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Water authorities accused of manipulating water bills

General News Water authorities accused of manipulating water bills

A Water facility for SOUTHERN Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO)

I would love to complain about the water authorities in Kabwe, Central province, Lukanga Water and sewerage company.

The management of the named water authority has been manipulating water bills to over charge their customers. They claim to have introduced a digital system of billing but the truth is that the company has setup computers where they alter the meter readings.

Every month, they approximate the water bill for customers. They don’t go to customers to read the water meters. There are hardly any records of the meter readings and if the records are there, then only a few are correctly recorded. I wish the ministry that is in charge of water affairs in Zambia would intervene into the happenings in Kabwe.

ByConcerned Resident


  1. I confronted LWSC over unsubstantiated billing which did not match with readings on the ground (meter), they acknowledged the error but 5 months down the line, they still have not reimbursed me. This customer exploitation is real by these incompetent utility companies

    • I faced the same problem in Lusaka months ago. I asked my area manager at Chelstone, a lovely Tonga lady, to change my meter as one that was there was malfunctional and she obliged quickly. The new meter is giving me what is realistic consumption for my home (approx. 1.2 cubic metres per day and not more).

      Yes these utilities do cook figures to balance their books and before my bills were like I run a hippo farm!
      The Tonga lady is still on my mind though …

  2. This is so true, I’m a resident of kapiri, we are serviced by Lukanda water I totally agree with the views of the writer I was a victim with over k2500 water bill a month for a family of there and when we complain they come up with baseless excuses like under ground leakages or leakages in the toilet we are really suffering come to kapiri everyone will tell u about the same thing, these people are thieves

  3. Presenting false information in order to get money from a customer or client is fraud. I am contemplating suing my water utility company in chingola for fraud, and I think anyone that feels they are being falsely billed should consider that or other options

  4. Kindly get in touch with Public Relations Manager or Customer Services Manager via switchboard 222 474. You will be attended to m

  5. Broad day stealing from poor citizens even here in southern it is the same.Can someone caring help us please we are suffocating

  6. Which body regulates these top heavy utilities?
    The govt is failing its people. This is a serious matter , but as is common in Africa , we are not very serious.
    This problem of people complaining after getting the new meters appears to be across many water companies.

  7. Same problem in Choma we don’t receive water SWASCO we are just paying k0.50 per 20ltrs of container to people who have boreholes but the bill is coming more than we use to pay when we were receiving water. Also Zesco the bill are just coming same us we use to pay when there was no 4 hours load shedding. I don’t know why this companies are stealing money from poor people.

  8. I asked lwsc matero for a prepaid meter. I was informed that they have stopped the project. The reason could be they want to be over charging us.

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