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Miles Sampa to make the official toast at the Beerville Oktoberfest in Lusaka

Headlines Miles Sampa to make the official toast at the Beerville Oktoberfest...

The third annual Beerville Oktoberfest will be held on Saturday, 7th September at the Chita Lodge Gardens in Lusaka from 12pm until late. The event that is dubbed as a “city Oktoberfest” has become a favorite among beer festival enthusiasts  with this year’s event being graced by the Mayor of Lusaka, Miles Sampa who will be in attendance to make the official toast. Following the Oktoberfest Munich tradition of having a mayoral toast since the 1950s, the Mayor of Lusaka will officially open up the bars at the event.

The organisers of the event, PR Girl Media have confirmed that the beer festival is supported by Zambian Breweries with four of their brands Budweiser, Flying Fish, Mosi and Castle Lite as sponsors. “We are excited to be hosting the Beerville Oktoberfest for the third time this year, an event that is proudly Zambian with an all Zambian entertainment lineup of DJs. We are also working with Zambian restaurants and bars mainly run by startups in the hospitality and service industry.” Stated Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, Managing Partners of PR Girl Media.

Beerville 2019 promises to be a unique experience showcasing a diversity of beers and food in a scenic garden with Zambia’s top DJs such as El Mukuka, V Jeezy, Kreative Natives, Ms Selfie and many others. K100 will be charged on entry and further details of the event can be found on PR Girl Media social media platforms.


  1. Zambians are shameless copy cats. Why bring a Bavarian Oktoberfest that has its own history to Lusaka? You mean you cannot call it by another name? Come on guys, try being a bit more innovative! You mean you can fail to be innovative even in cultural matters with the available rich Zambian cultural

    • Not only that, it would also be interesting to know the economic value of this whole event to the city, if any. Without even mentioning other branches like the motor Industry, the Müchner Oktoberfest alone generates a billion Euros each year making Bavaria the richest province in Germany.

  2. that’s all they know Beer. utumalufumo.
    sampa that jacket is way too small. I know you want to seem trendy but you don’t have the body for it
    what has this guy done since becoming mayor? where’s the free wifi? how come Zambian media don’t revisit some of these issues and call out guys like this
    mwebali mu lsk, any changes since he came in?

  3. “Promoting good governance
    The aim is to strengthen reform-minded forces within both state and civil society, to promote transparency and accountability and to increase domestic resource mobilisation. Efforts to promote decentralisation focus on strengthening democratic structures at grassroot level.”

    please decentralize. Lusaka Mayor enjoys a good perk; an advantage or something extra. advantage: a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.

  4. A month later, you will be having a national day of prayer. What is the benefit of this Beerville Oktoberfest?
    why adopt such traditions which just promote promiscuity and beer drinking.
    Why can’t we rather have a cultural day or week celebrations to foster national unity?

    • A month ago, “Pastor’ James Chungu, aka Jimmie Fingers was on the podium at a crusade in Mandevu, and this last weekend had the festival with so much bum shorts ‘ve never seen in one place. . . .katwishi!

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