A cook preparing food in one of a restaurant in Serenje district.

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo says crop diversification has the potential to increase availability of affordable, healthy foods and food security.

Mr. Katambo says with climate change effects becoming severe on food production, crop diversification will help avert the negative impacts and increase income for many households.

He said this in a speech read for him by Chief Agriculture Detention Officer Katuka Chongo during the launch of Beyond maize study report by Hivos in Lusaka.

Mr. Katambo expressed happiness that Hivos and cooperating partners are working with government on diversification efforts.

He said such systems are key in improving incomes for smallholder farmers.

And Hivos Senior Programs Manager Sustainable Diets Frank Mechielsen noted that Zambia has the potential to grow lots of food beyond maize which would be easy to feed the nation.

Mr. Mechielsen said the Sustainable Foods for All program is aimed at advocating for policy change for governments to effectively embrace food diversification.

Meanwhile, Hivos Southern Africa Regional Director Tanja Lubbers also reiterated the need to diversify Zambia’s crop production to mitigate foot shortages.

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  1. The same old story: zero results. Zambian leaders are great talkers, but no results come out of their empty talk. Even the “cooperating partners” just look with disdain at these so called ministers


  2. How many times have we stressed this in the last 20 years…some of us have not touched Nshima for 3 years. This is what happens these foooools dont have a vision you hullinate things as you go along…as long as there is fertiliser importation and other inputs in maize production these politicians would never have the stomach to diversify.


    • Such talk to our people is unthinkable…even stating to them that nshima is not nutritious compared to other African staple foods is tantamount to treason.



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