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Drug trafficking claims to be investigated -State House

Headlines Drug trafficking claims to be investigated -State House

Special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr. Isaac Chipampe
Special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Mr. Isaac Chipampe

State House says law enforcement agencies will investigate drug trafficking allegations with all appropriate authorities.

Commenting on allegations by NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili that Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay could be pushing drugs using the presidential jet, State House says the matter will be fully investigated.

In a brief statement, Special Assistant to the President Isaac Chipampe said State House takes very seriously any allegation related to drug trafficking.

“Therefore, Zambian law enforcement agencies will take appropriate steps to investigate the allegations in connection with drug trafficking in coordination will all appropriate authorities,” Mr Chipampe said.

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  1. Kambwili’s foul mouth can spit anything. A president can a friend for whoever he likes. Kambwili learn to shut your mouth if you have nothing to say

    • @Henry. It’s not about Kambwili. Maybe the question we ought to ask is, what business does Valden Findlay have to be able to chew Tax payers money freely as if he holds a govt position? When we say President Lungu’s entourage is too big this is what we mean – excessive consumption of public Tax payers Kwacha that the president even extends it to his friends, he probably said, “boi come ifima Zambians fili docile they won’t care whether you take part in wasting their money or not”

    • Kwena Chipampe is the right man for this office. Mwati nibalya bambi batatu kunuma yakwe? It was pomposity all the time. Insulting Lungu’s perceived enemies all the time.

    • There is evidence that was submitted to a USA court that implicates Valden in drug trafficking. CK is not talking from without. On the other hand , it is shameful for shady characters like Valden to this close to the presidency

    • It is not to investigate the State House, it is to investigate Findlay and Freedom Sikazwe who decide presidential affairs.
      Chipampe should first answer question 1 and not jump to 4.
      #1. What is job of Findlay at State house or government?
      #2. Can you disclose how many times Findlay as been part of local and international presidential trips.

      That’s what Chipampe should answering, NOT drugs.

    • Kambwilli as well as you and me have every right to open our mouths because we are tax payers, we are funding the president’s expenditure and we deserve to know how he is spending our hard earned cash. He is in there to serve us not to be served

    • It’s true what they say about ba kolwe. Kambwili with his amafi & ifisushi mouth can sit in his golira posture & ask others to explain their company? The one questioning wa wrong. And the one he is questioning wa wrong. Akalema is also a Panamian. All wrong characters. So these bakombwe should not confuse Zambians.

    • This Findlay guy is the wrong character, why and how should he be anywhere close to the President? My dear God where will we find a selfless leader that TRUELLY cares for the people? HH will cause a civil war in this country so I for one will never opt for him where as the current govt are not sincere in what they do and are only making life more difficult with unnecessary redtape and taxes to pay left right and centre. It’s too much!

  2. But why is a Lusaka businessman using Tax payers money even when we know he holds no public position and especially at State House?

  3. it’s all smoke and mirrors. this govnt isn’t transparent and will not allow any genuine and free investigations to anyone close to the s house.
    this’ just to shut the public since there’s an outcry now regarding Valden Findlay and his business. he’s a very shady guy.
    there’s nothing wrong with having personal friends, but if a so called personal friend is present on all official and business functions, something is fishy and I am sure Zambian tax payers don’t need one more a ss adding weight to the already expensive plane/trip for what?

  4. For years, we have known about the business life of Findlay. Just in this rumour, it is enough to keep him a distance off. But we are doing the opposite; making him the principal advisor of the President. It is totally wrong.

  5. It is better for president Lungu to hangout with Angry HH and Kambwili, than characters like smiling Sikazwe, Kaizer and Findlay.

  6. We have a narco in state house.
    The gulf stream amidst public outcry was bought nevertheless, reason to enerable movement to any place across the globe and pick contraband.

  7. We really have comedians and clowns in Zambian opposition. Where is this baseless story going to?? Just exciting social media and the dingbats in diaspora who support kainde?? Politics mu Zambia naipwa. Aka mu tonga ka kachema can’t be a respectable opposition figure the way Sata or Kambela brought dignity to that position. I think ECL and KZ are laughing over an 18 year old single malt at how confused the opposition is…

  8. All this time you people could not see or perceive the writing on the wall. Lungu has been weighed already and is found wanting. What amuses me is findlay has been long taking trips with the president and the masses kept quiet but now that there is s drug related allegation people are now talking. Tell me what is more wrong a non government official benefiting from tax payers money every time the president takes a trip or a drug offense. If they are equally wrong why has Zambia stayed quiet until now to voice out their concerns or frustrations.



  10. But why this character on the presidential plane mwebantu? Surely state house should know this character. If I remember well he once fell foul of chinese authorities.

  11. The president stands for every Zambian he is a government property we cannot allow him to be soiled in the mud , every Zambian is represented by the president ; hence we have allowed him to stay in plot one so that he can be protected from evil characters no one wants our president to associate himself with malefactors .
    The only right thing to do is to investigate what a suspect is doing with our valued man number one , it is not just about talking however we all respect the office of the president , the man in plot one is not a common man walking the streets of Lusaka .
    The president carries the pride of every Zambian , however if Findley is employed in the office of the president what are we going to do !

  12. So ninshi State House doesn’t do a background check on friends of the president for them to start investigations now? They should have known already, whether clean or dirty.

  13. If I understand CK correctly, Isaac Chipsmpe was Findlay’s ‘chola boy’? Right? The former chola boy now issues a statement to the effect ….. Never mind!

  14. Harry Findlay released from Chinese custody
    Hong Kong authorities have released Harry Findlay, a Zambian national, who was in custody following his arrest over the possession of an alleged falsified passport.

    This follows the intervention and representation by the Zambian government to the authorities in China and Hong Kong.

    Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande confirmed the release of Mr. Findlay in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka

    Mr. Findlay arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing, China on April 21st this year and presented his Zambian passport for immigration arrival formalities but a record check however, revealed that Mr. Findlay had previously traveled to Hong Kong under a different passport which bore a different date of birth.

    He was then detained and…

  15. Between 1987 and 1989,

    Valden and his elder brother Edwin Findley were surrounded in Emmasdale by SITET(Special Investigation Team on Economic and Trade) working with Zambia police.

    Mandrax dealing was a family Business among the brothers and their in-laws. Those who married their sisters, cousins etc

    Valden and his brothers would sell mandrax and buy vehicles for sale. They started money laundering a long time ago.
    Their family by then only had Independence Bar(now Chillers) in Emmasdale and a garage.
    One brother shot himself who was a drug addict but never died after medics saved his life. He later died years later.

    The SITET squad got so much money which they were hiding in their Emmasdale house along vubu road and grabbed the vehicles. The mandrax dealing never…

  16. The problem with zambians is that we expect moral values from morally corrupt individual.Zambians require civic education to understand the implication of voting for wrong person in the high position.

  17. Wife: honey I have received information alleging that u have a girlfriend.
    Husband: darling I take such allegations seriously. I will investigate to find out if those allegations are true.

  18. Gwasomi has said alot of things to do with drug trafficking and Findley’s name is among them. The President should stay clear of suspicious characters for the sake of the decorum of his office. The people who are saying the president is free to have anyone as his friend are very wrong because he is the head of the country whose image is very important to preserve. Dont cross paths with Donald Trump. No one will come and rescue you. Not even the Chinese.

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