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UPND MPs deny receiving bribes each to support the NDF Bill

Headlines UPND MPs deny receiving bribes each to support the NDF Bill

UPND Members of Parliament following the proceedings during the official opening of the third session of the twelfth National Assembly

Six UPND Members of Parliament have refuted reports suggesting that they have been bought by the PF to support the Constitution amendment Bill No. 10 in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Choma Central UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa has denied being part of the beneficiaries of plots in the controversial Forest 27 as indicated in documents produced by NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili on Monday.

The MPs have vowed to vote against the bill because it does not represent the aspirations of Zambians.

The six MPS are Mazabuka Central’s Garry Nkombo, Kapiri Mposhi’s Stanley Kakubo, Choma Central’s Cornelius Mweetwa, Monze Central MP Jack Mwiimbu, Credo Nanjuwa of Mumbwa Central and Herbert Shabula of Itezhi Tezhi.

The MPs have contended that the PF government wants to pass into law a doctored document which does not contain the wishes of majority Zambians.

Speaking on behalf of the MPs at a media briefing, Kapiri Mposhi MP Stanley Kakubo said the party remains solidly behind the Zambians who have rejected the constitution amendment Bill.

Mr. Kakubo says none of the UPND MPs are for sale as they all owe their allegiance to the Zambian people and their position on the constitutional amendment bill is very clear.

He said the UPND stands shoulder to shoulder with the Zambian people and no amount of propaganda should suggest that the MPs will be swayed from that position.

Mr Kakubo said it was the UPND MPs that collectively walked out of the House when the Bill was introduced on the last day of the last sitting as a united team without anyone remaining behind.

“We are resolute in our position and we are not going to be swayed. We are the same lawmakers that white washed the Patriotic Front in Katuba and why should we today stand up to side with the PF. We the UPND MPs wish to assure the nation that we are not in support of this bill and we are encouraging other MPs especially Independents and the PF to be on the same side as the Zambian people. This is our official position and nothing will sway us,” he added.

And Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo says the propaganda on the Bill is merely aimed at swaying public debate from issues of hunger, high prices of commodities, poor governance record,FIC report and the mysterious 48 Houses.

Mr Nkombo said no amount of propaganda will sway public opinion on the failed PF leadership and called on Zambians not to mistrust the UPND MPs as they stand with them in fighting evil vices in the country.

Meanwhile, Choma Central UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa has denied being part of the beneficiaries of plots in the controversial Forest 27 as indicated in documents produced by NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili on Monday.

Mr. Mweetwa said he is not aware of any such land neither has he got anything to do with land under contestation in the said forest reserve.

He said he is not in receipt of any land offer in the said forest reserve from the Ministry of Land and wondered how the Ministry could offer him land which he has accepted through a service charge payment.

“I have not received any offer of land from the Ministry of Lands. But it is most unfortunate for people to go out in public and defame others on issues they don’t understand. For those of us who are elected, we carry a bigger responsibility from our people and to be named in such a scam and distributing a list is unfortunate. But I understand Zambian politics.We have to be tolerant. There is too much propaganda from people wanting to win cheap political mileage.If we are to start going to court for every defamation, how many court cases are we going to pull out,” he said.

Mr. Mweetwa called on individuals bent at maligning others to first place their house in order as politics is of a higher calling hence the need to being factual and truthful on things being told to people.

“I would like all those citizens who were distressed at realising that some of their own people who have stood to defend the will of the people, to defend the fight against corruption and also trying to fight individuals who want to benefit as a clique at the detriment of the nation can take solace in knowing that am not part of the said land and this for me is a closed matter,” the Choma lawmaker added.


    • The in coming ministers all said wise things, except Cornerius Mweetwa.
      If I was HH, I would pin Cornerius to the wall to confirm what he is saying, with my fist on his left eye.

    • Ati in coming Ministers, kutiwaseka. Ati the Upnd MPs are behind the Zambian people. Which Zambian people? Everyone one knows that you’re behind your small god elyo muletubepa ati you’re you’re behind zambian people? Yaba.

  1. The allegation about 6 UPND MPs being bought or bribed for USD300 000 to vote for Bill No.10 didn’t make sense. How could Mr Mweetwa accept a Bribe of USD300000 which was receipted? Bribes are normally paid in Secrecy and no Receipts are issued to cover up the Corrupt Deal. It’s tricky to pay such a Bribe. Since the 2/3 Majority Vote is done in Secrecy how does PF know how and MP Vote? Some Progressive PF MPs might actually vote against the PF Bill.

  2. The only part of interest is acknowledging of Mr.mweetwa that Zambian politics is full of fake propaganda.He has noticed myself.
    Another one is that Mr.Kambwili and his political party issued that allegations that Mr.Mweetwa is also a beneficiary of forest 27 .Mr.kambwili is an emotional man sometimes he talks without listening himself.
    Otherwise UPND this issue of fighting with PF over the NDF resolutions if really is a wrong move definitely will help UPND win elections in 2021.No need of spending much of the time on PF propaganda that you(UPND) KNOW that majority Zambians reject it.This should added scores of advantages in 2021.

  3. Yaba, these UPND “honourables” also. Just resign from parliament you fyuuls, but I know you are there to earn a salary, while cheating that you represent the people, which people?

  4. the guys are fools and selfish, every time walk out. they have even failed to develop their areas, even hunger issue they can also donate, but everyday walk out

  5. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 party without a vice president through his cadres aka mps continues to reveal what they really stand for. These cowards who cannot stand up to their leader only yesterday tabled a forged letter from zesco and said it was gospel. They under the influence of whiskey pretended to debate a constitution. Who can forget hikala panshi on account of a claim his language doesn’t have the prefix “chi”. So now pants down the name on forest 27 is not his? The alleged payments are to persons of similar names? Ba hikala 2021 we will show you once more imwe ni no sizee…..

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