Government has advised Zambian professionals against seeking employment outside the country, through employment agents who have no fixed contact addresses.

Labour Commissioner Chanda Kaziya says government has noted with concern the mushrooming of the employment agents in the country, adding that this has resulted in a number of Zambians being duped.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, Mr Kaziya explained that Zambians seeking employment outside the country through the agents should take time to read the laws of such countries and avoid engaging agents who do not refund them when they do not get employed.

He says reading such country’s labour laws will also help them avoid issues of human trafficking, which is also on the increase especially in the Sub-Saharan region.

Mr Kaziya noted that the current Zambian labour laws require that the person is refunded the money paid to agents once the employment contract fails to materialize, a situation that is not being observed.

He has advised Zambians seeking employment abroad to submit the standard contracts which they are being offered, in order for government to scrutinize them thoroughly.

It is important that the standard contract which they will be given is made available to protect our workers interest.

The same standard rules apply to everybody guide them.

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  1. This Kaziya is a joker. So if a company in Australia offers me employment and sends me a contract he is saying the Zambian government is in a position to review and advise whether the contract is valid/enforceable or legit? How? What insights does the Zambian government have on the labour laws and employment conditions in other countries? Yet alone, what Zambian government department/office does one even submit such contract for advice or opinion and on what basis would the feedback/service be provided?

    Utter nonsense by our politicians and yapping yapping yapping!


    • It is sad on both fronts, someone to get a job in government they have to be fu¢ked first. Going middle East as a domestic slave, also they have to get fu¢ked first.
      The all Lusaka is a crime scene indeed.
      Lusambo and Kampyongo should beat up those crooks, chase them from Lusaka.



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