Ex-FAZ executive committee member Blackwell Siwale has lamented Zambia’s failure to send the Under-20 Women Team for the ongoing All Africa Games in Morocco.

FAZ said travelling hitches prevented the girls from flying to Morocco.

The team on Monday broke camp in Lusaka after travelling hitches prevented it from competing at the All Africa Games.

Siwale, the FAZ Presidential aspiring candidate, said individuals behind the travelling arrangements must be held accountable over the debacle.

‘If the problem is not with FAZ, how come other members of sports disciplines have arrived in Morocco and are participating in the games? How did they manage to get visas and travel to Morocco on time?’ Siwale questioned.

‘This is pure incompetency and starting from the current president coming down to the general secretary someone must worn up and leave the stage for other people who have passion to run football,’ he charged.

The African Games are used as qualifiers for next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

‘Failure to appear in Morocco is disheartening to our small girls because they had hope to showcase their skills and scouts are all over who could have picked some to remain in Morocco, go to France or any other European country,’ Siwale said.

This Under-20 team last week won silver at the 2019 COSAFA Cup in South Africa after losing the final 2-1 against Tanzania in Port Elizabeth.

‘Why should someone sit in the office and he is happily drinking his coffee when we are failing to make a team travel to Morocco? It is disheartening. This is how low our football has gone,’ he said.

Zambia were placed in Group B with Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa and were scheduled to play the opening match last Saturday.

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  1. I don’t get it. Just like that, FAZ simplified failed to take the under 20 girls to Morocco despite them having qualified to be there?! This is sporting stupid1ty of the highest order! Not trying to be a stooge of Kalusha, I think Andrew Kananga and his chaps at FAZ have failed Zambian soccer.


    • Some humans like Kamanga need throw away. How can such a grown chiikala be jealous of those children?
      Those girl children has their dream and future terminated by a jealous individual. Just because his daughters are not in team shouldn’t be reason to deny other people’s daughters future.
      Total child abuse.
      Where is the so-called First lady?
      Where are women NGO who fight gender, where is minister for gender?
      Someone should go to jail.


    • These are the people leading our football when they cannot organise a simple trip to Morocco and issue a misleading statement. The girls have qualified and FAZ has disqualified them. Shame on FAZ!!



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