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Luapula residents nods amendments to Constitution

Headlines Luapula residents nods amendments to Constitution

 Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers

Luapula residents have nodded the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zambia.

The residents have since urged their Members of Parliament, Anthony Kasandwe and Ponde Mecha of Bangweulu and Chifunabuli Constituencies, respectively, to support the amendments the Constitution and resist the temptation to throw away the Bill due to divisive politics from politicians who are opposed to the Bill.

The residents said this during a Public Forum organized by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers on Tuesday evening.

The Bangweulu lawmaker Kasandwe assured the people of Luapula that his Constituency will support amendments to the Constitution which are meant to improve the governance system and bring sanity in the country.

“Some opposition politicians and civil society organizations are opposing the recognition of chiefs by Government because they are happy to notice the confusions where imposters who manage to get support from a good number of people in chiefdoms can impose themselves or overthrow Chiefs as Government has no part in refusing imposters who overthrow or impose themselves as Chief,” he said.

And the Chifunabuli Parliamentarian Ponde has stated that even though some cross-section of people are rejecting the entrenchment of Christianity in the country, the National Dialogue Forum recognised that Christians want Zambia to remain a Christian nation and allow other people to practice their faith without hindrance.

Mr. Ponde further said the Constitution has provided for mixed member representation system which if enacted, will be an opportunity for women and people who are disabled to participate as MPs and councillors in governing the country.

Meanwhile, YALI President, Andrew Ntewewe, said the reintroduction of deputy ministers will enhance service delivery and bring policy makers closer to the people.
“The costs for maintaining a deputy minister is insignificant as compared to the benefits in service delivery as backbencher MPs are already getting salaries and allowances which will never be gotten if the President decided to appoint any deputy minister” residents unanimously supported the provision to was given by. We however need to strengthen the office of a deputy minister to allow them to perform the functions of a Minister when the Minister is not in office for any other reason,” said Ntewewe.

Deputy Council Chairperson, James Kapilila and Damson Chalwe, Chimana Ward Councillor, said although they are opposed to the election of Council Chairpersons from among councillors, Parliament must objectively debate this provision by analysing the pros and cons in light of the costs associated with by-elections for mayors.

Another resident, Cephas Mwewa, hoped the current constitution reform process would be the last time the Government is spending money on such processes at the expense of developmental programs in communities.

The majority of residents who spoke said the Government must protect the institution of chieftaincy against imposters by withdrawing recognition of persons who become chiefs through dubious means rather than play remain an onlooker in succession wrangles. They have further called on the National Pension Authority (NAPSA) and Government to clarify whether payment of salaries to retired civil servants is done by deducting monies from the retirement package.

“We understand payment of salaries to retired civil servants is putting pressure on the public purse when it pays retirees at the expense of development in rural areas but Government must commit itself to pay retirement package in a fixed time so that retired civil servants and their families don’t become destitute after civil service,” said Reverend Mubanga

 Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers

 Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers

 Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers

 Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers
Public Forum organised by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Samfya Town Council Chambers


    • Fake article have you travelled Luapula ??? Then you will understand that this is a fake assertion meant to appeal to the few …Luapula remains one of the poorest and least developed provinces and by statistical significance, they know jack about this bill 10. Do a referendum is you indeed want to know what people think about this bill 10. PF is a very Narcissistic party !!!!!

    • The Constitutionality of the Amendment Bill No.10 has been Petitioned in Concourt. What is needed now is for Concourt is to hear the Petition, make a Ruling and issue some guidelines on how Bills should be vetted by a Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) b4 they are Tabled for Debate in Parliament. Like in most Countries Parliaments have Independent PLCs to vet any New Bills and ensure that these Bills are compliant to the National Constitutions. The Lungu Impeachment Bill should be Reviewed on the same basis.

  1. Which Luapula residents. This looks exactly like FTJs attenpt to alter the constitution for the third term. They had these fake cadres who “indorsed” the manipulation of the constitution. PF and Ntewewe taking advantage of the ignorance of people to legitimise the usurping of people’s rights.
    Lungu is worse than FTJ, because he is not even talking about it. He is to much of a carward to take a stand on anything. He only works through his agents like Ntewewe to push his evil agenda. Mukose ba Zambia. Do not let Lungu get away with this criminality.

    • Unfortunately this is same crowd that gives PF huge numbers. Once this big number of foolish Bembas are on side of PF, then 2021 won’t be easy! Let’s stop YALI

  2. You want the amendment that means…..
    It takes voting away of a President from Zambians – MP’s will simply collaborate with each other and the majority vote wins.
    Parliament can create itself – Meaning with a simple majority those with a big number of MP’s can easily add more MP’s to pass a law.
    President can create new provinces without answering to parliament or anyone.
    Takes away oversight role of debt contraction from Parliament which means it will remove all powers that parliament have on how and when the government gets debt.
    It brings back deputy ministers.
    It allows for ministers to stay in office during elections.
    Parliament wont be dissolved during elections.

    Yali and their counterparts stand to win and that is why they are pushing for the amendment…..Zambians…

  3. Surely Luapula MPs have their own minds to vote for or against the Bill. The 2/3 Majority Vote is Secret and there is no way of knowing how the Luapula MPs will have voted. The Bill No.10 has been Petitioned in Court and is considered to be unconstitutional.Speaker Matibini thru Parliamentary Legal Committee should prove that Bill No.10 is Constitutional b4 it’s brought on the Floor for Debate and Voting. All these gatherings discussing the Bill outside Parliament are of no use.

  4. Finally the succession wrangles in Chiefdoms will be quickly resolved if Govt participates in recognising Chiefs. We shouldn’t have removed those provisions

  5. Copperbelt residents are happy that NDC has been deregistered! In a meeting attended by residents of Roan in Luanshya and Kamfinsa in Kitwe at the Ndola Town Hall… see how absurd that sounds tefyo? Mwe mbwa mwe bakapala basapula!

  6. Don’t force people to accept your hidden agenda by force, bring it to a referendum so u can be sure people are really in support of this. You will be luck to get 10% votes on yes. People are suffering and all you think of are your pockets. Zero heart for masses. Henry Fayol talked of subordination of individual interest to that of the lager group.

  7. I stopped reading the story when I came across the word Yali. And just went for comments and I was right. Yali has been hired to tell lies all over the country – mwanya! Kafupi desperately tried to hook everyone to support his third term and I am not seeing any difference for this Bill 10. Too desperate to be in power. But you cant be there forever bwana. Its just not possible.
    HH is becoming more and more popular now. And if the riigging is done in 2021 people will definitely regret…
    Just prophesing. And thats my job too.

  8. Why Submissions thru a Select Committee appointed by Speaker Matibini? Surely in a Constitutional Democracy Bill No.10 should be voted on thru a Referendum. PF knows that in a Referendum the Bill will be defeated so they are scheming on how to get 2/3 Majority Vote in Parliament on the Bill. PF wants to ignore the unconstitutionality of this Bill. PF’s objective is to Rig the 2021 Election thru this Amendment Bill. Those who have eyes can see.

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