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Friday, February 21, 2020

It is Inhumane and Barbaric for Government to Reject HH’s help and deprive the Needy

Headlines It is Inhumane and Barbaric for Government to Reject HH's help and...

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio program on SUN FM

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

With the General Election in 2021 fast approaching, the PF have gone into hyperdrive and descended into what appears to be pure animal territory by engaging into acts of humanitarian sabotage by deploying unspoken, unwritten illegal standing orders across all government units, that under no circumstances is any form of humanitarian assistance proceeding from the UPND PRESIDENT – Hakainde Hichilema welcome, irrespective of the potential for human catastrophe at hand.

This amounts to a savage, barbaric, conceited, self-preserving attack on our collective spirit of UBUNTU, and places into such reckless and needless jeopardy, the lives of several thousands of underprivileged Zambians; who have been neglected and condemned to calculated social and economic destitution by a government that only exists for itself and those who espouse it’s poorly conceived elitist agenda, veiled into pro-poor rhetoric.

In January 2018, at the height of a devastating cholera epidemic that lasted several months, PRESIDENT HH and the UPND had committed to joint efforts, working with the PF government, for purposes of galvanizing the much-required support resources. The epidemic affected close to 7,000 people, with close to 200 lives lost. It was PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu himself whom it was reported has issued strict orders to the Ministry of Health officials against accepting any form of help or assistance from the UPND and HH.

Had it not been for quick interventions from the private sector and other bilateral partners, many more lives could have been lost at the hands of a very proud and self-absorbed government.

On August 22 2019, PRESIDENT HH had made intimations in respect of a donation in 25,000 bags of MEALIE MEAL to supplement both government and private sector efforts in alleviating a growing hunger crisis which could well have been avoided, except for the lack of sound leadership at the hands of the PF administration. This leadership ineptitude has left close to 7 million people living in extreme poverty, with another 500,000 now tittering on the verge of starvation, with no guaranteed food source on any given day.

The current hunger crisis requires an amount of money in the region of $500,000 in humanitarian support, from both local and external partners. Zambia does not have this kind of money, even if the PF really wanted to help – they could not. Such resources are simply not available.

Another few days after the rejection of help for MEALIE MEAL from HH, on August 27 2019, the PF government used police resources to harass HH while he had been out in Chongwe to make a personal assessment of the water situation in that part of the country, where a vital water source has practically dried out, and the integrity of this water source (Chongwe river) now being threatened by human interference activities arising from the unscrupulous sharing out and illegal occupation of Forest Reserve No. 27.

But most recently, the PF government have in the name of partisan politics and their unholy hatred for PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema, denied the people of Chawama critical support equipment in the form of electricity generating equipment by turning away a donation of such equipment by HH and the UPND. This act of political self-preservation by the PF has put the lives of around 200,000 people who depend on services from Chawama Level 1 hospital, with load-shedding of up to 12 hours not sparing the health facility.

Worryingly enough, it has been two former MMD individuals now firmly threaded in the fabric of the PF – Bowman Lusambo and Dora Siliya, the same individuals whose collective leadership under the MMD the Zambian people said NO to in 2011, who is now in the forefront of denying Zambians the help they require.

The PF must do well to recall, that it was people like Bowman Lusambo and Dora Siliya who were forerunners in insulting and scandalizing Michael Chilufya SATA in the name of partisan politics.

The PF administration is being urged, particularly the presidency, to summon the grace and learn to work with HH and the UPND on non-partisan issues that genuinely affect all our people, irrespective of which part of the country they reside.

The UPND has demonstrated this by the recent action of our MPs to reach out across the partisan divide and offer to meet PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu to find solutions to the devastating hunger crisis ravaging our people, a problem both Dora Siliya and Bowman Lusambo have denied existing.

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    • Turn a blind eye to h² ‘s gesture for a while – he is playing Victim: a publicity stunt
      From the blues one would ask, what is going down? How can a story that was gonna receive as much resentment for Government as possible across board be twisted into a political Screw. The disinformation and misinformation campaign is growing wider and wider but in the midst of all this, people with critical eyes, critical thinking minds, critical analytical information consumption are saying wait a minute. The cards on the table can assume many games. When a business man and a political player promises Strategy to whatever they do, be wary. They political cards games can get less predictable to the fainthearted. Take this list of events coming out one after the other in quick…

    • …succession for instance:
      a) UPND says police attempted to arrest HH at Ndola Airport, blocked him from taking off using the airport – LT.
      b) Police block HH from viewing the Chongwe River – Lusaka Times.
      c) HH struggles to deliver letter to ACC HQ on the 48 houses investigation, officers scamper and hide – LT.
      c)Take your genset donation to Bweengwa, Dora Siliya tells HH – LT.
      Generally, I hate characters who want to play victim. H²’s strategy is to play victim and paint the otherside black. He is playing the mind game. This is the strategy he promised but it is by and large backfiring because by using the analytical skills from progressive commentators, the scam’s strategy is amateurish, dummy and naive. Some people are busy chewing double h’s aka h²’s funds.

    • The donation was Jive, Sly and Political. Even the writer of this article deep down he know this.

      PF dont worry, we are sending HH into retirement in the next general. We know he’s already bent out at present. He is even struggling to find a running mate, because every one has now realised what a difficult, jive, sly person he is to work with.

      Deep down he would want to find a Tonga running mate (VP), but he knows it will not work. He tried Eastern Province with Dr Banda, then Northern Province with GBM. All these will not give him votes.

      HH is stuck its as simple as all that.

    • @Ayatolla how many times will I tell you that HH is not our member in any of our 2 chapters in Zambia/Botswana?
      And our organization don’t give material things like Mealie meal.
      You PF subotages, barbarian thieves need find a better way to treat HH. You are just mistreating the poor not us the rich.

    • It is inhumane and barbaric to have this privatisation thief posing as a caring person. Zambia would have been much better with other sane opposition leaders such as Miyanda and not this money laundering thief. He should bring back the money from Panama and stop bring confusion in Zambia.

    • HH….but people who have worked with you complain that you are very greedy and stingy….stop doing things to gain political mileage using poor people….thats not cool…and if really want to help why not do it in secrecy…not standing on top of the mountain blowing your trumpet that you are helping people…..fake sympathy

  1. 18th October, the nation will be busy fasting and praying. Are we living according to Christian values and principles? Or we are hypocrites who are like decorated tombs but inside are dead bones. Hatred all over the place and yet we are a Christian nation. Let’s not cheat ourselves. We don’t practice what we preach as a nation. There is nothing wrong in someone donating to the needy. You will not hold unto power forever by suppressing those people who want to assist the needy in society.

    • It’s not by force or tricks that Government should work with h². You portray a picture that double h would make life difficult for Government to distribute relief food in SP.
      But no, Government is better placed to reach the needy. All double ought to do is just offer checks and balances not bent on falsehood and frustrating Government effort.
      Or are you trynna suggest that Government has run out’a ideas. How so? Isn’t the task as simple as listing needy areas, id-ing those in need, lorrying and choppering the product to the targets. No need to check with h², absolutely no need at all. You sound like double h is the gatekeeper of SP. Horrible narrative.

    • Mocking God with day of PF prayers.
      You have the fasting, how can people in Bwengwa fast when they are already starving?
      Don’t even attempt the useless day of prayers, people will be collapsing death from hunger.

  2. when you make a gift of mercy let your right hand not know what your left hand is doing.Simple truth is that his motives for help are never pure because he wants publicity.All politicians especially in Africa are never genuine.I will.never accept a gift in front of a camera cz the intention is to embarrass me and the motive by the giver is evil.No amount of words can change that fact.give help in privacy and God will reward you

    • In most societies, donations are publicised to encourage other people or institutions to do the same. Do not be narrow-minded mune. Bet you never said the same thing when Bowman Lusambo publicised his mealie meal donations in Ndola did you?

    • I agree with you @4.

      I would like to suggest that a football match be organised between UPND and PF so that we can at least move away from this ever growing acrimony.

  3. Fact on the ground is that southern and western province were the hardest hit with drought. Chawama L1 hospital is a priority area for GRZ and issues like power defecit will always be taken care of. Surely, isn’t donating to areas hit by drought a better solution for upnd and oval head?? If anything, upnd should be hitting the ground seriously in southern and western mobilising and assisting GRZ getting the help to the affected Zambians. To make matters worse, who is the political strategist for upnd who can’t analyse such issues??

    • Misplaced priorities.

      Means h² would misappropriate priorities, efforts and funds if he ever formed Government. No idea on how to run Government.

      This clearly is a flop.

    • Thorn, how do you assume HH has no idea on how to run government when he has never been in government? And are you insinuating that Lungu knows what he is doing considering all economic indicators are in reverse?

    • Zambian Citizen, whether HH donates ku Southern and Western or not, his votes there are assured. This is politics and not Lions Club, all actions of politicians especially those in oppostion have a motive behind them so I do not understand why you want to be naive ifyabufi. A strategic opposition leader will go in areas were he is weak in votes and try and woo voters through such donations and that is why he went to Eastern province to drill those boreholes. I think you are a bit too old to play dumb.

    • Dudelove 5.3

      Just as well this question applies to you. How do know HH can do a better job than Lungu?? You mean all these millions of Zambians who have rejected him 6 times are not telling you something. They can see that his tribalism is sickening and he cannot be trusted with national wealth. Apart from KK and FTJ, every president has kicked his behind at the ballot. Anyway, keep on hoping for the so called Party for The Tonga and only a Tonga can lead UPND.

      So now everyone is DULL & STUP1D and only HH and Dudelove are the smart one’s in Zambia. What a sad state of mind you are. As if calling everyone 1diots will garner you votes in the next general elections. Just sober up and bite your tongue. Someone today just posted how you are not helping HH to get voted. And he was…

    • Dudelove, you don’t have to be in govt. to know how to run govt. You are not called govt-in-waiting for nothing while in opposition. Kambela Mazoka had a shadow cabinet which used to publish alternative budgets when he was leader of upnd- which inspired people to vote for him because he showed them he had the ability to run a govt! Publicity stunts and Parliament abscondance puts Zambians off!!

    • Chitimukulu, when we elect any leader, we do it without knowing what they will offer. We do it based on the trust we place on their promises. Sata came in with promises targeted at the multitude illiterates who are the only people who would believe that a country could be transformed in 90 days. Those iliiterates are still in their multitudes and that is why Lungu was voted in twice based on songs. So HHs failure to win is not based on any economic or governance based performance because he has never been in government, it is based on those !d!otic divisive messages always peddled by the PF and indoctrinated in the uneducated minds that form PFs voting base. Lungu has never articulated any economic plan. The chap just dances and attacks the opposition. So when you have people voting for…

    • DUDELOVE …….. must by all means be ignored.

      He is a very frustrated soul and he brings it to lusakatimes. He is the resurrection of JAY JAY, JAY JAY, JAY JAY, JAY JAY

    • Zambian Citizen, the current citizenry we have today thrive on publicity stunts and that is why Sata did stuff like ride in buses and line up for petrol. HH has had the misfortune of having to learn that to progress in Zambian politics, you cannot do it based on an economic roadmap but songs and dances and gifts because that is the mindset that PF have exploited from poor Zambians. I can bet both you and chitimukulu would not be able to tell me the economic basis that you use to support Lungu. Most of you support Lungu no matter how he fcuks up just coz you do not want HH to be president and that is not fair on the poor citizenry.

    • (Cont’d from 5.6) So when you have people voting for such a chap simply tells you people are not schooled enough to understand economic messages which should form the roadmap of any political message.

    • Dudelove

      Well HH needs to be asking himself why he is constantly rejected. Someone needs to tell him that. But it appears he never listens to other people.

    • Chitimukulu 5.9

      On HH, I can help you on that one. When you go into a sports game and you keep losing games after games, you don’t go home blaming your opponents. You go back to the drawing boards and improve your (1) game plan, (2) strategy, (3) strength, (4) metal attitude.

      Mwanawansa and RB beat HH in 2008. They did not campaign on 90 Days promises or lies that SATA coined in 2011

      The thing that fails HH is lack of:

      1. STRATEGY

    • Cont…

      Then followed up by…

      8. INSANITY { Doing the same thing expecting different results }***
      9. STICKING TO JUST 3 PROVINCES [ And expect miracles ]

      Mind you he came third in 2011. In 2008 and 20011, the Data showed that he failed to get votes from the:

      1. EDUCATED
      2. GRADUATES

      He was beaten in the above categories. So one cannot blame the uneducated voters

    • Ba Independent Observer

      OMG – This is so true and spot on and indeed like BR MUMBA says, you are BEST. You keep get defeated and yet you blame your opponents all the time and the referees. Though I don’t expect any of the UPND chaps to accept this truth.

    • @5.4 Chitimukulu
      We have seen ECL perform in govt. The results are not impressive. However, HH has not been in govt. So how can you conclude that he will fail? ECL ran a private Law Firm into the ground. It seems Z is headed the same way.
      HH ran a private accounting Firm successfully. Chances are he will run Z successfully as well.

  4. Don’t worry Anthony Bwalya, these dwarf-brained !d!ots are too dull to realise that they have gone full force into campaigning for HH. Think about it, what Chawama resident will celebrate the denial of a genset for their clinic? The dull logic of PF is that the residents will rush out to vote for that clueless airport dancer because he successfully stopped HH’s eveil plan to give their clinic a Genset. Stup!dity.


      What do you say to the facts by Independent Observer on 5.9 and 5.10. Saddly its the whole truth about your man HH. I mean HH has lost one third or close to half, the MP’s he inherited from Mazoka.

    • Wakunguma Wakunguma 6.1

      The truth of the matter is that UPND has shrunk in parliament, from the way Mazoka left it.

      HH was suppose to be building from the platform he was left with. UPND has struck in Urban Areas, Councillors, MP’s, Mayors etc.

      That being the case, I don’t get it when people say HH is the most popular political leader, when he has been shrinking his party and gets beaten in the POPULAR’S General Elections. As the saying goes, numbers don’t tell lies.

      If I was close to HH, I would be telling him things that he does NOT want to hear. But he is too big for UPND to listen from anyone. Therefore, The UPND Insanity will continue….

  5. the truth of the matter is that pf has lost direction because of minding and hating one man only. if you allowed him to give that genset and the mealie meal and present it yourselves was that still going to hart you. you call for well wishers to help and then you start selecting one to donate and the other one no due to politics. can you convince a hungry person mwebantu mwaitaya apa bantu imwe.

  6. Where is this Gentleman callepd HlH donating the generator when he vehemently refuses to recognise all the infra structure put up by the PF government all over the country. It will be foolish for the government to accept such a gift not until HH acknoweledges the achievements of the government.

  7. Junior jj and independent observer muli mbwa Sha Bantu.You don’t even know what you are talking about.Am sorry for your parents who produced dogs on this earth

    • Awe ba Chali insele isho shacilamo. So this is how you take it when someone criticises triple h? Mmmmm the truth is in 2021 he will go to the concourt again, because he has already started behaving as if he has already won the elections. His support has tremendously reduced over the years. Some of those who supported him will look elsewhere.

  8. Fanatical Religious masses like Zambians have historically always made wrong choices when it comes to choosing leaders! When the spiritually blind Jews were asked whom they wanted freed or crucified, we know what happened! They chose to release a thief and rejected someone who truly cared for them! This trend is not peculiar to Zambia though. It’s a worldwide phenomenon! No wonder things are not working and there is upheavals everywhere because of wrong leadership choices! As the Bible puts it, men put a lot of f00l in positions of power and blame God for their wrong choices! How tragic! One runs an Accounting Firm successfully and another runs his Law Firm into the ground! Under normal circumstances, past track record is the best predictor of future performance as we learn in…

  9. Under normal circumstances, past track record is the best predictor of future performance as we learn in management! If only we could choose leaders the way Joseph was chosen to save Egypt from the 7 years of drought!

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