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I take a lot of consultations before appointing controlling officers, President Lungu tells new Permanent Secretaries

Headlines I take a lot of consultations before appointing controlling officers, President Lungu...

President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has urged the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries to take their work seriously and to take charge of all the assets and public resources as controlling officers of the Ministries and Provinces where they have been assigned to serve.

President Lungu said as controlling officers, Permanent Secretaries should be ready to explain to the Public Accounts Committee at Parliament on the expenditures of their ministries and provinces.

The President said he takes a lot of consultations before appointing controlling officers, in order to ensure that the people appointed have the capacity to oversee government resources and serve the people of Zambia diligently.

The Head of State was speaking when he swore in three new Permanent Secretaries at State House this morning.

The Permanent Secretaries who were sworn in are Chanda Kaziya for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Danies Chisenda for the Ministry of National Development Planning and Daniel Bukali for Western Province.

President Lungu further urged the appointed Permanent Secretaries to dedicate time to supervise the officers under them, in the Ministries and provinces where they have been assigned to serve.

He said is hopeful that Mr Kaziya’s expertise in labour matters will help address labour issues which he noted have continued to confront the people of Zambia.

He stressed that the elevation of Mr Kaziya will give him leverage to ensure that contentious labour matters are resolved.

On the new National Development Planning PS, the President expressed confidence that with his wealth of experience in the public service which spans over 30 years, will make valuable contributions to the implementation of the country’s Seventh National Development Plan and the Vision 2030.

And the President has also urged the new Western Province PS to ensure that he performs in his new role, in order to open up more opportunities for youths to be appointed in decision making positions.

President Lungu said he has confidence in young people and urged Mr Bukali not to let the youths down in his role as Permanent Secretary.

Speaking after the swearing in ceremony, the three new Permanent Secretaries thanked President Lungu for the appointment and pledged to work hard in their new roles.

Mr Kaziya said among the things he will work on is the sector based minimum wage which has been an issue in the labour industry and pledged to engage all labour movements and unions in various matters that affect the Zambian workers.

And new National Development Planning PS Danies Chisenda said he will prioritise climate change programmes, noting that Zambia has been affected in a number of ways by climate change.

He said he will work with the department in charge of climate change programmes to ensure they look at mitigation measures that include tree planting among others.

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  1. It’s the quality of who you consult bwana presido.
    That ever laughing dwib freedom fimo fimo,kaizer zulu,bowman lusambo,mumbwe Phiri davis mwila,Jean kapata being the sauce of advice,tells exactly why the country is fcuked

    • Kikikiki but Ba Edgar awe mwee, ati I consult witch-doctors before making appointments.
      When are you changing the lazy Malanji?

    • Yes, he consults widely and there’s consensus that best way to build one Zambia one nation is to ensure that one half of the country has less and less representation in the PF govt even at non-political level of govt such as permanent secretary.

  2. Correct You begin from the National Development Planning and read the economic outlooks
    that requires transformations to Grow the economy and sectors and remain competitiveness Its timely advise the new global economic environments requires a heightened focus and approach A Ps to actualize his area of focus must see the fit in that sense

  3. “And new National Development Planning PS Danies Chisenda said he will prioritise climate change programmes, noting that Zambia has been affected in a number of ways by climate change”.

    He will not “succeed” because that is not the top priority in the 7NDP. I mean as a PS he thinks he can run government as he wishes? His brief is to control resources in his ministry, isn’t that what his boss told him just today? Naa laba?
    The Labour is spot on.

  4. “I take a lot of consultations before appointing controlling officers, President Lungu tells new Permanent Secretaries.”

    Appoint; let the others do the interviewing

    I respect the office of the president, but this can’t cut the mustard.”

    “Whether confirmation hearings (a procedure unique to the Senate), legislative, oversight, investigative, or a combination of these, all hearings share common elements of preparation and conduct. Hearings usually include oral testimony from witnesses and questioning of the witnesses by members of Congress.”

  5. Bwana Lungu,those grass/mud hut builders cannot be consulted to build a skyscraper.You’re seeking advice from ill educated losers.

  6. But you consult only your boot lickers.
    It is why we so much need a cabinet of technocrats coming from outside parliament, because they will be giving better advice.

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