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South Africa, O South Africa

General News South Africa, O South Africa

The rainbow nation art thou,
admired by masses, until now.
The peaceful dream of Azania,
Our motherland dreamt,
A people of all shades,
In harmony to dwell,
Honouring the ancestral value of ubuntu
I am because we are!

Mayibuye, Mayibuye Africa!
Thousands of Kilometers away,
African kids shouted
Release Nelson Mandela!
The death of Steve Biko we heard;
with our ancestors mourned.
In untold childlike rage we shouted,
Ubuntu, O ubuntu,
where art thou?

In the deep valley of death again,
In 2019 as in the apartheid era,
Luck Dube prophetically warned;
“Not every white person is my enemy,
Not every black person is my sister or brother,”
In his memory we ask,
Ubuntu, O ubuntu,
where art thou?

The evil Apartheid
A pan-African battle was,
Our continent together fought.
Not knowing; among our own,
Black blood like that of Abel,
from the African soil
again—again still cries,
O ubuntu, O ubuntu,
where art thou?

We kill each other like flies,
For chickens pity I have.
But my fellow African,
So proud to slaughter.
In their sacred graves,
my ancestors cry,
O ubuntu, O ubuntu,
where art thou?

By Rev Kaoma

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  1. Most people in America don’t know where Zambia is or heard of it. They are dull. So I usually tell them that its in South of Africa. In their hears they hear South Africa. And I allow them to assume am from South Africa. But now not any more…..
    Yesterday an old guy rushed at me saying “didn’t I tell you Mandela was on CIA wanted list, look what your tribe are doing”.
    It is even hard to advise people to fly South African Airways, seriously… It is embarrassing.

    • Enough guys lets create our own wealth…stop crying for South Africa…or America or UK….we have enough resources in Zambia…just greedy Politicians…..is there any way we can get rid of all Politicians because I think this will help…

    • Also the poem. Those marauding xenophobic savages can’t even read! Sanctions are needed again, this is another form of apartheid.

    • Why do you want to advise people to fly SAA? Are you their marketing manager? South Africa exported almost 50 000 new cars to USA in August 2019 alone. Zambia exported an unwanted economic refugee called Nostradumus. Wake up Zambians and stop your obsession with SA.

    • @1.3 Makavhere
      South Africa exported 50 000 cars to the USA ????…..you might be out of your mind….who would buy a car made in South Africa in the USA…which USA are you talking about and by the way Nostradumus is living in a much better country than your sh**thole South Africa……..

  2. I like the way South Africans are telling off their fellow Niggros from the rest of the continent! Go back to your home countries and create your own opportunities there! Don’t be cowards by running away from your own dictators in your home countries! It’s time we became patriotic bane by facing our own monsters back home!

  3. I have observed that the problem with South Africa is the leadership , the leadership has problems with its own people whom they have disappointed by not delivering what people were expecting from them as from the time of their independence.
    When they were supposed to lift their people from inequalities and poverty but went on to loot the money for themselves.
    People still live in those deplorable conditions in shanty compounds using pit latrines , as leaders wallow In riches , so they have nothing to point at of what they have done for their people as the saying goes the guilty are afraid.
    What can these leaders say to the people they have disappointed , and so they want to hide behind innocent people who have brought their own money to trade in SouthAfrica , all I can say is shame…

  4. In the absence of leadership chaos is inevitable. An organization that lucks leadership is bound to go astray. A home where a father is absent risks being plunged into an abyss of depravity. The issue of African and its offshoots of corruption and diseases hinges on rotten leadership. Paradoxically,the continent is endowed with a lot of resources albeit in poverty. Where there is no leadership and visionary leaders poverty is rife. An employment and poverty should not be pride of Africa. Africa has enough to feed her citizenry but Africa lucks leaders with vision. It is naivety of the worst kind to start killing each other when what has caused that is insufficiency in leadership. African can only develop if her leadership discard the spirit of avarice.

  5. @ Anonymous. All the nnew BMW X3 driven in the whole of North America are assembled in Rosslyn plant in Pretoria, South Africa. Check out their VIN number.

  6. @ Anonymous. All the nnew BMW X3 driven in the whole of North America are assembled in Rosslyn plant in Pretoria, South Africa. Check out their VIN number. All Mercedes Benz C Class in US are assembled in East London, South Africa. Please do some research and stop advertising your !diocy.

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