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NAREP Spokesperson Bwalya Nondo defects to PF

Headlines NAREP Spokesperson Bwalya Nondo defects to PF

PF Deputy Secretary General Hon Mumbi Phiri welcoming former NAREP Spokesperson to PF
PF Deputy Secretary General Hon Mumbi Phiri welcoming former NAREP Spokesperson to PF

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Spokesperson Bwalya Nondo has ditched the opposition political party to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) citing good leadership under President Edgar Lungu.

And in receiving Mr. Nondo at the PF secretariat in Lusaka on Wednesday, PF Deputy Secretary General Hon Mumbi Phiri said the ruling party is not segregative as it treats all members equally.

Hon Phiri said she is confident that the former NAREP Spokesperson will add value to the ruling party as he will find a team that is focused on delivering the much needed development in the country.

The PF Deputy Secretary General urged all party members to accommodate the new members who are joining the party.

And Mr. Nondo said he decided to ditch the opposition and join the ruling party because the opposition in Zambia has betrayed the people of Zambia by failing to provide effective checks and balances.

“I have decided to join a progressive political party in Zambia, I am saying it’s progressive because of its developmental agenda for the country. The PF Government is taking development to all corners of this country and that is why I want to be part of this team that is delivering development to Zambians,” he said.

“The opposition in Zambia has betrayed the people. They have failed to provide quality and effective checks and balances. This makes the opposition in the country weak and lacks direction.”

He said the opposition in Zambia has no direction and cannot form government anytime soon.

Mr. Nondo, who is also former NAREP Chairperson for Information, said there is too much bitterness and negativity amongst the opposition political parties saying this is not healthy for a country like Zambia.

Speaking earlier, PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe said these are signs that the PF will have no difficulties in remaining in office beyond 2021.

Mr. Mbewe said the party has continued to receive new members who have seen the developmental works under President Lungu.


    • mmm what an interesting reason for defection, he failed to contribute effective checks and balances himself as an opposition member, did he need to wait for others to do it for him. I think PF should wonder how effective he will be for them if he failed to be effective in opposition.

  1. The opposition Alliance a tower of Babel coming to a rabble.
    Chipimo and (HH) only have one thing in common and that’s corrupt privatisation.

    • The Tower of Babel will be president in Panama one day. When he kicks the bucket all the stolen money from Zambia will “die” too but he is not aware. U5 Clinic nurse has to explain to him in clear terms.

  2. What is sad is that the opposition’s deficiencies are gradually contributing to the creation of a one single strong party in power… Nevers killed the MMD, UNIP has never recovered, upnd or FDD are not adequate…sad indeed, we need a Sata or Mazoka type figure to take over these parties, not clowns like Kambwili or Kalaba.

  3. With a 25 KG bag of mealie meal at K130, only Kainde will remain in opposition!!They say “if you cant beat them,join them”.President Edgar Lungu will have no opposition in 2021 because the current opposition leaders are all empty tins with no political direction.Our economy is in the mess,but these creuless politicians in opposition have failed to capitalize on that.Just imagine if this is the time late Michael Sata was in opposition,hey those in power now could have been dancing to Sata’s real issues which affect poor Zambians daily unlike the 48 flats,corruption nonsense we hear daily from bo HH,Kambwili,Kalaba,etc!!!WELCOME TO PF MR.BWALYA NONDO!!

  4. Wrong time to be defecting, someone tell this defector with a crumbling economy, escalating corruption, high unemployment and starvation you decide to join the people responsible for it. What a shame making decisions with your belly instead of your brains. Go eat with them but remember you will face prosecution with them for it

  5. The opposition will certainly rubbish this defection. In fact they will accuse the PF to have bought Mr Nondo. Of course at their own peril. It is not easy to cheat people nowadays. 40 years ago the current opposition would have been tops but nowadays, kuwayawaya fye. Look at their hidden manifestos no body knows what they stand for! Only talking and confusion. Nobody even Kaponyas, are not interested in wasting their time. Except the thugs that are paid by some desperate opposition politicians will accept the money and cause confusion. Lungu is way ahead them and has recruited and trained more and more police officers of high calibre, they will not tolerate hooliganism in our great nation. So the 2021 elections will be peaceful.

    • @5, the oposition yap zed very frustrating,how do you hide your manifesto only to produce 10 bullet points! Bena baza fenta mu 2021·

  6. Insala kapondo kalapetulula ne nondo.Bwalya Nondo is just an opportunist and a job seeker who is bankrupt and don”t have money to shave his beards.Let him go and eat with them the spoils,after all he don’t have any principles or standing in politics.

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