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Reports that the Zambia Correctional Services has donated 10 animals to Kampyongo amount to corruption-UPND

Headlines Reports that the Zambia Correctional Services has donated 10 animals to ...

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

The UPND says reports that the Zambia Correctional Services has donated 10 animals to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo are disturbing and amount to corruption.

UPND Chairperson Fisheries and Livestock Raphael Muyunda has asked Commissioner General of the Zambia Correctional Services Dr Chisela Chileshe to immediately withdraw the 10 herds of cattle donated to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo as that amounts to abuse of authority and public resources.

Mr Muyunda has given the Correctional Services Commissioner General seven days in which to withdraw the cattle bought using public resources or UPND shall seek for a judicial review to ascertain the validity and legality of such a suspicious move.

He said the nation is aware of the poor and inhumane conditions in correctional facilities which Dr Chileshe and his team have failed to improve leaving everyone wondering what was the motivating factor behind such a corruption laced donation.

“What is so surprising is that at a time when most Zambians are starving and at the near-point-of-death due to hunger, the prisons service would resort to such a shameful and immoral act”, Mr Muyunda said.

He said a rough estimation indicates that the gesture is worth more than K 50,000 , money which would have gone a long way in improving the conditions and welfare of the prisoners in the country but given to a single individual for personal appeasement.

Mr Muyunda has further wondered what kind of a human being Mr.Kampyongo is who can accept such a personal gift instead of advising the correctional services to channel such resources towards improved services and diet for its inmates.

“The nation is still alive to allegations of Mr.Kampyongo receiving four Ford Ranger vehicles from the supplier of the infamous 42 fire engines and now he is receiving 10 cattle from the prisons”, he alleged.

He said Zambians are left to wonder what suspicious deal Dr Chileshe and the Minister are involved in this time around as such ‘humanitarian’ gesture is unprecedented in this country hence our demands on the CG to immediately withdraw that donation or personally be held liable.

Mr Muyunda said the insatiable appetite for plunder of public resources under the PF is reaching endemic levels at the price of Zambians that have continued to receive very poor services.

“We further call on President Edgar Lungu to discipline his ministers and senior public officials involved in such schemes of wantonly abusing public resources with impunity resulting into poor service delivery in public institutions”, Mr Muyunda added.

He said Seven days is all the UPND gives Dr Chisela to return the cattle or we seek court interpretation of this absurd administrative lapse for and on behalf of Zambians with whose resources those cattle were acquired

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    • There goes irrational numb skull
      Diverting attention!
      Even your being PF , it’s only proper that you point wrong ,it seems your skopodonono is decomposed you belong to the dustbin.

    • Whade fuu¢k, it can’t be true, ZNS can’t be that dull giving or selling cattle to their minister, unless they want to get rid of him. Ba Edgar can’t allow Steven in cabinet meeting next week, it is too much of that guy. Enough is enough. Imagine if Steve could face Ba Sata smelling such accusations, nga balimutoba amathoole.

  1. When you take shameless poverty laced & embezzling Komboni dwellers from the compound, & put them in Plot No1, + in charge of the Nation’s coffers, these poverty laced Kawalala’s will bring their equally broke & Corrupt drinking buddies who operated from Katondo street conducting all sorts of illegalities to the feast, & the rest is history.

  2. Is it true? Can they really make such a donation to Kampyongo? Public resources, can they sink that low. Can he even accept it? Shocking.
    Anyway even Ecl received land in Eswatini which they struggled to justify

  3. Honestly guys, the above description of the guys at plot 1, leaves much to be desired. Plot 1 does not only belong to those raised in the so called ma yard. That kind of mediocre reasoning belongs to the dust bin of the stone age erra. Any Zambian with elaborate & firm belief to transform the lives of our people can aspire for that office. Leadership is not about class. Think positively all the time. KK was raised in rural Zambia. So don’t promote such naivety among us. Backwardness can never be termed ignorance.

    • If lungu was raised in a rich household , we would be still condemning his thieving ways in the lines of

      ” born a monkey , always a money on a maize field ”

      So badala don’t let the back ground of the thieves blind you

  4. Let’s hope this story is not true and that the prisons service will release a statement saying the same to be fake news.

  5. It’s a simple logic to state that this article is twisted or fake.Although I have to wait for more info.
    CORRECTIONAL SERVICE DONATES 10 COWS TO KAMPYONGO just statement plainly gives a dire question mark…
    Just thinking.

  6. What’s wrong with that. After 10 years he will give them back 15 animals, ask HH who started his Kachema with 6 animals.

    • WANJIMONA if you can not see any thing wrong in this gesture then it means you are also corrupt and your intergrity is questionable like your boss Kampyongo.For your information the government leaders are bound by the CODE OF CONDUCT not to use their positions such as cabinet ministers for personal gains.

  7. Whade fuu¢k, it can’t be true, ZNS can’t be that dull giving or selling cattle to their minister, unless they want to get rid of him. Ba Edgar can’t allow Steven in cabinet meeting next week, it is too much of that guy. Enough is enough. Imagine if Steve could face Ba Sata smelling such accusations, nga balimutoba amathoole.

  8. That is the way this GRZ is…….

    Somebody, I will not name names , but somebody of authority wants to make corruption and plundering and moral decay seem the norm, so that when his cases are highlighted , they look normal and Bussiness As Usual , BAU…..

  9. An institution that is public financed donates to the minister! In the first place to whom do the animals donated to Kampyongo belong? Is it some individual officer with the Correctional Services or the state? Imagine a government department donating to a Permanent Secretary!

  10. That is the reasoning of PF ministers

    “……if I take this money or goods from GRZ , I will grow it and be able to donate more to the people…..”

    To them diverting GRZ resources is perfectly normal

  11. If Dr. Chisela can give Kampyongo five herd of cattle,how many then has he given to ECL and to Inonge Wina?Probably several dozens.Soon and very soon the Zambia Prisons will have no cattle left under corrupt Dr. Chileshe Chisela. So this is how he became Zambia Prisons Commissioner General by-passing professional prisons officers,by bribing appointing authorities ? (there is nothing correctional about them).

  12. For the first time I have ever heard in 54 years even KK never received a donation from Prisons, or police force. You can not give out tax payers earnings to a single person like Kanpyongo not even the president who is the heard can be given such a big donation as this.

    Takwaba bumaluku bwaifi.

  13. The gift is wrong, immoral and corrupt. Criminal to say the least on the part of both the CG and the minister. It’s like the Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary dipping in the coffers and reward Hon Bwalya Ng’andu with K10million for serving the ministry well. Or Secretary to the Cabinet honouring President Lungu with K50million for good leadership.

  14. Nostradamus,
    Both Sata and Lungu are scums who would never do anything to Kampyonyo because they are all stinking thieves! So please don’t try to make Sata look morally upright, just because he is dead when in life he was such a stinking and tribally bigoted fool who ruined Zambia.

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