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Mugabe’s Family Shocked With Funeral Arrangements

General News Mugabe’s Family Shocked With Funeral Arrangements

President Emerson Munangagwa confirms Mugabe's death, tweets;

Robert Mugabe’s family say they are shocked at not having been consulted by the government about arrangements for the funeral of the former Zimbabwean president.

Mr. Mugabe, who was 95, died last week while undergoing medical treatment in a Singapore hospital. His body is being prepared to lie in state at a football stadium in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

His family and the government disagree over Mr. Mugabe’s final resting place.

Mr. Mugabe’s family says his body will be displayed in his home village of Kutama on Sunday night, and will be buried at a private ceremony.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa had declared Mr. Mugabe a national hero after his death, indicating he should be buried at the national monument.

Meanwhile,Vice President Inonge Wina says the legacy of late Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will continue to inspire serving and future generations of African leaders.

Mrs Wina said President Mugabe was an exceptional leader and freedom fighter who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe, the Southern African region and entire continent.

The Vice President said Mr Mugabe instilled a sense of pride in Africans, as well defended Zimbabwe and Africa’s sovereignty.

Conveying her condolences to the people of Zimbabwe when she signed in the book of Condolences at the Zimbabwean High Commission in Lusaka today, Mrs Wina said President Mugabe was a defender of the liberation struggle and revolution against colonialism.

The Vice President described Mr Mugabe as an influential founding father and respected political figure who should be looked up to and emulated.

She said President Mugabe’s death has left a big gap in Africa, adding that Pan African leaders with the stature of President Mugabe are hard to replace.

Mrs Wina said Zambia mourns with Zimbabwe, noting that the late President Mugabe lived among Zambians and taught as a teacher at Chalimbana College before he joined his country’s liberation struggle.

And Zimbabwean High Commissioner to Zambia Gertrude Takawira thanked the Zambian Government and people for their concern and presence during the mourning of that country’s founding father.

Ms Takawira said President Mugabe had a special relation with Zambia which he cherished, in order to ensure that the two countries cement and sustain their mutual ties and development agenda.

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe and her Assistant Secretary General for Administration and Finance Dev Haman also signed in the book of condolences at the Zimbabwean High Commission.

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  1. Meanwhile,Vice President Inonge Wina says the legacy of late Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will continue to inspire serving and future generations of African leaders. kikikikikikiki Mfwiti, Mfwiti, Mfwiti, Indoshi, Indoshi, Indoshi.

    • Imagine! What a peace of crap from Ba Inonge Wina. Mugabe´s legacy, to inspire serving, and future generations of African leaders. Inspire them in what? Not Democracy and if not then what. The man was a dictator and there you go praising him. Tell the truth about people whether alive or dead. History is there to show what type of a leader Mugabe was? Let the people he ruled grade him for Gods sake. Parroting about Mugabe oh my God. Dead or alive he was a Dictator

    • Surprisingly most Zimbabweans are not mourning Mugabe becoz he killed People many People,destroyed the Economy and Peoples lives. Most see Mugabe as a Villain rather than a Hero so they are not shedding any tears. They are happy the Dictator is dead and are wishing all Liberation Heros dead so that they can start a New Life.

    • Everybody praises a dead person.
      Whether He was bad but after death nobody talks about his weak
      Points.That is the reality.

    • It is biblical and by African culture we don’t talk ill of the dead until after the mourning period. We shall tell and speak about all of Mugabe’s ills when this time passes. That is wisdom.

    • According to the African culture, it is not right to say anything bad about a dead person, no matter what wrong they committed while they were still alive. So whatever the vice-president said should not be taken exactly the way she said it. Keep your feelings of the dead inside.

  2. “……The Vice President said Mr Mugabe instilled a sense of pride in Africans, ….”

    What nonsense …….millions of Zimbabweans are economic refugees in Europe and the rest of Africa with some unfotunate economic refugee being burned alive in SA…..

    Ati pride of Africa ???

    Is that what you call pride of Africa ??

    From have one of the strongest economies to being a nearly failed state ???

    Africans should learn to call a spade as a spade…..

    • You are spot on Spaka! You see, most African leaders start very well just after independence but along the way power gets to their heads too much such that they lose focus and turn their countries upside down economically

    • It seems getting one over a white man even at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and the sentencing whole generations of their countrymen to destitution for generations to come is a cost worth paying for African despots ……….

    • Maybe you should learn to know your history. Mugabe was a great man and all our children should be taught to be knowledgeable and bold.

    • What next? Carry on with “tradition” and ignore ten’s of thousand of inocent people whose life was sacrifice on the “altar” of “freedom” ?

      The architect of genocide has gone to either hell or haven (if either exists), but what about executioner?

      “The King is dead, long life to King” in the name of “tradition” or cowardice?

  3. Love him or hate him, he was an African icon and stood up for the continent. As for the family, Mugabe is a national treasure as a former President and so the Government decisions take precedent.

  4. Ba Inonge Wina nabo, ask a 24+ year old youth in Zimbabwe or your own grown up grand children how they remember Robert Mugabe? They only narrate suffering in Zimbabwe and your grand children know Zimbabweans as people coming to Zambia to find some life. Which future generation is Bo Inonge on about?
    Kuwaya waya fye na ba Edgar, now busy in drug deals. Just repeating what USA said on drugs with ECL.

  5. Very easy puzzle this one. Always tell from results. Is Zimbabwe ruled by Mugabe for 37 years a country to be proud of. Of course not, so how can somebody say the man was an inspiration. What is wrong with our leaders kanshi?

    • It’s not you to judge. Do you know that people repent even a minute before they die and God immediately writes off their sins? Why are you people wasting your time to talk ill of the dead? Are you all so sinless that you know very well that your death will be so perfect? The problem is that we are very quick to criticise.

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