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Zambia invests K1.4 billion in digital infrastructure


Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Christopher Mvunga
Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Christopher Mvunga

The government has reaffirmed its commitment towards embracing digital technology in an effort to accelerate economic growth in the country.

Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Christopher Mvunga said the government has so far invested over K1.4 billion in digital infrastructure development with a view of being in tandem with digital technology.

Mr. Mvunga explained that in achieving the vision 2030, Zambia has embraced technology enhancement through Smart Zambia.

He was speaking in Lusaka today when he officiated at the validation workshop on the Digital Economy Diagnostic for Zambia.

Mr. Mvunga cited commerce, social welfare, health, and agriculture as among the sectors that are benefiting from the country’s digital economy transformation agenda.

The Deputy Secretary to Cabinet underscored that the government has massively made progress in the installation of communication towers, installation of security cameras along some streets in Lusaka, partnership with Smart Zambia who is part of the digital infrastructure development.

“It is critical for us to work together both the private and public sectors so that we achieve elements of a digital economy. The elements of digital technology are; digital infrastructure, digital platforms, digital financial services, digital entrepreneurship, and digital skills and as a government, we remain committed to actualizing these elements,” he said.

And World Bank Country Manager Sahr Kpundeh said his firm is committed to harnessing the opportunities of digital technologies, in order to achieve Africa’s transformation.

Mr Kpundeh explained that the World Bank is actively working with more than 17 countries across the continent to support the digital transformation strategies.

He emphasized that the World Bank is delighted with Zambia’s commitment as it was amongst the first countries to take part in the digital transformation of the economy.

“We are impressed by the commitment government has shown by engaging Cabinet as a coordinator and the designation focal points in five-line ministries to form part of the diagnostic team. Conducting the diagnostic has truly been a team effort. We thank you for the collaboration and look forward to working closely together, “he stressed.

He further said the purpose of the digital economy diagnostic being carried out in Zambia and other countries is to better understand what is working well and what needs to be improved which will lead to the proper integration of digital technologies.

In April 2018, the World Bank Group launched the Digital Economy for Africa initiative and to achieve this, African countries will require key foundation elements of a digital economy.

25 billion dollars was announced by World Bank as a financing commitment over the period 2019-2030 towards advancing the digital transformation agenda across the continent.


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