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Zambia has no intentions of recalling Ambassador to SA over Xenophobia

Headlines Zambia has no intentions of recalling Ambassador to SA over Xenophobia

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya with Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo at a Joint Press Briefing
Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya with Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo at a Joint Press Briefing

The government says Zambia has no intentions of recalling its Ambassador to South Africa amidst the xenophobic attacks in that country.

On Wednesday, Nigeria recalled its Ambassador to South Africa Jabiru Bala and pulled out of the World Economic Summit and is demanding full compensation for the loss of life and property of Nigerians affected by the attacks.

But speaking at a joint media briefing with Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya in Lusaka, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says despite Zambia’s displeasure over the violence against its citizens in South Africa, recalling its Ambassador will be the last resort.

Mr. Kampyongo says government has continued engaging the South African government to put an end to the on-going violence in order to avoid any drastic action that will jeopardize the bilateral relations the two countries have enjoyed over the years.

He said Zambia stands with the rest of Africa in condemning the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

And Ms. Siliya who is also the Minister of Information and Broadcasting said no death of a Zambian has so far been recorded but that does not mean Zambia will not condemn their actions towards foreigners.

“As a country, as Nation and as a people we are extremely concerned and disappointed that xenophobia has continued to happen in South Africa we are aware that they have been two Zambians injured and grateful to God we have not lost a life as Zambia but we stand with the rest of Africa on this matter that xenophobia in South Africa is becoming a great concern. Zambians yesterday become angry and took to the streets lead by students to register their disappointment at what is happening in South Africa this matter concerns us in Africa and beyond.”


  1. Of course not – where would you all go for your medical treatment? UTH is definitely beneath you and besides we must appease the owners of the franchises in all of our new malls.

    • As usual life goes on visionlessly if such word ever exists or for lack of better word. Can this vision less drivers react on time? Until someone is killed that is when they can recall a body in a casket.

  2. Zambia should definitely recall its ambassador to SA and also suspend South African businesses in Zambia from trading.

    • Did Zambia recall it’s ambassador from Nigeria when South Africans died in Nigeria during a prayers service there? No South African family was compensated for any deaths afterwards. Let’s say you recall your ambassador, then what? should we start recalling everything South African in Zambia?

  3. What you do not know about the recalling of the NIGERAIN ambassador to South Africa was that Nigerians in South Africa stormed the Nigerian High Commission where they destroyed what basically is their own infrastructure of the building and the ambassador was under threat. this is stupid because now they have to spend money on repairing the damage caused by these people. Zambia really has no basis to recall the High commissioner to South Africa. Let us not just copy what other countries are doing. The looting in Zambia that we are emulating from Nigeria is really primitive and coming from UNZA students its disappointing.

  4. The government is right there is no need to recall the ambassador at the moment bcz the ambassador is like a father to all Zambians living in South Africa so if he goes were are Zambians gona run too incase of anything they will be like orphans.

  5. Unless there’s a clear indication that this is the last time some South African citizens kill and hurt other black nationals, Zambians must leave South Africa, and as a nation we must have nothing to do with that country.

    • And who do you think will feel the pain? South Africans or Zambians. The riots in South Africa were targeted at Drug selling Nigerians not Zambians or other nationals. We as South Africans cant sit and do nothing whilst our kids are turned into drug addicts and our daughters into prostitutes. Never. The looting was a criminal act who high jacked the whole situation. Our media is acting as the third force recently since the recall of that corrupt Zuma. But all of you must know; WE WONT FORGET THIS

  6. Government of chambia doesn’t care about it’s own people,how can you wait for someone to die and have a time recall? Did you see the pictures of the 2 people who got hit? Come on PF xenophobia in SA started long time ago you could have recall your ambassador too even if no death of zambian recorded but for Africa souls.

  7. The rioting in South Africa was started by Nigerian drug dealer shooting a taxi driver from Malawi working in South Africa who was part of a group of taxi drivers trying to stop the selling of drugs to school children by Nigerians, and what followed was the sending of fake news concerning the attack of foreigners by South Africans also perpetuated by Nigerians nogal. Our media wanting to generate revenue for themselves ignored all this and labelled this as xenophobic violence and they still do. Call your relatives residing in South Africa and they will tell you exactly what was happening. South African shops were also looted during the criminal acts not only foreign owned shops, and most of the foreign owned shops were informal traders trading illegally anyway, not contributing much to…

  8. Whatever the case, we are experiencing South African USUAL MADNESS at its best! Current crop of South Africans are a bunch of backward Shaka trush of zombies and primitive forest creatures wrongly survived into the 21st Century. Their current president during his election campaigns called for expulsion of all foreigners! They merely upholding his election campaign. He cannot stop this madness because it is the massage he used to ascend to his presidency! We need to pull out all our citizens and our ambassador before they are all killed. We have no cobtrol over those promitive natives. Let’s not worst anymore time countrymen and women.

  9. Isn’t this the job of the foreign affairs minister? In what capacity is kampong o speaking. ,are there any boundaries… This is overlapping mwebantu.

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