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Stephen Kampyongo warns “Greedy” Millers, Accuse them of Smuggling the commodity

Headlines Stephen Kampyongo warns "Greedy" Millers, Accuse them of Smuggling the commodity

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

MINISTER of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has warned millers who are distorting mealie-meal prices and smuggling it to the neighbouring countries after accessing subsidized maize from FRA that they should have themselves to blame when the law catches up with them.

And Hon. Kampyongo said government has prioritised the provision of decent housing units for the uniformed officers whom he said play critical role in preserving peace and security in the community.

The Minister said this when he commissioned and handed over of 30 housing units and police station at Mpatamato Police Camp and Ndeke Police Police in Luanshya.

Hon. Kampyongo expressed concern over the high price of mealie meal and greedy behaviour by some millers who are distorting prices on the market as well as smuggling mealie meal to neighbouring countries.

“Let me take this opportunity to warn the millers who get subsidize maize from FRA. FRA get maize from our subsidized farmers, we subsidize the production of maize in order for our people to afford food.

“Now if you want to be greedy by getting that maize, grind and take to sale for more money by smuggling it out, you will have yourselves to blame because we (police) are on the ground. Don’t say you were not warned,” Hon. Kampyongo warned.

And Hon. Kampyongo said government was constructing housing units for men and women in uniform mainly to address shortages of decent housing and to ensure officers lived a dignified lives.

Hon. Kampyongo further implored the Police command to exhibit the highest level of discipline as they carry out their duties.

He also cautioned police officers against engaging in any corrupt activities.

The Minister stressed that the provision of decent housing units and police station comes at a great cost, urging occupants to take good care of them.

Speaking earlier, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja thanked government for the newly constructed housing units and police station.

Mr Kanganja who immediately upgraded the Police Post to Police Station promised that with such facilities, law and order is guaranteed.

He said there could no meaningful development in the community without law and order.

Mr Kanganja disclosed that police had already deployed newly recruited officers in Copperbelt and North-Western provinces to curb smuggling and ensure law and order prevails in the regions.

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  1. “He also cautioned police officers against engaging in any corrupt activities.”

    It’s like telling someone to use a condom when you’re busy doing it live.

    • Getting subsided maize does not mean one can not sale at a profit price. You of government claims to have installed 3000. Solar mills why are they not supply that maize to the solar mill and set the price there?
      ANS : the 3000 solar mild are an illusion [guess what it was a loan from China which in future you will pay for]

    Bushe’ did this Brute in the past, issue daily warnings to his criminal compadre’s whilst peddling, & dealing in illegal currency on Katondo Street???
    Then you get ba “I have no vision for Zambia” making the daft decision to take this street urchin Mposa Mabwe’ off the streets, & appoint him to a strategic position that Mposa Mabwe’ is I’ll qualified & equipped to handle.

    • After all you will find 95% of all mealie meal smugglers are P.F officials or P.F loyalist brutes / Cadres.
      Go & do checks on Dandy Crazy!
      He appears to have a lot of illicit cash, that’s recently gone to his drug addled small brain.

  3. Mr. Kampyongo sometimes better keep quiet.Why do politicians like playing with citizens minds….?
    Mr. Kampyongo your lips and heart are not together on this statement.If you are really serious you and Dora Sililya as said yesterday just ACT rightly.Why do you give warnings to citizens who exploit their fellow citizens when you (government) knows exactly what is going on….?
    Help the poor rather than exploit them just because you are in corridors of powers.Otherwise my heart bleeds to learn that 25kg of meal-meal exceeds k150.knowing that majority Zambians ( compounds & rural geography)live below a $ 1.
    Concern Citizen.


  5. I thought solar mills were going to correct this issue once and for all…
    Why is FRA maize not being milled using the solar mills paid for by the tax payers?

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