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Israel denies reports that Presidential Jet was used to smuggle “dirty cash” to Zambia(updated)

Headlines Israel denies reports that Presidential Jet was used to smuggle “dirty cash”...

File picture:President Edgar Lungu with Dr Aldolfo Roitman Curator of the dead sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of Book at the Israel Museum in Jeresalem during the Tour of the Musuem on Tuesday 28-02-2017 Pictue by Eddie Mwanaleza/State house

Ambassador of Israel to Zambia Gershon Kedar has “vigorously” denied allegations that the official aircraft of President Edgar Lungu was used to smuggle money from Israel.

Mr Kedar said in a statement that the allegations are false and malicious.

“The relations between Israel and Zambia are positive and multifaceted and are all conducted according to the laws and regulations of both countries,” he stated.

He said various Israeli companies are active in Zambia in fields such as agriculture, water, information technology, health, communications, Defence and that they all subject to Israel laws prohibiting corruption.

“In addition, government to government cooperation flourishes specifically in the field of agriculture and health and today Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation is being signed between the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts of Zambia.”

Earlier in the week, Chishimba Kambwili challenged government to clarify rumours that the presidential jet was used to courier cash into Zambia from President Edgar Lungu recent trip to Israel.


  1. Of course you are not going to say yes… you’d be stupid to do that. The fact that you have interests in Zambia and would like to keep it that way somehow shades some doubt in your defence as much as it does on the cash that was couriered.

    So we cannot believe either story at the moment.

    • LT You do realise that the heading implicates the President or rather doesn’t absolve him at all. So my reading ends at the title of this article ….Israel denies reports that Presidential Jet wasn’t used to smuggle “dirty cash” to Zambia

    • Wowwwww so much beans was spilled, even Israel? But how can Kambwili start ranting from nothing, he was a Foreign Affairs before, he should know consequences.
      You should have kept Kambwili in PF.

    • So only a yes answer would make you happy? Kikikikiki Your leader has lost so many times, that you look for any negative on the president. I do not support all of president Lungu’s doings, but I will not support anyone that sold our mines for dirt cheap, thus being part of Zambia’s greater suffering today. Him and the MMD. We need an opposition with a leader of General Miyanda’s integrity. Not PF or their friends UPND.

  2. You know, when the issue of buying the Jet come about, and the way it was vigorously defended, many of us did not think beyond the transportation of the president in order to understand the vigorous defence of its purchase from some quarters, with these revelations (upcoming and unconfirmed), one would now broaden the thinking to say maybe, just maybe its purchase may have not been well-intended, but as we normally say, if the intentions were not good, in due course the truth shall be revealed and we shall eventually understand why the issue of buying it was uncompromisingly pushed through.

  3. There is no Smoke without Fire. The Smuggler should speak for himself. The Ambassador’s Comments confirm that the smuggling took place. The Ambassador should leave the Owner of the Plane to address the issue.

  4. Leave my humble brother alone he is innocent untill proven guilty…ubomba mwibala alya mwibala we chimubaba ni kambwanga

    • Sharon you are a disgrace in the sight of God and Man, its very wrong for you to say hh is the only hope for this country and this is the reason why even in 2021 hh will loss the election,We have a lot of intelligent who are by far better then your hh. Eg Edith Nawakwi is by far better then hh…The only thing is maybe because she is a Woman.

    • @Eeeat …You talk like you have eaten Legana Suasages kikikiki!!!! Please keep those sausages away from plot 1.

    • Bale filiila munsenga. This is what happens when tuula twabane becomes a betrayal. In all this, I hope the citizens will pick out something. Time to stop being goats…

  5. Nothing makes sense anymore in Zambia please Jesus Christ come quickly. On a balance of probabilities, can a drunkard be captured by a drug dealer and not a brewer?

  6. Why does he need to deal in dirty cash when he is paid a salary he never dreamed of? Lungu himself is lending credence to these allegations because he travels for no reason. Why does he need to travel at all costs and with drug dealers? It seems Lungu is really determined to commit crimes. When opponents advice him the hard way, he says “I will not respond to my opponents.”

  7. No thief will ever agree to their crimes. Assuming it was true, would Israel agree that cash was smuggled into Zambia? kikikkikikik Israel denies……………..

    • Exactly no thief would admit his crimes therefore, we do not expect a positive answer from our president. I don’t think Israel is so stupid to admit that if at it has no interest it clearly shows that Israel is part and parcel of the simultaneous equation. Therefore, we’re in big big trouble.

  8. Yah yah yah ……presidential jet used as a transport for drug dealers and laundering cash maneee ………

    Zambia is being dragged through the sewage by lungus silence which is being seen as an acceptance of guilt…

  9. No no please HH is NOT the only hope for zed. The ONLY hope for zambia is you you and I. If we say NO to rubbish then that it. But if you are happy to receive a bribe to look the other way or go and beat up another person on account of party politics or tribe? Then the hope disappears start saying NO and not to be hoodwinked by falsehoods

  10. So this is why, after being bought, the plane first stayed in Switzerland and later in Israel for some weeks eh? Surely it was not just parked there was it?

  11. Guys Zambia is our country, we only have one Zambia. These stupid falsehoods, being peddled by the oppositions’ useless media teams, to paint our country black, have no basis. One of the opposition leaders thinks he’s so smart in his callendastine activities. Honestly is this the man we should vote for. We are waiting for another chililalila, after the vote. 5 times of losses. Ati umozi azalilanso, nichamubanja. OK ndeloleshafye mukwai.

  12. No dear do not think whatever those people in the opposition are saying is rubbish you’re mistaken. The opposition is a whistle blower as well as the loeye opener. If we think whatever is being said against the president or government is rubbish then we’ll remain sleeping forever!!! It’s high time we pulled our socks!!!

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