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Deregistration of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) by the Registrar of Societies

Headlines Deregistration of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) by the Registrar of...

The Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the deregistration of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) by the Registrar of Societies.

DP Spokesperson Judith Kabemba says the decision taken by the Patriotic Front government is a recipe for dictatorship.

Ms Kabemba has wondered why the PF government is so scared of leaving Statehouse in 2021 to the extent of resorting to deregistering opposition political parties in the country.

She says the deregistration of the NDC is part of plans aimed at getting rid of all competition before 2021 general election.

Ms Kabemba states that PF should realise that NDC President Chishimba Kambwili is a Zambian who should be allowed to exercise his democratic right of belonging to any political party without fear or intimidation.

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  1. It’s normal for the Democratic Party to support the NDC because both are in the same situation. You know that to register a Party you undergo scrutiny by security wings, so those that don’t go through that rigorous process can only assume leadership through elections at the national convention because they get elected by the people. You can’t register a Party using proxies. We don’t want when you become president then somebody comes up and accuse you to be Jonathan Mutaware.

    • Both Kalaba and Kambwili didn’t register their Parties and haven’t gone through elections, so they knew what was coming. Please do the right thing and don’t dramatise problems of your own creation. You’ll need these same officials you’re insulting. The Registrar of Societies isn’t a politician although the Ministry of Home Affairs is in wrong hands. Kampyongo isn’t fit to run that sensitive ministry.

    • Can someone tell me what will happen to that guy who’s seating on NDC ticket. Are they going to declare the Roan seat vacant?

    • Registra of societies must be fair. The party that needed deregistering first is the upnd for breaching the constitutional requirement of a convention every 5 years. Wamuya yaya has sat on the party like a chief, appointing & frustrating party members to party positions. Now he is confused with power & he sits without VP. Deregister that thing.

    • Kikikikikiki
      Chaps think Zambia is a kantemba.

      RULE of LAW.

      CKinsultor is one careless chap. What was he doing f00ling his crooks as a consultant of a party.
      I am sure as he was hiding under the PF ticket in a grand double standard style. Musenge did the needful to make NDC suit his agenda.
      Yaba, he left all the paperwork and trotting to Musenge as he orchestrated a plan to eat PF from within. One used the money, the other used the energy and brains. CKinsultor miscalculated, got caught, booted out and now he has lost the birds in the hand and in the bush.
      You don’t register a party by crooked means. Who thinks CKinsultor was smart in this fracas?

    • Thorn

      “…I am sure as he was hiding under the PF ticket in a grand double standard style. …”

      But ck whipped the whole PF GRZ in roan including lungu dancing on stage , no ?

  2. Kabemba, I have bad news for you. President Lungu and the PF arent going nowhere in 2021 just in case you are dreaming. The next 2 years before elections will see to it that all the 2016 campaign promises are fulfilled and you, what will be your message? Definitely not unfounded accusations of corruption because everyone knows that they are fabrications from bitter and hateful losers with no direction.

  3. Much like the fracas concerning the suspension of Muvi and Prime TV, the IBA was condemned by zealots.
    The Registrar of Societies is a licensing body of organizations in Zambia obvious backed by some ACT of Parliament.
    There must be provisions in that ACT to deal with protracted “prostitution” behavior and greediness in groupings that purport to be working for noble causes in societies. Groupings, organizations and political parties ought to have guiding principles of operation, organization Constitutions and the likes. It is preposterous to form a grouping and its leadership starts fighting amongst itself. If such a grouping has a good number followers, the fights could escalate and people might just start to hack each other in conducts likely to cause the bleach of peace. I see…

    • …nothing wrong. Let CK get litigation again on this development. What’s the fuss about? He was just a consultant the last time I checked.

  4. I guess the process of registering a party takes place shortly after it has been formed or is it before? And the NDC was not formed yesterday. So the question is why now? What faults have they found now that they did not find at that time?…….Let’s focus our energies on more important things such as the power crisis and the exorbitant mealie meal prices

    • The Registrar of Societies reached a verdict after the High Court ruling on the matter in July.
      They might have identified flaws in the ops of NDC as the current leadership did a ka unfair and an intrapartite unconstitutional conduct contrary to the provisions.
      Citizens register organizations under the umbrella of LAWFUL institutions of Governance. Where Kampyongo is directly involved is a thought for another day.
      For now, when you want to register an organization, abide by the rules of engagement, respect your own guiding principles and be as forthcoming as possible. This is not the first time. There was once an Orange Party, ask Miles what happened to it.
      Let’s observe sanity in the political arena.

    • Well put, Thorn. In today’s political perception, people think just because you have alternative views or in opposition, you can break laws. When the rightful authority questions you, they are being used by “PF” to get at you. Our politics has regressed so much that certain people feel useless characters like Kambwili can lead this nation. Total nonsense!!

  5. We never evolve the selfsame tactics used by MMD being used by PF at least during the MMD we knew who the registrar was here we all know it’s that boy Kampongyo doing this. I wonder where that registrar is today.

  6. Well CK your energies are misdirected. The Registrar “registered’ a party under a mistaken belief it had met all the requirements. It is your once upon friend who took the matter to court after you purportedly fired him. The court ruled the party you were a consultant for is defunct. As an insultant you could have verified they legally existed I guess you didn’t. Later you came out in the open as president in opposition. As for DP please check your papers are in order feel free to invite ck and his following to join you stop crying wolf may the best man win in 2021

  7. Guys don’t worry about CK and his party, look in life we all must learn to appreciate those who welcome us into their homes. CK thought he was cleaver by dribbling musenge to take over the party. Musenge knew some short comings over the party, but CK thought his popularity would win him favor. Look no matter what CK does the high court ruling is irreversible. His insults across all government institutions in the recent past, have only one response, to forget his intentions and join other parties/tuntemba. He thought he was the most brilliant politician to lie to us, ati ba consultant. Guys the PF have been waiting for CK to abrogated any law in the land so that they could teach him a clear lesson like this one. Shame ba CK, ubupuba nokutumpa.

  8. One thing am failing to understand is what was the registare of societies doing all this time NDC was doing compaigns and even participated in the loan parliamentary seat .So is that seat going to be declared vacant or something .

  9. Looks like PF have not forgiven ck for the whipping they suffered in roan and on top of that ck keeps challenging lungu to prove in courts that he is not a corrupt thief by suing ck for defermation

  10. He hijacked the party,he came in NDC as a consultant thereafter he became a president of the Party self imposed leadership.Every thing under the face of this Earth as a procedure. Where was Ck stood as award chairman,councilor.Has he ever followed any hierarchy of politics?No wonder he is full of insults, umusalula teusuma iyooo CK take your time before you loose it to Wynter Kabimba.

  11. Okey, so they say that as of now the Roan Member of Parliament has become an independent, in the event that the NDC wins the case as he moves to NDC, he will then be deemed to have crossed the floor, is this not a way of antagonising the MP so that the seat is again declared vacant, I think the registrar and PF are playing with fire, because this issue will backfire in their butts.

  12. A consultant can not claim to be the owner of the party.
    His services are rarely used when the need arises.

    If Chishimba’s being consultant was to take over that party then he was not being honest.

    The decision of the Registrar of Societies is, therefore, 100% correct

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