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I’ll will not be silenced by the recent incarceration on charges of defamation-Kambwili

Headlines I'll will not be silenced by the recent incarceration on charges...

Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili
Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili

Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili has said that he will not be silenced by the recent incarceration on charges of defamation.

Mr. Kambwili who was recently released on bail by Lusaka Magistrate Lameck Banda said he will now increase his volume is condemning corruption happening in the PF government.

He said he cannot allow a situation where Ministers are getting more than twice the salaries of Members of Parliament in a clear case of corruption.

Mr. Kambwili accused President Edgar Lungu and his government of selfishness and neglecting the needs of the poor people.

He has since demanded that the government must immediately reduce the cost of mealie meal to avoid an increase in poverty levels.

“If you think by throwing me in detention for two weeks you will silence me you are lying to yourselves, am increasing the volume. More volume until you reduce the price of mealie meal and stop corruption”, Mr. Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said the PF will on Friday deliver a petition to Mr. Kambwili’s home demanding an apology for his continued insults on President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mwila said the PF will not sit idle and allow the opposition leader to be insulting the Head of State.

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  1. Mr. Chishimba chill and bring civilised politics not insults you are bringing down our great country. Your politics are primitive.you need to grow up to provide mature opposition.

    • When hysteria (somatization disorder) meets greed, bitterness jealous and envy.

      Increase the volume on politics of issues and civil behavior, no problem.

      But when you do umusalula, insolence and insults; I can rest assure you that they will detain and detain and detain you.

      Why can’t you do ifikansa fyachalo ukwabula insele. Looks like you’re now developing a thick skin for jail. No fainting abi. Good, congratulations on your achievement. But if you make it a habit, Zambia might not need a convict as president.

  2. We voted ECL to lead the country not to fear him like a lion, PF you are bringing zambia down by over stealing without thinking about the future life.we put Lungu on high position not to over steal but to help


  4. You can still condemn this alarmingly corrupt government of Lungu without referring to anyone as a DOG. Defamation of the president under our current laws is a crime, so no one is trying to silence you. One day they will throw you in jail for good, and that’s when you will experience the silence you are looking for. And ba Lusaka Times have you been sleeping? There is no party called NDC, check the status with Registrar of societies.

  5. Mr.Kambwili no one will arrest you by giving checks and balance to the government and that’s what people are expecting from you and not insults. People will only praise you for that. What kind of a leader are you who always keep on waffling people will not take you seriously because of your behaviour. People voted for ECL to rule and not to be insulted. And if anyone has the evidence of corruption we have the ACC who are mandated for that please report any form of corruption to them.

  6. When CK was in PF he was responsible for killing freedom of speech, look what he did to The Post.
    Who is worse CK or ECL/PF
    I see ECL is the father of all Corruption

  7. He’s the only lunatic to have from Mporokoso. Most of the politicians that have come from Mporokoso have been wise. I have in mind Yoram Mumba, Chipota Mutati, Wilombe, Ackim Nkole, etc. If I were Edgar I would leave him alone. His equal from Chipili has now been given an agenda since he didn’t have any on how to lead PF since he was appointed SG. Whoever bewitched Sata to give these goons leadership roles must be cursed

  8. Iwe Kambwili,you mean you can not be silenced to insult? Then there is something very wrong with you and you are presenting yourself as a potential presidential candidate, my foot. You can criticize govt or any govt official without resorting to insults. If a person resorts to insults, it means the reasoning has come to a dead end. You are a disgrace to society because God gave you the opportunity to be known country wide in order to inspire some one but instead you are a grown up man with a retarded brain. If you are believer in Jesus Christ, please go for deliverance because you are certainly possessed with very strong demons.

  9. No patriotic and well meaning Zambian would stop, muzzle or gag CK from coming out with the truth about the scourge of corruption or any other ill in our beloved country Zambia. What CK needs to do is provide evidence of all his allegations because that is what they will always be, allegations, until the proof is forthcoming.
    Zambia is still a bedrock of pride, principals and morals although we have foul mouthed young men like CK always trying to bring our prized heritage down to nothing. Insults will never take the place of wisdom. Zambia needs wise leaders not otherwise. In this case it would be prudent for CK to respect the office of President even if he does not respect the person occupying that office. Many young people today cannot tell the difference between intelligence and…

  10. Akalyati kalenunkila pamubili wa kwa CK soon you cross over.Wait and see CK.When you joined politics a lot of us thought we have received impalume in politicts but to my surprise it was opposite.Sure ba CK at that age insele,HH does not insult but imwe baka mbwili why?Change mudala mwakula muleyako naku church for deliverance please.

  11. Ok but iyi yena ni offside you cant call yourself a leader when all8n you know ls insulting and you think its persecución . That silence you are talking about will soon come to pass trust me.

  12. One day a huge tall man stepped over my tinny foot his pressure on me sent an agglutinating pain through nerves to the heart, limping up in the air as I shouted not even knowing that I’ve insulted him!.. and I expected him to slap me and force me to apologies and that what I expected but to the contrary he apologized and said if I had not stepped on you, you would have not insulted me the man apologized. I hutted insult and when I let that single insult came out of my mouth then I realized in my heart there is room for such nonsense I went down on my knees and seek God for forgiveness. That’s what supposed to be. Again in the other day I heard somebody called someone saying “I we matako tauleumfwa!” I thought he is insulting him yet gladly he responded and said “Ni ng’umfwa. bemba…

  13. One day in UNIP days some officials of the party took Kapwepwe to court and the charge was read as follows: “Mr. k on such and such day at the market place you insulted the president, are you guilt or not guilt?” In response he said ” Before I answer may I know if the two names are the same: KAUNDA AND KAUUNDA For the person I was insulting was KAUUNDA who got my fish on credit and is not giving money. You see… That’s bemba’s on the move ..

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