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President Lungu must come clean over associations with individuals named in drug criminal investigations in the US

Columns President Lungu must come clean over associations with individuals named in drug...

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

By A.Bwalya

As opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema weighs in on this such important issue, it may be useful for Zambians to be reminded of why we are concerned about the allegations raised in this issue.

In Zambia, the Presidency is the embodiment and epitome of who we not only are, but also the national character we collectively aspire to.

This is why nearly all, if not all things under the umbrella of our Republican Constitution, including the vastness of our natural resource endowments – from minerals, wildlife, water bodies and all land, are vested in the hands of the President. He is the guardian and custodian of it all.

He commands that much power and control and that his word alone is itself law upon pronouncement.

And while our system of laws have theoretical safeguards in place to regulate the fullest extent of Presidential powers, there really exists no practical limits to what the PRESIDENT can or cannot do.

And therein lies the danger to all of us.

Dr. Chishimba Kambwili bravely went on the record yesterday, detailing how very close associates of the Republican PRESIDENT have been named in an active drugs related criminal investigation in the United States of America. Of course, this is not an indictment of the Republican PRESIDENT himself. However, it does and should raise very serious concerns about the nature and extent of the President’s association with such individuals.

At a bare minimum, these allegations have the potential to damage trust and confidence in the PRESIDENT and the entirety of the Presidency, as it calls into great question the judgement of the man occupying the highest and most powerful office in the land.

Not only this, an active association by the PRESIDENT with individuals subject of such serious criminal investigations also begin to call into question the President’s ability to act in the best interest of the public, when such associations have the potential to have him conflicted at the very highest level.

There are in fact active reports, that this named individual and others within his circles have been influencing how appointments to key public positions are effected. There are already very serious doubts about the Board Chairmanship at ZESCO and how this came to be, as well as certain key appointments inside the Presidency itself.

Zambians cannot afford a technical or actual STATE CAPTURE. Zambians need a PRESIDENT that will actively be working for them and focussing on serving the national interest and not that of purported criminal cartels. And because of the nature of the criminal investigations surrounding the named individuals and the close association they share with the PRESIDENT and the Presidency, to the extent of routinely sharing the Presidential Jet and consistently being part of the Presidential travelling party on official visits, notably Swaziland, concerns are now being raised about the potential for a public office and the officer occupying it to be used as conduits and accomplices to criminal activities.

Of course, all these are only intimations but they are firmly rooted in active events.

As a matter of moving forward, it is absolutely imperative, that our Law Enforcement Agencies open up active lines of enquiry and liaison with their counterparts in the United States of America for purposes of getting a fuller understanding of the nature of this inquiry, as well as whether or not enough grounds exist for us to open up our own investigations into the activities of specific individuals here in Zambia.

LEAs in Zambia may also wish to liaise with South African authorities on the basis that strong links have been established, linking named individuals to criminal activities in that country.

In the meantime, I would challenge the PF government to deny any impropriety linked to the Presidency as a result of this US investigation, as well as moving to dissociate the Presidency from all individuals named in this criminal inquiry.

Also, can the Ministry of Home Affairs under Stephen Kampyongo confirm or deny whether the named individual has ever been issued with a Zambian diplomatic passport and the basis for the issuance of such travel clearance for the named individual.

Zambia belongs to all of us.

We must never allow any individual, irrespective of their elected or appointed position, to launder our national flag for private gain.


    • Nonsense! Utter nonsense.

      Don’t subject the presidency to unsubstantiated innuendos.
      If we said the President should not be associating with convicts and suppects like CKinsultor and h² we would be 110% on spot.
      H² is hyper naive. He bores me this s3ine.

    • ‘He commands that much power and control and that his word alone is itself law upon pronouncement’.

    • I think HH should have let Kambwili push PF on this clear cut allegations. Look at what happened with 49 houses, immediately HH got involved everybody stopped working.
      Every time HH get involved, the ACC withdraw cases.

    • @1.3 Analyser.
      Firstly, l don’t think you shud have stopped reading the article when you came across that statement, becoz it really brings your analysis into question.
      Secondly, the point he was making, if you read the context, is that the President’s word is as good as law, in practical terms. What he wants or says will most likely happen. Just think of Bill No.10. Why is everyone trying to outdo each other to have it passed? Is it good law? No! The reason is “that is what ECL wants”.
      Besides, l think this was not the main point of the article, which was that there is need to protect that institution from capture or guilt by association.

    • He won’t come clean because his presidency doesn’t depend on it. He’s not accountable 2u but to the PF, end of story. If the PF sees no problem, why should he care about u?

    • @KD thanks for pointing out that I should have read the rest of the article to get the context, I will read it when I get the time. Nothing against what is going on back in my continent. It’s actually everywhere! Look at the way these guys are behaving here, I mean the politicians. There are just taking us for fools and I am sick of them! Sorry about the rant, it’s just my rant of the day, probably rant of the week. We all need one!

    • If u want to know who Edgar Lungu is look at the People he associates with. Lungu associates with Drug Traffickers like Finlay, thugs and crooks like Kaiser Zulu etc. Lungu himself has a Criminal Record and therefore its not surprising to find Lungu in the Company of fellow Corrupt Criminals. As they say Birds of the same feathers flock together or better still “U are as Good as the People around you”. Its so true.

  1. Akainde must come clean over privatisation, Panama papers and Saturnia Reigna.
    (HH) must come clean over the Free Masson associated activities of Satanism and the ritual sacrifice of his own members.

    • But this skull head who goes by the name of Mr. Kudos is a complete id10t, devoid of substance! If you suspect/think HH stole, then why can’t GRZ unleash investigations against him? Trying to divert people’s attention from this latest article by bringing in HH…hahaha..what a fuc!ked up nincompoop you are!

    • Mr. Kudos the latest issue in Zambia is the Maize meal prices that President Lungu has said and according to him will have these brought down by December. In the meantime Mr. Kudos what are poor Zambians who depend on Maize Meal going to do?? Stay hungry and wait until December?? For sure

      President Lungu has not offered any solutions, alternative and neither has he outlined how he will bring down the price. We all know that certain people are smuggling the maize from Zambia and into neighboring Countries

      It took President Lungu a split of a second to sanction the Purchase of the Presidential Jet and Second hand Fire Fighters trucks from the USA. So why should he wait until December to resolve an issue that has affected his masters (Presido is a servant of the people of…

    • Cont…

      (Presido is a servant of the people of Zambia)

      Let us be serious when we debate issues on this blog and try to think about all Zambians and not only those we share the same political ideologies if at all we have any

      I rest my case

    • @2.0 Mr Kudos!!
      HH has really sorted you out! The article is about ECL and Findlay; how does HH come in?
      If HH has committed ANY crime, can the sitting govt please arrest him? Unless it is an incompetent govt?
      When are you going to stop flogging this dead horse? Unless the PF has got nothing positive to say to the Zambians?

    • @ Mr. Kudos et al who like a broken vinyl record keep repeating the inappropriate handling of privatization by HH from behind the screens are just cowards who know there is no substance in their accusations thus scared to use their rights and provide material to the ACC and other investigative agencies that would pave way to bring HH before the courts! This story is now boring and it’s being perpetuated by HH haters out of envy for the man’s success! Mr. Kudos as a responsible citizen provide the ACC with data and they will arrest and prosecute! If not hold your peace!

  2. What do you expect from the person who used to squander clients money.
    A leopards can not change its spots.
    Its time to skin the leopards live.

  3. But this skull head who goes by the name of Mr. Kudos is a complete id10t, devoid of substance! If you suspect/think HH stole, then why can’t GRZ unleash investigations against him? Trying to divert people’s attention from this latest article by bringing in HH…hahaha..what a fuc!ked up nincompoop you are!

    • If you play with a drug dealer, you are also one, if you play with a pirate you are also one and if you are a thief you will always mingo with one,

  4. We know Lungu sells tik on the side with his business partner, a convicted drug dealer, for got he is also a convicted theiving lawyer wanna be, worst president in the world…. dull as they come

  5. What about VJ? Self confessed and convicted Mandrax drug dealer, currently a UPND senior Citizen and political spokesman. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  6. This is very serious. A President busy associating with such individuals. Subjecting our Country to that. Mwebantu what shall we do . We can’t be led by such a person. Cakana

  7. That private jet may be carrying tum contraband plus there are those tuma diplomatic fimofimo no searching.
    He is right in his own way to associate himself with anyone but morality harshly judges him on whom he associates with at his level.

  8. Before I joined politics, I used to think the problem is our leaders. Alas it’s not our leaders but the people who choose or vote for those leaders! The masses will always vote for their own kind! If the masses value Integrity and Truth, they will parade all aspiring candidates and ask them tough questions to see if they have what it takes to look after a nation. This is not so in Zambia. A candidate who absconds presidential debates can still win an election in Zambia! Conversely, if the electorate is corrupt and want to be bribed in order to give the vote, such an electoral system has a slim chance of electing the right candidate into public office. A drug pusher who indiscriminately splashes cash and gifts to the electorates will carry the day! It’s not Rocket Science to understand…

    • There is no problem with voters. It is the competitors whose character is more questionable than the one chosen. People whose thinking is not clouded with some form of alignment evaluate the best option where to place their vote. It is not wealth that rule but other considerations come into play. PF is very weak and it would not be difficult to vote them out if the right candidate was to stand against any PF candidate. Don’t blame voters.

    • I find it funny how someone can just blog that this is hogwash. A simple Google search will show you that the story is true. It’s actually been out for a little while now. Then some cadre will say it’s HH publishing. No. Read for yourself. And I challenge you to read the entire article. Surprise me by going against the the notion that Zambia has a poor reading culture.


  9. It’s not Rocket Science to understand that there is something very wrong with our current systems for choosing leaders! The best and closest system for choosing good and credible leaders is Meritocracy! Choose leaders through extreme vetting on merit of their personal track record of success and how many DECENT JOBS they have personally created for fellow citizens! A Meritocracy, unlike Democracy, disqualifies candidates with past criminal records like stealing from vulnerable citizens like widows and orphans! A Meritocracy has the death penalty for Corruption in Public Office! Contrary to popular doctrine from the Christian Religion, God does not override people’s choices of leaders! He respects our choices according to the FREE WILL each one of us enjoys! What we should always prepare…

  10. What we should always prepare for is the consequences of our choices and actions! We reap what we sow! This national Law is as sure as the Law of Gravity! God used to Choose leaders during the Theocratic Dispensation when God directly ruled in the affairs of man through Prophets like Moses! When man chose to have fellow man as leaders, that’s when all imperfections of governance systems were born – including Democracy which is a man-made institution! This is contrary to the Heavenly Kingdom which is an Eternal Monach! What is happening in Zambia currently is very shameful and 100% Self-inflicted! Zambians have themselves to blame! Unfortunately there is no cure to wrong choices of leaders until Jesus comes! Better to just mind one’s own business and quit politics 100%! Humans will…

  11. Better to just mind one’s own business and quit politics 100%! Humans will always reject “Jesus” and always choosing “Barnabas” the thief and hoping that things will improve!


    • Panama and Paradise papers are real. Thanks to the ICIJ. I hate thieves, tribalists, doomsayers, liars, blind supporters. On ZWD, your wishes will mightily be granted on here.
      Don’t put your faith and trust in man vis ka CKinsultor and ka h², aba nibapunka, bamakaka, bamagogi. H² is a henchman of Africa resources exploiters and tax evaders on the planet.
      ECL mubotu iwe.

  13. “… In Zambia, the Presidency is the embodiment and epitome of who we not only are, but also the national character we collectively aspire to…”
    But why does the upnd insult and disrespect the president everyday???

    • On things you can’t prove?? 3 years and you can’t even have “corrupt” Chitotela convicted in the Courts of law?? You are the real sewer dwellers trying to pull everyone to your level. Mwendoshi mwe!!

  14. YOU pipo, CK has brougt out a very important issue which requires giving out good sugestions towards the topic at hand. Now, some of the coments am seeing it’s just totle nonsense. Grow up we need answers to this issue.

  15. YOU pipo, CK has brougt out a very important issue which requires giving out good sugestions towards the topic at hand. Now, some of the coments am seeing it’s just totle nonsense. Grow up we need answers to this issue. Dont mind Kudo is away from the topic I wished he read the head line. look at his coment compare to the head line does it make sense?

  16. Kambwili is right , ECL cannot be doing things at will. He cant be carrying Findlay on a Presidential Jet paid for by tax payers

  17. ZESCO loadshedding in PHI today was from 06hrs in the morning to 17hrs. To ZESCO I am sure this translates to 8 hours. This cant be accepted any more and it is not the first time. Why do we still have this company, last week it was the same thing again.

  18. ECL will never come clean as he is the kingpin in the whole operations due to kick backs

    Shameless and a disgraceful president

  19. Do honestly think CHAGWA cares?

    Zambia is being run by KEYSER SOZE, many people think Lungu is dull and sleepy, the truth is that we he is the Mafia boss, criminal mastermind, this is a guy who was top of his class in his law degree, we are dealing with a very intelligent criminal who everybody thought was a fool.

  20. It is not a rumour. Findlay controls the presidency for personal gain. He and other Chrismar hotel drinkers known as ‘17 hours whiskers’ put EL to the throne and he has to do as they want. The Special Assistant on Projects Andrew Chela is Findlay’s Chola Boy, preciously running errands for him, including DRC where Findlay has attempted to open a hotel 15 years ago. We know everything about everything. Kambwili was given an impeccable tip from international authorities. There is evidence and that’s why State House will simply issue a statement and let the matter die like the 48 houses. Zambians are watching and this time, we will protect the vote with all we have.

  21. HH will not win the war of senseless mad slinging to go to state house. the best we can do is let this news come out in no uncertain terms. You can have a friend who is a thief and does things in the dark and and pretends during the day. So the outright condemnation or is it conviction of ECL is no right. In my view we should judge ECL relationship with Finlay after this issues has been finalised. I agree, I cannot trust a president siting or opposition, who mingles with known criminals.

    • Mwaendako akasuba and smell the coffee.
      Be an associate of the Mushala or the Mailoni brothers and I will keep my distance ,because it can never be right its morally wrong. It is a well known fact that Vadern Findley is a narco and that issue has been brought before the President before, he chooses not to distance himself and would ask for evidence.
      The only protection given to the presidency nowadays is from people with divergent views,the office is a haven for narcos,racketeers thieves and imbifi.
      Open you eye chendabushiku or sorry chendabwamba.

  22. Gents and Ladies
    Some of you comment as if you have retarded brains or simply dont care about our country Zambia. The issue is that our president has in his entourage people of questionable characters whenever he is travelling. What is disheartening is that some of them are being investigated by foreign crime agencies

    Can we for once address issues that affect our needs in this country and stop being ridiculously stupid
    This is the reason why we do not know how to respond to simple issues that affect us every single day
    The moment we stopped being stupid then we will realize what we deserve as a nation. Comments must be reserved to people that open up meaningful ideas and analysis to help others.

    Ask yourselves all the time what kind of Zambia you will leave to our children if…

  23. Ba Lulu is a Narco
    Let’s us buy us a gulf stream and use it to move in narcotics.
    Bingo easy drug dealing the world is watching

  24. Bonse mwalandafye ama rabbish.Respect the president..Ubukopo mumitwe..We are politiking too much in Zambia.Come on get to work and stop making full of yourselves.. Everything its Lungu..It’s just too much.We need not invectives but debate constructively.Any palatable language will not make people not to vote for PF again.It is very important to bring solution on the table that will coax the voters to change government not this rubbish you are posting.. And we have a very bad culture of conderming every government..it has taken America 250 years to be where she is, after passing through thick and thin.

  25. The allegations about HH privatizing the Mines is tired false story. HH has offered a House as a reward to anybody who gets him arrested and prosecuted for stealing and selling the GRZ Mines for Personal Benefit. Mines were privatised under the MMD Chiluba Govt more than 20 years ago and nobody has come forward with proof that HH sold the Govt owned mines. Perhaps Kudos should accept HH’s offer and get him get arrested for selling Govt Mines.

  26. Lungu is playing with fire, America will pluck him out of his “spider” whole and throw him in Guantanamo His criminal ways are so gutless but one would have thought he would know better not to be engaged in selling drugs to America, bakaku nyisa wena!

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