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Wife stabs husband to death



A 41 year old Zambian national has died in Cape Town South Africa after sustaining neck injuries following a knife Stab during a domestic dispute.

The deceased identified as Peter Nyirenda died at the Retreat clinic in Cape Town after suffering from neck related complications which he sustained after he was allegedly stabbed by his spouse.

First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria, Naomi Nyawali disclosed this in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mrs Nyawali said according to information made available to the Zambian Mission in Pretoria, the deceased was stabbed and sustained the injuries following a domestic dispute.

The late Mr Nyirenda was first admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital where he was treated for neck complications, before being discharged.

She said the remains of the deceased have been deposited at a private mortuary in Westlake awaiting burial.

Meanwhile, a 25 year old Zambian National has been found dead in the Central Business district of Johannesburg.

Chishimba Pongolani was found dead along the Claim and Plein streets of Johannesburg after complaining of body pains.

It is alleged that the deceased was asked to leave his friend’s house after his condition deteriorated as he was of no fixed aboard.

Mrs Nyawali revealed that the remains of Pongolani have also been deposited at a government mortuary in Hillbrow awaiting burial.

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  1. @ Cambrian Explosion
    Thats being very cynical.Its explained that he was asked to leave after his condition deteriorated and no further information is provided.What if he spent all his savings in the hope of recovering? To the one stabbed,to bad.May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

  2. Very sad situations. Sincere condolences to the families.

    Possibly the spouse was not Zambian? Stabbings are are common in the Western Cape.

    For the one forced to leave the house in the Joburg CBD, this is a tough area raided by policy routinely. Imagine being found with a dead body in your room when such happens? More than your immigrant status to bribe the police with. I am just glad at least he was even identified as such. Yes, it is tough being away from home but neither is being at home if you are an honest person not stealing from the unsuspecting.

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