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Chambeshi: Zambia U23 is the Peoples Team

Sports Feature Sports Chambeshi: Zambia U23 is the Peoples Team

Beston Chambeshi says his Zambia U23 team cannot afford to disappoint its loyal followers who have believed in them since they won the 2017 U20 AFCON.

Zambia U23 faces its biggest test since lifting the U20 AFCON at home two years ago when they visit Congo-Brazzaville in their 2019 U23 AFCON final leg qualifier decider at Pointe Noir.

Very few teams leave Pointe Noir unscathed but Chambeshi’s side is hoping to complete the job by any means necessary after beating Congo 2-1 in the first leg at home in Lusaka on September 4.

A draw is enough for Zambia to qualify for the November tournament in Egypt where the top three finishers will represent Africa at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“You know this team is the people’s team and we are happy with the way they have been supporting us and so we have to make sure we give them a smile. So our aim is to protect our image as a country,” Chambeshi said.

“We may have one or two changes because we are playing away from home.

“We cannot play an open game but at the same time we are an attacking team, because we need goals there.

“But like I have said, we have to be cautious in defence and play with confidence.”

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