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Proposed Bills are meant to perpetuate the stay of PF in office -Nalumango

Headlines Proposed Bills are meant to perpetuate the stay of PF in office...

Reject Constitutional Amendment Bill

United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango
United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango

We have made it clear that we do not and will never support the proposed retrogressive proposed Amendment Bill 10 because it does not serve the interest of the people of the Zambia but that of Edgar Lungu and his party, says UPND Chairman, Mutale Nalumango.

Mrs. Nalumango said many questions that arise out of the proposed bill has left many Zambians wondering as to whether the proposed Bills are meant to perpetuate the stay of PF into office or to stifle the existence of the opposition as well as a lack of consensus building makes the process a flawed and “crazy” one.

She said the PF were acting like a “clever” regime which uses tricks to formulate laws that would please a smaller section of society in order to paint a picture that the large section of society were in favour.

Ms Nalumango also wondered why the PF didn’t “lose” during the NDF if the forum was not politicized.

She was speaking when she featured on Prime TV’s “Day Break” programme this morning.

She said that UPND has taken a stance against Bill 10 because it arose out of a PF led National Dialogue Forum (NDF) which subverted the original channel meant to address the governance issues including electoral conflicts that arose out of the disputed 2016 general elections.

“There are a number of proposals such as mixed member proportion which are meant to hoodwink Zambians into thinking that the process is good for Zambians. And the deletion of non-compulsory acquisition of property which are a proceeds of crime by Government will only lead to unrestrained crime by PF officials,” she said.

She also stated that the party has made tremendous strides in Party mobilisation despite the hostile political environment currently prevailing in the country.

“We should have enough space to propagate what we stand for because the Constitution allows for our existence as opposition political parties. But the only challenge that we have is that the PF has made the democratic space for us very small through the abuse and misapplication of the Public Order Act (POA) and many other unprogressive laws that are meant to clamp down on freedoms of movement, association and assembly,” said Mrs. Nalumango.

She also said that there is need to find ways and means of addressing the current hunger situation in the country and that the UPND sympathized with the suffering Zambians who were at the point of starvation.

She however stressed that having an inept meteorological Department that was not able to forecast the weather accurately made the current hunger situation worse.

She said had Lungu heeded Hichilema’s warning of El Niño and he would have prevented the food emergency crisis that has rocked the country.

On the NAREP leader’s resignation as Party President yesterday, Mrs. Nalumango said the move by Mr Chipimo was his democratic right that should be respected by all well-meaning Zambians.

On the allegations that the UPND has been supporting the move by the small scale farmers to sell their maize to private buyers and not FRA, Mrs. Nalumango said the Patriotic Front has made farmers more vulnerable with no alternative left but to sell to anyone with ready cash available.

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  1. The issue at hand now is about the killing of innocent Africans in South Africa and the NONSENSE OF BILL NO.10 Nalumango is talking about here.This is why nobody takes UPND serious in Zambia because this regional party is always offside!!!Politics is about moving with current affairs mostly and not the way UPND do things!!

    • @Njimbu!!
      I know dealing with more than one issue at a time is a bit complicated and confusing for you. We are able and shud deal with the xenophobia in RSA as well as the Bill No.10. How can you see no wrong with pipo who want to remove the compulsory acquisition of proceeds of crime? Isn’t it enough that you have stolen the coffers dry?

  2. Bana Nalumango mama please dont make yourself a laughing stock out there, UPND inasila kudala. You have your MPs who do absolutely nothing but only get instructions to walk out of parliament whenever you small god coughs. Tell us, why are you still talking about Bill 10 outside parliament when you had the ability and opportunity to represent the views of your people in that August House? No one takes UPND clowns seriously. Currently, there is serious hunger in most parts of Southern Province and yet your HH doesnt want the UPND MPs to engage Government, then who are you blaming to subject innocent people to such death threatening hunger? Its your HH, deal with him by telling him that the hatred for President Lungu should not be extended to innocent people in Southern Province. Let the MPs…

    • Bill 10 is clearly meant to advantage PF and perpetrate their stay in power. Anyone who reads its provisions can see it. But if you are enjoying the proceeds of corruption you choose to be blind to these things

    • @ 2.2 Sharon
      Very true! How can someone not account how he made K21million in 15 months! He declared his assets at K2million when standing and K23million 15 months later! What is the magic formula?

  3. I hv chosen to maintain a low profile on this one. I trust that those better informed than me are doing it in good faith when they speak out, that is with noble intentions. But I get disappointed when nothing happens to narrow disagreements. Why is the PF afraid of those who disagree with them? Whose constitution is it anyway?

  4. contd
    Let the MPs free interact and present their case to government period. People of Southern Province must wake up and revolt against HH, he doesnt own them. Why is HH stopping his MPs from asking Government to intervene in this crises? Ati HH forward, nonsense!!

    • Please present useful arguments. Do you understand the issue of hunger? Argue meaningfully. Are you telling us that the government is not aware of hunger in the country. That is the duty of the government to intervene in such cases, not the members of parliament. No wonder you call yourself a “malinso”.
      In fact, the so-called Bill 10 was dubious from the beginning. Why should MPs be forced to debate something they do not agree with?

  5. Just stop changing the fuccking document, you just did that few years ago.
    When Kabimba was Justice Minister he had a copy of “People driven”, and we fired him for holding to it.
    Ba Edgar took over Ministry of Justice (4 ministries alone, good guy), eventually was rewarded as President, and he went to sign the “People driven” copy in stadium.
    And now mulenya amasushi that it was a wrong copy??

  6. @Malinso you f©cker, is it UPND who signed the wrong document in stadium? Learn from Moses in Bible, he wrote 10 commandments and you cadres break the law all the time.
    Go change the Bible too.

  7. The problem that the blind supporters of HH have is that they deny clear and present danger, weakness in their pack. HH is a liability and the moment he was chucked out, a breath of fresh air will breeze. Learn from the BREXIT crises, Theresa May tried to think she could do the impossible until the inevitable happened, people didnt just believe in her and hence she failed to address the BREXIT issue. Comes in Boris Johnson, you can see that the man has direction knows what he needs for Britain and am sure he will deliver BREXIT on 31st October with or without a DEAL.
    Zambian people have rejected HH but in his mind thats not possible. What this simply means is that its those few that he has hypnotized that are forever in denial and who will forever continue hurt. Meanwhile others are…

  8. In one breath , you’re complaining about the unprogressive laws, in the other, you’re opposing amendments towards the same unproductive laws! What do you stand for as a party?
    Ofcourse, not all the clauses are good all thanks to UPND who have chosen to either walk out or abscond leaving no opposition. What an irrelevant party?

    • Bill 10 is the product of PF. UPND could not attend the Forum to endorse the dubious stuff which was already predetermined. Do you think the semi illiterates Kampyongo and company would have listened to progressive ideas rather than be partisans? PF MPs do not vote on principles. They even vote for bad laws as long as they are sponsored by PF. For example, why did they leave out the idea of appointing members of the cabinet from outside parliament? The thing was faulty right from the beginning.

    • @ 9.0 Mauya!
      The proposed amendments are more retrogessive than the current document! Why shud we not oppose it? It was altered by on 400 pipo! Just imagine! By 0.0027% of the population! Less than half of half a percent!! Bwana, the Constitution is a consesus document. That is the procees is as important as the content!

  9. “……..does not serve the interest of the people of the Zambia but that of Edgar Lungu and his party, …….had Lungu heeded …..”
    says UPND Chairman, Mutale Nalumango.

    Looks like under UPND government the title President would be abolished. Maybe all titles including things like State Counsel, Honourable, Chief Justice, maybe even like Chieftainess Mukuni.
    Now I am from a culture that respects elders or senior people, e.g. I cannot call your friends dad as wiso.

  10. how ironic , it seems history is repeating itself, in 2016 a referendum was running alongside general elections, content of that referendum supported pregnant women in prison, supported men who have impregnated women to support the children until their adult age by removing one time pay of damages, it supported our cultural values and much more and Upnd fought it until it failed.

    here they are again, telling us the exact thing they told us 3years ago. shall we be fooled twice?

    I’m jo breaker im transcendent and I approve this message

  11. HH called the stadium constitution a sham, now he says quote’ my beautiful constitution’, end of quote.
    Is he normal.

  12. I’m 2016 they shot down a referendum which would have supported women who are left to keep children alone after Johnny pays for only damage, it would have required the man supporting the child until he reached his adulthood and much more. shall we allow Upnd to shoot down this one too.

    I’m breaker I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  13. …..She said that UPND has taken a stance against Bill 10 because it arose out of a PF led National Dialogue Forum (NDF)……IN SUMMARY, OLD MALIANA IS TELLING US THAT UPND HAS REJECTED THE BILL BECAUSE OF THE PARTY FROM WHICH IT AROSE, REGARDLESS OF THE CONTENTS.

  14. All MPs and Progressive Zambians should reject Bill No. 10 to avoid Lungu and PF Dictatorship. Bill No.10 is a vehicle by PF to entrench a One Man One Party Dictatorship in Zambia. They want to enthrone in Power King Edgar Chagwa Lungu with imperial Powers. The objective for ECL and PF is to Rig the 2021 Election by mutilating the Current Constitution. This is designed to protect PF Leaders from Prosecution for all their Crimes and Corruption while in Power. It’s Good that Churches, Political Parties, LAZ, NGOs etc have refused to give Submissions to Matibini appointed Political Select Committee.# Billion No.10 must fail.

    The object of this Bill is to amend the Constitution of Zambia so
    as to—
    (a) revise the Preamble in order to reaffirm the Christian
    character of Zambia;
    (b) revise the principles and values of the Constitution;
    (c) revise the electoral system for elections to the National
    (d) revise the period for dissolution of the National Assembly;
    (e) revise the period of hearing and determination of a
    presidential election petition;
    (f) revise the manner of election of mayor and council
    (g) establish the office of deputy minister;
    (h) revise the composition of the Cabinet;
    (i) revise the provisions relating to the establishment of
    (j) revise the…

    • I’m also wondering where this thing of the pf clinging to power using bill number 10. Do we read on our own or we just follow what other people say blindly. Awe sure mu Zambia.

    (j) revise the provisions relating to the payment of pension
    benefits and retention on the payroll;
    (k) provide for the membership of Members of Parliament in
    (l) establish the Drug Enforcement Commission as the AntiDrugs, Economic and Financial Crimes Agency and redefine its function as a national security service;
    (m) revise the functions of the Public Protector;
    (n) revise the functions of the Bank of Zambia;
    (o) revise the functions of the Auditor-General; and
    (p) provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the

  17. Mrs Nalumango is Spot on. What happened with the Presidential Petition is being repeated with Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019. The President’s Office, Concourt and the Speaker of Parliament are conniving to defeat all the Petitions against Bill No. 10. Since most Churches, Opposition Parties, LAZ, NGOS etc are opposed to the Illegal and unconstitutional Amendment Bill No.10 we shall see if the Enemies of Constitutional Democracy will succeed. The notorious Bill No. 10 must be stopped at all costs.

  18. Reality is upnd wasn’t prepared for real constitutional challenges. They had set up a trap to attack ECL with their international funders and the Catholic priests. ECL outmanouvered them and gave legality to the dialogue. The CSOs, church cannot do anything about NDF or Bill no. 10 as it has constitutional backing and only Parliament can tackle it. Upnd has no power to stop this bill through media but debate it in parliament. Sadly, as usual, upnd never prepares for fundamental national issues; Theirs is the narrow and empty power hungry approach which Zambians have rejected since 2001!!

  19. UPND is HH and the Supreme leader HH of the UPND is UPND himself…It’s a pity the lady has been initiated into group think mentality and she cannot think independently…

  20. Hon Mutale Nalumango should wait for her time to swallow her vomit, ask GBM, he is giving free consultancy. Hon Mutale, you will find GBM near your village, aren’t you neighbours kumushi kwenu ba mayo?

  21. Ba Nalumango don’t lie to the Zambian people,have you had time of going through the Bill? Stop politicking please,you perpetual liars.

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