Junior JJ
      I totally agree with you.
      Hakainde Hichilema is not an option for Zambia. Here are a few reasons why he is not our option.
      1. Those who come from Namwala know how he grabbed thousands of hectares from them without compensation.
      Is people’s land safe if he became president?
      2. The people of the Copperbelt are still crying because of his conduct during the privatization.
      Is what has remained safe if he became head of state?
      3. Let us talk about simple economics
      Is it possible to pay farmers K200. 00 per 50kg bag of maize and sell a bag of mealie meal at K50. 00?
      He has been against subsidies, but here he is telling us that he is going to subsidize mealie meal production.
      My dear brothers and sisters: Not all that glitters is gold: HAKAINDE HICHILEMA…

  23. our Zambian currency is immensely depreciated suggesting high foreign exchanges rates, high unemployment rates for youths, more imported goods than exports,maintenance of poor agriculture methods,low and slow economic development rates ,shrinking economy infringement of human rights and other issues resulting in maintenance of poverty and injustice
    Political leaders campaign in the direction that will enable Zambian improve lively hoods
    Some visions seems will only maintain current system and poverty levels. let me borrow this phrase “as you were “for instance dishing out more fertilizers to peasant farmers .There are more things that one should focus on to increase productivity in agriculture etcetra

  24. Politicians think also on how you will pay debts others have accumulated as these debts are now paid back with a cost of high interest rates
    Think also of how you will avoid debts in future and introduce sustainable economic development which is absent now

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