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The rise in criminal gangs in Kitwe is a threat to national security-Sumaili

General News The rise in criminal gangs in Kitwe is a threat to national...

Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili at a press briefing flanked by PR Girl Media partners Chishimba Nyambe and Monde Nyambe
Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili at a press briefing flanked by PR Girl Media partners Chishimba Nyambe and Monde Nyambe

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has said that the rise in criminal gangs in Kitwe is a threat to national security.

Reverend Sumaili was reacting to a briefing from Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu who earlier informed her of the upswing in criminal gangs in Kitwe.

Mr. Mpundu said his everyday interaction with communities still indicates that the situation is getting out of hand.

Reverend Sumaili is in Kitwe to meet the clergy on the Copperbelt to discuss the National Dialogue Forum resolutions and proposed self-regulation framework for the church.

She is also interacting with the clergy to update them on the National House of Prayer as well as the forthcoming National Day of Prayer on October 18.

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  1. Madam minister are you aware that your boss invites these gangs to dine at state house?? That’s were the problem lies you danderhead!!

    • This is what happens when you have a corrupt grerdy leadership that cannot create an enviromnent that gives opportunity to young people to thrive. When people have no food, they turn to crime to survive
      Worse still when those criminals are used as cadres by those in power. The only solution here is for Mr. Lungu to go and be replaced by a competent leadership that values integrity. Bur sadly I cant see anyone to fill these shoes

    • The major fuel to the upswing in thuggery on the copperbelt is uncontrolled access to those copper slum dumps, that have made small time street mishanga sellers make a little money and turn into mini alcapones.

    • Those hard core gangs are called Jerabos, and ka Nathan knows all, ask Charity Katanga. They don’t arrest those gangs.
      And some one gave them black-mountains

    • This is what happens when a nation glorifies criminality!! You even coin and accept the name ati JERABOS! Seriously!!!!!!

  2. Madam minister, we already know what you are telling us. Every i.diot knows criminal gangs are a threat to national security. Tells us what you are doing about it.

    • There’s NOTHING Religious (God)fridah can do!
      These are the same P.F Stormtroopers ba Chakolwa Kadansa Jona, & his little D3vil thug sidekick (Chimp)yongo use to brutalise those with opposing views /opposition, when it’s Polling season.
      They have P.H.D’s in hacking using the deadly panga, & throwing stones @ helicopters ferrying opposition politicians, CHAPWA!!

    • “Chickens have come home to roost” ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa will not kill the Whistleblower who last week began speaking concerning alleged mass murders he committed on behalf of the ruling party, newsreaders have said.
      The 41 year old man is Mr Anesu Kapere, who says he killed 6 MDC members in Uzumba in 2008.
      He is seen on video narrating how he committed the mass murders.
      Using religious insinuations from the Bible on the consequences of and the fear of receiving successive damnation or retribution from murder, it was said the chances of the Zanu-pf politician carrying out a hit job on his own hit man are nill. DO YOU BELIEVE IN THIS? 

  3. Oh you mean P.F inspired loyalists thugs, who dance to Dununa Reverse @ election time?
    What a surprise!

  4. Godfridah please understand that religion isn’t the equivalent of Pentecostal Christianity and Zambia isn’t a Pentecostal nation. Just enjoy while Edgar is still in office because soon your ministry will be abolished. As for crime in Kitwe, Binwell Mpundu and the police know who the major sponsors are except they can’t do anything because the criminals seem to be well-connected

  5. The best way to deal with these issues is …let police chiefs be a quarterly Public hearing and subjected to questioning if the situation is not improving remove them.


    • Please don’t insult the security wings, they know who built those houses but it’s not up to them to reveal who the criminal is. The people who are dull are their bosses because they think by protecting the culprit then they’re being clever. Don’t you remember the Sokoni saga under MMD? So please don’t direct your anger at those officers they’re innocent.

  7. Divide and conquer” is a strategy used by elites (often understood as “the oppressors”) to break down the relationships and unity between subjugated (often racial) groups struggling for justice, freedom, and liberation, in order to maintain the status quo; or to use a combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.”

  8. We have offered practical solutions to Kitwe gangs to the DC but but he doesnt seem to want to implement measures!
    1. Change Police Command who have proved to be non responsive. Transfer them to remote areas
    2. Re deploy some officers from the Traffic Section to the Criminal Section. There are too many lazy bums policemen during the day chasing after Noah Drivers
    3. Use live bullets on these gangs
    4. Thank me later

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