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PF Challenges FIC CEO Mary Tshuma to clarify if she is politically aligned

Columns PF Challenges FIC CEO Mary Tshuma to clarify if she is politically...

Financial Intelligence Centre Director General Mary Chirwa
Financial Intelligence Centre Director General Mary Chirwa

By Edwin Lifwekelo


Ms. Tshuma MUST declare her position in this regard. Is she a Civil Servant who is a darling of the Opposition? She must tell where her allegiance lies and whether it is with UPND.

Yesterday, Patriotic Front Media Director Mr. Sunday Chanda called out UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and cautioned him against dragging Financial intelligence Centre (FIC) CEO Ms. Mary Chirwa Tshuma’s name in his quest to score cheaply in his political battles. He further reminded Mr. Hichilema that there is no such thing as “Life CEO” in the same way that he is “Life President” of the UPND.

In responding to Mr. Chanda’s clarion call, Mr Hichilema through his “Party Official” confirms what many feared the most and now puts Ms. Mary Tshuma in the public dock.

The statement purportedly “signed by a UPND official” is nothing but the hand and voice of Mr. Hichilema trying to muddy the waters in an attempt to cause a straight forward matter to seem suspicious or less clear and less easy to understand.

We shall, therefore, respond to it as such…

  1. Many questions are now being asked as to whether the FIC Boss is politically aligned or not….

The stance taken by Mr. Hichilema puts Ms Tshuma in a very awkward position and she must come out to clear her standing. This is because a person holding the office she does must not be associated or seen to compromise the independence of the institution they represent.

2.  Ms. Tshuma MUST declare her position in this regard.

Ms. Tshuma is clearly a civil servant who is a darling of the Opposition. She must tell the nation where her allegiance lies and whether it is with Hakainde Hichilema.

We do not want to believe she is aligned to an Opposition Party and probably gets instructions from Mr. Hichilema.

3. Even the Presidency has tenure. Is there a portfolio or office in this country that is for life? ( Apart from Hichilema’s UPND Life Presidency)

Mr. Hichilema ought to know that it is not within the President’s Province to fire Ms. Tshuma; but supposing her contract ended, who is an Opposition leader to say it must continue in perpetuity?

Did the Minister of Finance mention Ms. Mary Tshuma’s name or did he indicate that she would be fired? No!

So why is Mr. Hichilema getting all worked up?

Why is UPND bent on creating an impression that they have gone to bed with Ms Tshuma even when some of us want to believe that she is a professional who does not deserve to be fitted with the political jacket UPND is forcing on her?

We all know how a muddy eyed Mr. Hichilema is politically at home in the mud, enjoys playing in the mud and derives pleasure at throwing mud at others.

Ms. Tshuma must, therefore, come out and declare her position; whether or not she has been drafted into Hichilema’s soiled brigade of rabble-rousers bent on muddying clear waters.

The Author is Founding Secretary General of the Patriotic Front 

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  1. What a car.p write up …….

    it easy for Mary to declear her alligence to the GRZ of the day ……..easy to do.

    Then what will this du.ll cader say ????

    The rats are just not happy with the last FIC revelations which lead to ?/48 among other money looting signs.

    And if lungu had sacked Mary with the board Zambia was going to be downgraded in the EGMONT group and named as a country facilitating money laundering at the highest levels of GRZ

    • Very sad for Edwin Lifwekelo. A grown-up with children thinking like this and reduced to a bootlicking cadre. Do these i.d.iots think of how history will judge them?

    • Lifwekelo go sleep with Mumbi, Mary is too clean for you.
      Mary had nothing to do with appointment of thug Siame as FIC chairman.
      But pa PF Secretariat pali imbwaa sana naiwe. So much starving dogs.

    • Indeed Lifwekelo liboolo,
      Imagine a former PF Secretary General still cleaning windows at PF office.
      All who kissed that position are way above street kids like Lifwekelo, like of Kabimba, Edgar, Kambwili all are presidents.
      Wonder why Ba Edgar never gave Lifwekelo at any embassy as one those officers doing nothing.
      Frank, Hapunda, and that thug in Saudi Arabia, all awarded. Except Lifwekelo and immbwa inankwe Sunday.

  2. i have never read such a ridiculous article in my life .Really do these people thinks straight ?Mary Tshuma is the darling of all Zambians with the exception of all who seek office in the PF .Ask anyone on the street ant they will tell you they like the Woman’s work .How you want her to explain herself is nonsense of the highest order .

  3. Sunday people are concerned with your fight of corruption. A lot of unanswered questions and the worst thing you could do is fire someone who provides oversight and then replace them with an individual with a criminal records or just a cadre. Think through some of your decisions you have become to corrupt with power such that you can’t take advice like Mugabe. A little consideration of others input will help a lot than thinking you have all the answers


  5. Every person in this world is politically inclined! Just like you support PF….
    So do not try to intimidate people doing their work…
    You have corruption growing, walking, drinking and even singing all over Zambia but you do not to accept it….Gosh Sunday get a life for once. Tell the Zambian people something that can give them hope…not this rubbish…

  6. Any one who is getting Findlay on the plane must be told that you cant mix friendship with work. The man is on our plane during working hours. How?

  7. This Lifwekelo thing expired a long time ago. Seeking to be relevant to the PF, the PF which is another tired and expired political party. Does he not know that If Mary Tshuma was to stand for Presidency as an independent in 2021, she would be elected by the Zambian people, the government must be very thank ful to this lady. She does not even need to campaign or throw around all the bribes(Vitenges and tee shirts). PF please ,read the mood, it is very important for a struggling party like yours please

  8. This Sunday Chilufyanya is rabied for sure, a good example of a useful I’d…t, someone who is ready to be used to do all the dirty work of attacking innocent citizens to please his pay masters! What a low life he has chosen! Please enjoy your days while PF is feeding you but remember PF will not be in power forever!

  9. To a greater extent, this group including Mary herself, have badly compromised the function of FIC. That is why the board was replaced. Trying to use the old Mwanawasa era tactics to expose corruption, they overestimated themselves by abandoning procedure of working with other investigating wings. The new board will decide her fate.

    • You are the same couuot rats sucking the blood of Zambians……

      FIC trends are published in all countries that have FIC and investigative agencies were handed the report before hand ….

      You are not happy for exposing your looting…..up to now those same investigative rings are bidding the owner of the 48 houses.

      If it was not for fix to publish the looting trends , we would not have known about those 48 houses……is that what you wanted ????

    • … And you alarm the peeps, they cover their tracks and vanish. Does that seem sensible to you??? Wasn’t it suppose to be the FIC pick up the info, quickly alert ACC, DEC and ZP to lock down the crucial evidence and arrest the peeps?? Bomfya ubongo, Spaka!!

    • [email protected] Zambian Citizen, DEC, ACC and worst ZP can’t arrest any perps who are associated with PF, and you know that! So Mary did well to publish the FIC otherwise, it would not have seen the light of day to the public. She had no trust in these investigative units (which she is right not to) and decided to inform the public. Bravo to that!

    • Iwe citizen….

      How can the whole police, OP, ACC , DEC not know the owner who built the 48 houses ????

      Use your brain not your bu.m to think.

      Fact remains if the fix were not published those 48 houses would be in corrupt circles of state house.

      Lungu himself or tasila is the owner of those 48 houses.

    • Well her judgement is badly skewed. The media or public have no power to arrest anyone. SO TOO DOES THE FIC!! Their mandate is to gather intelligence and furnish the only constitutionally and legally mandated bodies that can arrest:ZP, ACC, DEC. Just like Mwanawasa illegally bumping off a DPP and replacing him with the moribund task force on corruption, NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED!!

  10. Low thinker, chicken brains. Leave the woman along. Tell us who owns the 48 mansions

    Every Zambian knows what is going on

    • Most people are going to embarrassed and disappointed when they learn who the real owner of the so called 48 houses is. The government has been very responsible not to get swayed by public excitement on this issue. We learnt bitter lessons from the previous past.

  11. Who in their right frame of mind will waste their time reading an article penned by Edwin Mupweletete Lifwekenyokola! Your political opportunism stinks to the very heavens above, kauke unja ya mutanganyo ni litungulu kanamunungu tuwe!

  12. Ubupuba bumo!This chap was PF Secretary General, moved to UPND, and back to PF, and is now talking like he has swallowed a whole bucket of sour grapes!!

  13. It lloks like to aligned to the governing party you must be blind to corruption and theft, any person who dare ask the questions has to be labelled UPND. UPND must be very proud to be labelled allergic to corruption and theft. And again docile Zambians instead of standing up for their defender of corruption and theft, sit on their hands, destroying their country.

  14. Hate the game, not the player. Most people are made to believe that her being spared is some goodwill, no guys, its her contract which is hot. Touch her, it will be pye pye pye. Otherwise she would have gone by now. wondering why we hate people who do the correct things and make heroes out of criminals

  15. The pF wants institutions to report nothing negative about them. Learn to accept wrongs and mistakes and work on them.

    There is too much corruption and parasitic life in the pF govt. All these parasites can not let go of the host because they cannot live non parasitic lives. They are fighting people doing good to this country because people like Marry Tshuma endanger their mode of life.

  16. Sunday Chanda and Edwin Lifwekelo are struggling to live. This is how they are earning their daily bread. The other one is Spooky Mulemwa who writes articles through Tumfweko which are also very shameful and a sad reading.

  17. When you are appointed to any position, the next thing you expect is to be disappointed using various options. How many times has HH called for government officials he doesnt like to be fired? Whats so special about this Chiwra?
    The problem HH and UPND have is that their lies are so obvious and plain for even an owl to see, its sad. Who lied to HH that he will be president of Zambia because I dont honestly see that happening, at least not here in Zambia.

  18. It happens when you shine a light on to some dark corner under the table deals.
    Whoever does not agree with them is Upnd…please!
    This scambag can waste his time writing such gibberish knowing very well that he can not read it a second time himself cause it’s trush.

  19. Unfortunately for the dull author, PF in it’s capacity as party whatsoever has no right to ask, challenge, coerce Director General of FIC Mary Tshuma about her political allegiance for during her appointment which was based on merit the appointing authority whoever it was knows that every single citizen in this country has the right to belong to any political party of their choice and so would not ask that as it is tantamount to infringement of ones’ civil and human rights. Furthermore her job/position requires that she at no time should disclose her political allegiance, because it will bring disrepute to the office she currently holds.

  20. Leave Mary alone you m.f.s both HH and chifwekelo. And Mary, don’t respond to these good for nothing I.dyots. Just do your job the way you know best and give us the information which they want to hide.
    Knowing that under five brat , he is dreaming that he will be President soon, and it’s time to prepare for grand theft by causing the removal of potential threats like Mary Tshuma and pointing the finger at PF. You know thinking yakwa HH, he thinks that he is so clever that we can’t see through his head.
    Sorry bwana HH no Presidency for you until perhaps, just perhaps, you clarify the issues from 2006 “only tong shall lead UPND” and ” it’s time for a tong to rule Zambia,” and that tong is HH of course? You owe us a clarification and no amount of corrupt bombs running mates will do.

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