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I shall not support the constitutional bill number 10-Musokotwane

Headlines I shall not support the constitutional bill number 10-Musokotwane

UPND Parliamentary whip and Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane
UPND Parliamentary whip and Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane

UPND Parliamentary whip and Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane has entered into a covenant with the people of Zambia assuring them of his opposition to the infamous constitutional bill number 10 of 2019.

And Dr Musokotwane says the high tax regime in the country was scaring away potential Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

speaking at a media briefing this week, Dr.Musokotwane said he stands with the Zambian people that have decided to oppose the bill which if enacted would throw the country into total disarray.

He said his commitment to oppose the bill is not borne out of malice or hatred against any group of people but is as a result of self conviction that the document is not good for the country.

“Today,I Situmbeko Musokotwane do make a covenant with the people of Zambia through you members of the press that I shall not support constitutional bill number 10 once brought into the house next month.This is my commitment to the people of Zambia and the people of Liuwa in particular,” he said.

He said the people have placed their last hope in members of Parliament to save them from bill number 10 and hence his resolve to not wanting to be a part of those that shall go against the will of the majority citizens.

“Am here to say yes to all the demands put across by a majority citizens with regards to the Bill.You have said No to the reintroduction of deputy ministers,I agree with you.You have said No to draconian coalition government system,I agree with you.You have said No to reducing powers of the Bank of Zambia in terms of monetary policy,I agree in totality and am here to reaffirm that position,” he added.

Six UPND members of Parliament which include Gary Nkombo of Mazabuka Central,Cornelius Mweetwa of Choma Central and Stanley Kakubo of Kapiri Mposhi yesterday also reaffirmed their position to oppose the constitutional bill once taken to Parliament next month.

And Dr Musokotwane who is former Finance Minister and Deputy Bank of Zambia Governor for operations says poor and inconsistencies in monetary policies was scaring away FDIs in the country and cited the Multi facility economic zones (MFEZ) as one such areas which are becoming white elephants due to government’s insincerity on terms and conditions.

He said the several and high taxes being introduced by the PF were a source of concern for any investor hence the noted reduction in foreign investment in the country.

“The high unemployment rate in the country cannot be absorbed by the scanty FDIs we are seeing.This needs huge investment which unfortunately is being threatened by the high taxes being introduced as a way of trying to service the debt and in the process affecting FDIs.The ZDA is right on its assessment of the situation,” he revealed.


  1. Now that Bill No.10 has been Petitioned in Concourt any MP who participates in Select Committee appointed to spearhead this Bill will be individually sued for Contempt of Court. Any individual who participates in processing this Bill will be in Contempt of Concourt. Matibini needs to suspend this Bill in Parliament in the same way he suspended the Lungu Impeachment Bill when it was Petitioned in Court. Matibini should know that what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Matibini and all MPs should not risk being sued for Contempt of Court by further participation in Bill No.10. The writing is on the Wall.

    • Typical of the UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress… That matter in the constitutional court is not an injunction to stop Parliament to perform it’s duties…Musokotwane has entered a covenant with the devil who has been opposing every thing and not the right thinking Zambians in Government and Opposition…

    • UPND and its empty threats. HH has lost control of this party. All his threat of do not get anywhere. He is now a voice shouting in the wilderness without the support of his MPs. They have already chewed the money.

  2. Situmbeko you’re good and clever, please push for a convention in the UPND fast and challenge the Freemason so that you redeem the Party. We need mature politics not what the buffoon Kambwili and the Freemason are currently offering. UPND will remain unattractive as long as the Freemason is in charge


  3. Sir you and your political party have never supported your opponent on anything.

    Because of this fact I will just take you as usual……..

    • I cannot trust Upnd MPs anymore. Some of them were at NDF and got allowances. Others have gotten plots in forest 27. Others are being paid at night. HH has lost control.

  4. Who will believe u? Your HH gave the president 48hrs to tell the nation who owns the 48 houses. Today we still don’t know. What happened to the ultimatum? Useless opposition….empty threats…

  5. Errrr… What’s new?? upnd opposed the Bill of Rights, the opoosed dialogue and NDF, they oppose anything!! They are about the most useless and ineffective opposition Zambia will and ever had. Generally Zambians are tired of your empty threats and rantings while the PF led govt. goes about usual GRZ business.

  6. Lies by Upnd MPs.They fakely walk out of parliament. In the night they go line up at state house for money and plots in forest 27. Upnd is finished.

  7. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering without a vice has interesting vuvuzelas cadres aka mps. As we all know musokotwane served under mmd until their defeat. When MCS questioned why SM was earning salaries from both boz and grz he claimed he negotiated the “deal”. Yet any fool knows how salaries are paid; so he ditched mmd and joined the chap with a calculator on account of lingo. This is the only DG at boz never confirmed and the reasons are well known so today when he wants to appear squeaky clean we laugh because we know he really stand for eating and nothing more .. 2021 hikale you lose

  8. Right thinking MPs should just walk out of parliament and tell the Speaker that the matter is before the courts.
    The same Speaker Matibini stopped the tabling of the impeachment motion on ECL on grounds that it was before the courts.
    We don’t want any double standards.

  9. No to the reintroduction of deputy ministers.No to return of draconian coalition government system. No to reducing powers of the Bank of Zambia in terms of monetary policy.No to Christian Nation but yes to “Multi-religious Nation.” The Christian Nation clause would be understandable if a National Conscience Commission headed by non Christian was also institutionalized. In the Cabinet, the presence of non Christians is also not an option but a necessity. Take time to exclude nephews. Take time to exclude uncles. Take time to exclude innocent people. There is no need to turn the country into a Ku Klux Klan.

  10. At a time the country is looking for a credible opposition candidate to emerge and provide alternative and positive leadership to move the country forward, this man who many would clearly support if he put his brains to national leadership and seriously think about providing real leadership as President of the country, is busy talking about “I shall not support this…..or that”. When are Zambians going to have an alternative, is this country short of manpower???

  11. Well said. Matibini’s Double Standards should be condemned and rejected. MPs should refuse to serve on the Parliamentary Select on the basis that they don’t want to be found in contempt of Concourt. If Matibini bulldozes the Bill then all MPs are urged vote against the Bill thru a Secret Ballot. Nobody will know how Individual MP will vote.

  12. Who cares? With your learned intelligence, you can do better rather than being a tribal partisan nincoomp.

  13. Being Adolf right now must be a very lonely position. Your great bag of maize aka fat Albert is not there to caress your ego or to help you pay bills for chitenje or posters. Not that you cannot afford it but just its nice sometimes to get some help. Then your once trusted man tells you he has evidence that will destroy the PF can he table it in parliament? He tables a forgery. You stand on the podium to condemn corruption yet your close allies appear at forest 27! You lead a convoy after agreeing to drag race the president? You alone sits out 100 days. They tell you you have a good petition you pay their bills? The rest is history! What next Adolf better the NMC.

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