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Government will help the 40 Zambia Students stranded in India-President Lungu

Headlines Government will help the 40 Zambia Students stranded in India-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said that government will help the 40 students that are stranded in India for failure to pay school fees.

The affected students are unable to leave India for failure to settle their fees.

Speaking when he addressed the Zambian students in India, President Lungu urged the Zambian Embassy in that country to ensure that the students are helped.

President Lungu said this is not the time to blame the students but help them to move out of trouble.

President Lungu however warned that government will not allow parents to take their students to India when they have no capacity to pay.

He said it is sad to have children stranded in a foreign country because their parents have failed to honour their obligations.

President Lungu also urged the Zambian embassy in India to scrutinize the Universities that are advertising in Zambia.

He said it is unfortunate that some universities are giving false information to prospecting students only to change when they are enrolled.

The Head of State said this after one of the students complained that most of her lecturers do not use English when teaching and does not have facilities for practical’s.

And, Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji said government wants Zambians in foreign countries to contribute to National Development.

He urged the students to acquire skills that will help to develop the country.

And Zambia High Commissioner to Zambia, Judith Kapinjimpanga thanked the President for visiting India.

She said this will help in strengthening relations between Zambia and India.


  1. The economy in Zambia is so bad that parents have started failing to pay school fees for their children. One drought in one region of the country has almost paralyzed the country.

    • Ba Upnd your hearts are like that of the devil himself, the President has asked the government to help students in need you start complaining if he did he didn’t ask the government to help you’ll be busy saying something else. Why have you allowed hurt to enrich your hearts? Whether you like it or not, lungu and PF are in government, some of you, you’ll die with hate for lungu and go hell. Watch yourself.

  2. misplaced priorities, you are failing to pay retirees their terminal benefits but you are quick to help students who are in this mess by choice.

  3. During their time of study some students lose their parents or guardians who sponsor them hence getting stranded. It is very good that the President has said government will come to their rescue

  4. This is long overdue and there is no need to pronounce in another country. It is a simple problem done by most governments.Send them back home and stress the importance of having good finances before embarking on a foreign trip. What if it was a life threatening situation? All the people would have died. And you people with wanna be or fake status tekeni amatako panshi

  5. I am actually surprised that he has offered to help because it is the duty of any government to repatriate stranded citizens in other countries. It is the reason why visa’s are hard to get to western nations because our government holds no responsibility for their citizens once they have left our borders.

  6. Students Associations could play a critical role in supporting foreign students. The association is a forum for exchange and sharing among members. Independence Day is a great opportunity for Education Attache from respective embassies to invite students for celebrations and a business meeting. During the business meeting, solvable problems could be identified and acted on, accordingly. Final year students could receive special loans. First year students would be offered safe passage back to local universities. Where a student proves that learning facilities are substandard, then the student would be guided among options available within the host country. Dialogue is necessary for foreign students to succeed in different countries.

  7. How is this today’s news again? it was reported just the other day with the the high commissioner to Zambia in a photo with ta stranded student. LT, what is going on?

  8. So the difference is the heading from ….. to help 40 stranded students in India’ to ‘….will help the 40…..’
    Why repeat the same piece with the president’s photo and errors in the report? To help and will help mean exactly the same thing. Is there no news?

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