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KK condemns the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Headlines KK condemns the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

First Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda

Zambia’s first Republican President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda has condemned the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Dr. Kaunda said the attacks arising from South Africa are horrific, barbaric and inhumane and should come to an end.

Speaking to Journalists at his residence, Dr Kaunda said the situation is a reminder for all Africans to love one another and calls for all Africans to rise and condemn the act.

Dr. Kaunda said he never imagined he would live to witness South Africans who were helped by the continent to gain independence attack other Africans living in their country.

He has urged the African Union, SADC, COMESA and other Organisations to take a keen interest in resolving the ongoing issues in South Africa to protect the lives of innocent immigrants.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kaunda expressed sadness at the death of former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe.

In his message of condolences, Dr. Kaunda described Mr Mugabe as a gallant son of Africa who passionately defended the continent from foreign invasion.

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean independence icon has died aged 95.

Mr. Mugabe had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April. He was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.

The former president was praised for broadening access to health and education for the black majority.

But later years were marked by the violent repression of his political opponents and Zimbabwe’s economic ruin.


  1. Thank you Mr President.

    You were able to unite 72 Tribes of Zambia under – One Zambia One Nation. You played a big part in the liberation of many Southern African Nations, welcomed refugees with open arms and looked after them.


  2. Robert Mugabe greatly impoverished his people with his million rate inflation.Its good that he got blacks their lands back however chaotic the process was.

    • Of what value is it if you own the land but can’t produce and have to beg for food? The whites produced food for Zim and Zim exported large quantities of agriculture produce,today Zimbabweans have land but fail to utilize it…the tragedy of Africa and empty patriotism


    • If it is about damaging roads, charge each vehicle and that money will be used to repair it.
      Closing the boarder can make Zambia suffer as well. Remember the hardships Zambia have had in the 70s when Smith closed the Chilundu boarder post.

    • But they are bringing food to your hungry people and before you close the boarders, please make sure that every Zambian or Zimbabwean in South Africa is repatriated back to their respective countries

  4. Loss of life is regrettable but what is the cause of Xenophobia? Why are Africana from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc flooding South Africa? There are 3 Million Zimbabwe Economic Refugees in South Africa looking for jobs and Opportunities and fleeing Repression their Countries. This is not a problem for RSA alone. African Leaders should Rule their Countries justly and their Economies to create jobs and opportunities for their People so that they stay at home.Communities the World over resent foreign Domination. High concentration of Foreigners in Countries create a feeling of resentment as People compete for jobs and opportunities. These are the Reasons why the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland collapsed. This is a Reason for Brexit. African Countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria…

    • Violence will lead to nowhere, In Germany, there are over three million Turkish
      Just introduce the law that will put SA citizen first on job markets.
      Brexit is about protecting local industries and providing enough funding to the people ..
      what about businesses owned by British abroad? Employment opportunities, free trade and travel in EU countries will suffer.

  5. What is going on in South Africa is NOT xenophobia .Its Afrophobia bcuz they’re not attacking Indian,Bangladeshi ,Whites and other non black immigrants.

  6. You south african rioters you are very *****s, you are saying foreigners are getting jobs why you don’t work they are alot of industries in south africa,
    but you likes attacking innocent people, you are too lazy you dogs. South Africa has a bad records in africa.

  7. Even here in Zambia xenophobic attacks is exciting but we cannot just see with our naked eyes, our leaders are the ones that are attacking us through hunger, and other daily needs.

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