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Zambia police treats every political party equally-Paul Moonga

Headlines Zambia police treats every political party equally-Paul Moonga

Paul Moonga
Paul Moonga

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Provincial Chairperson Paul Moonga urged the opposition political parties to respect the instructions given by Police during situations when tensions in the city are high.

Commenting on the decision by Zambia Police not to grant the part permit to stage a protest at the residence of former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili, Mr. Moonga said the decision by the police to cancel the protest is an indication that the police treat every political party equally.

Yesterday PF Lusaka Provincial Committee has canceled its protest to the residence of former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

PF Lusaka Provincial Secretary Kennedy Kamba says the decision was arrived at after Police directed the PF to cancel the protest due to the tension in the city.

Mr. Kamba said that the police advised the party to hold on until calm completely returns in the city because the environment is not conducive to the xenophobia protests that were staged by students.

Speaking to Journalists in a media briefing, Mr. Kamba said the party remains peaceful and will follow every directive given by authorities because it is a peace-loving party.

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    • There is nothing PF about Moonga, just surrender post to GBM.
      Moonga and Kamba are contradicting.
      Moonga is saying Kanganja DENIED them permit like they block other parties. But Kamba is telling the truth, that their member Kanganja told to WAIT for calm, so people don’t mix up with Student demonstrations.

    • People must continue to say that Zambia police treat every political party equaly in and out of office. Ask Vernon Mwanga

  1. This has nothing to do with police, but a directive from higher echelons of the PF party that fear of a possible insurrection against them by an already excited youth. Remember Mr. Moonga that whatever goes up must surely come down some day…..

  2. The request to protest at Kambwili’s home was unreasonable. Can you help Edgar govern? What you’re doing will not solve people’s problems. We all know that Kambwili lacks wisdom so forget about him. As the Lusaka Province PF leadership you must restrain your cadres from wanton illegalities. Don’t pretend that you don’t know about the illegal allocation of land in Kabangwe area. Your greed for money now threatens national security. In Kaunda time the whole of that hill was a no go area because of the security installations. Now every Jack talks about it. Bowman please move in and demolish those structures. Lock up whoever has been responsible for illegal land allocations. DON’T LET CADRES CROSS THE RED LINE IN THE NAME OF THE PARTY! Where have the soldiers who used to guard that…

  3. I am PF but in order to be on the right side of posterity when the time comes,let me say as a Party we have destroyed this country. MMD even did better than us the PF by far. UPND might be worse and there is no other opposition, Kambwili is hollow and thinks bemba idioms and insults will propel him. I am a positive person but when I see doom, I see it. This country is dead stuck. Leaders need to emerge, we are not going anywhere. PF is a complete FAILED project

  4. More Money in peoples pockets – ZERO

    Lower taxes – ZERO

    More jobs – ZERO

    What is the argument here. Straight forward issue

  5. I have what i think is a solution to our problem. What we are facing is far greater than what we think. LOVE is the solution. To start with, let everyone of us love our families especially the male fork. Take care of your homes and the spiral effect will be felt as a country. I see hate among brothers and sisters yet expecting benefits from each other. HH should show love to the PF leadership by unconditional reconciliation with ECL. I mean a reconciliation which has nothing to do with politics. In fact if he does that, he is guaranteed to start seeing his flaws and sort them to win 2021 otherwise he is headed for another shocker. My opinion and no need for retaliation from those affected.

    Trust me, these Belly magg0t2 like Moonga will be the first to defect, & speak evil of ba Jona & his Plunderers Federation -(P.F) once P.F are out of office.
    You see it everyday, from Great bag of [email protected] aka G.B.M, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, so called M.M.D diehard violent clown Lusambo, Nevers Mumba, Dora Siliti, I could go on all day with the list of Zambian belly political turncoats.
    These goons are NOT Politicians, But “P0L0TICIANS”!!

  7. It must be hard to be in the inner circle of PF, i say so looking at how each person tries hard to remain relevant by issuing irrelevant statements. Njala inyokola

  8. “Mr. Moonga said the decision by the police to cancel the protest is an indication that the police treat every political party equally.” Fyulish statement.

    I have no iota of time for UPND because I think that they are the same as PF except for the added ugly feature of triblism in UPND. But the statement by this silly Moonga means that either he is a fuuul or he thinks that we are fyuuls or brats. Either way it is disrespectful and insulting to us Zambians for we know the police behaviour. Tell me how many permits have ever been given to opposition parties and to PF. In fact PF has never applied for a permit except this stage managed one. Mostly we know that the PF cadres march and protest at will disrupting traffic at will (while police are looking and Kanganga is smiling in his…

  9. ..however, if this is the beginning of change in this Sata party then it is most welcome, and if they maintain it into 2021 I will vote for PF and urge my neighbours to do the same. But if it is business as usual, time for change before cadres deliver a Mugabe to Zambia.

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