Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical services Kennedy Malama
Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical services Kennedy Malama

The government says it has put in place measures to help curb the growing concern of drug resistance among patients.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in charge of technical services Kennedy Malama noted with concern that cases of drug resistance among HIV, TB, and fungal infections are rising, hence the decision by the government to come up with measures to curb the vice.

Dr. Malama cited self-treatment, buying drugs over the counter and quack drugs as some of the leading factors of drug resistance.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by the Ministry of Health Representative Andrew Siluwesi during the 2019 media awards launch at the Zambia National Public Health Institute offices in Lusaka.

The Permanent Secretary emphasized that the multi-sectorial team that was constituted in 2017, is succeeding in the fight antimicrobial resistance (a drug not working accordingly).

He explained that the government remains keen on ensuring that all essential drugs are made available in all health care facilities countrywide.

Dr. Malama pointed out that his ministry has embarked on massive sensitization of communities on the dangers of self-treatment and the buying of counterfeit drugs.

And Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA –Zambia) Board Member George Lungu Said his organization will continue supporting the government in the fight against communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Mr. Lungu further commended the media for raising the bar in health awareness messages.

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  1. No scientific evidence to back his claim and he thinks those measures will work. What about the expired drugs you’re giving to people not forgetting the antibiotics you keep prescribing to people. Let’s not forget about hospitals having no drugs with people being sent to buy drugs from these Indian pharmacies


  2. Stop playing games with people’s lives, listen to what the Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia is saying. Stop your witchcraft tactics on Edgar. How can you recall drugs worth $4.0M and Edgar doesn’t fire anybody? This is pure witchcraft! How can you spend $6.0M on expired drugs and still Edgar doesn’t fire anybody? We must amend the Witchcraft Act


  3. I would like to point out one very important reason why some patients may appear to be drug resistant; a lot of people are unaware of the dangers of mixing conventional medicine with herbal supplements. Those prescribing retrovirals etc should always inform patients about certain contraindications and drug interactions with herbals. A lot of herbals tend to either lower the drug or increase the volume of the active ingredient of the drug once in the body,and therefore either reduce efficacy or cause and overdose.
    It is the duty of the prescribing clinician to explain to the patient about the benefits, side effects, contraindications and drug interactions and I hope that we all do this very important duty!! Accountability!!


  4. The jury is still out on antibiotic resistance. In all this fuzz politics are being pushed in gently like useless toys… awe mwandini. People will continue to steal and play politics while all this mess plays out. I feel sorry for the patients.



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