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Monday, November 29, 2021

Catholic National TV station goes on air

General News Catholic National TV station goes on air

Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops

Catholic Bishops of Zambia have launched test broadcast of their television station Lumen TV Zambia.

Lumen TV in on Topstar channel 101 and will initially broadcast to Lusaka city only.

Zambia Conference Bishops (ZCCB) Secretary General Father Cleophas Lungu on behalf of Bishops’ Conference has since hoped that Lumen TV will be a source of hope in the midst of many troubles that the Church or the nation is going through.

“As a Church, [and as a] nation, we may be going through so many troubles. May Lumen TV Zambia be a source of hope to the nation [by] giving light to the nation. [Let it be] a ministry of enlightening the world”.

Speaking in his homily during mass to launch the test broadcast of Lumen TV Zambia today on the feast of the birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary which fell on Sunday 8th September, 2019, Fr. Lungu likened Lumen TV Zambia to mother Mary who is referred to as the dawn of human salvation.

“As we celebrate the birthday of Virgin Mary who is ascribed to as the dawn of Salvation, the launch of Lumen is a new dawn, a new era of evangelization in the Church here in Zambia,” he said.

And likening Lumen TV Zambia to mother Mary who is also referred to as a star of the Sea, Fr. Lungu hoped that Lumen TV will shine and cast out elements of confusion, disaster and destruction done in the dark.

And Zambia Conference Bishops (ZCCB) Director for Communications Fr. Winfield Kunda thanked the Holy Father, Pope Francis for facilitating the acquisition of TV equipment.

Fr. Kunda further thanked the Lumen TV Zambia Management Board of their effort in making a dream of Catholic National Television become a reality and paid tribute to the late broadcaster Ben Kangwa for his contribution.

Mr. Kangwa was a board member of Lumen TV Zambia.


  1. The Catholic want to have control of who forms govt. They are doing all this to get the platform for spreading the massage on their political agenda. Nothing spiritual is motivating this. They want to be the all powerful.

  2. Ba Ken yes thanx for knowing that they are powerful. But if you don’t know the reason for the opening of the station stay mute. Do not throw this church into politics.

  3. This is an excellent accomplishment. Congratulations to all the people and to all the organizations that made Lumen TV Zambia a reality. This channel will bring a variety of programs for the enjoyment of all viewers. Do not waste time. Bring Lumen TV Zambia on on the internet. Internet will make it easy for viewers based outside Lusaka to enjoy different shows.

    • Their license should stipulate that they are required to declare that all religious programming is not a reflection of reality and is based on fiction, before, during, and after all shows. Furthermore they should be required to pay a fee equal to or surpassing all donations raised from broadcasting on a daily basis.
      Their broadcasting times should also be limited from 4:00 AM until 4:01 AM, every third or fourth day of every second month, not exceeding five minutes per year.

  4. ba ben kangwa mysrip works u are yielding fruits.my greatest desire was to see u seeing your brain in operation. nway, i can’t stand agaist the will of God. You are gone forever.

  5. May be dead ZBBC will work up from slumbers. This project is not just starting now. It started a long time but this time being implemented.

  6. They have done well to open a TV station. These other churches have TV stations in Zambia but them they never had one even if they are the richest.

  7. just what Zambia needs, another religious stuff in their faces …how many religious tv programs do you need as a country.
    it’s not like the more you have the better off the country is..
    you guys in Zambia look at catholics like they are saints… read about the history of Ireland .. and you wanna know why brexit hasn’t happened yet? one word. Ireland

  8. Mr. True, As Catholics we may have delayed in having a TV station, but please be reminded that what makes Catholics is the 22% of Zambians who contribute and make sure the less privileged in society also receive a fair share in life. Catholics have put up schools, universities, health facilities etc while the other churches seem not focusing on the state of the poor. Any way thank you for reminding us that as Catholics we ready to help the less privileged.

  9. Comment:As a Catholic my advice to all Catholics and all those who call upon JESUS as their LORD to desist from responding to silly comments from non Christians. It’s not our culture to talk back. You invite the devil into Heart by responding to them.

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