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Revocation of the Appointment of New FIC Director Confirms Disaster in this Country- HH

Headlines Revocation of the Appointment of New FIC Director Confirms Disaster in this...

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has said that he is not surprised President Edgar Lungu can fire a competent FIC Board, and with a lot of fanfare appoint a new one only to dismiss its Chairman 24 hrs later.

In a statement posted on his social media account, Mr Hichilema said wondered what reputation remained with President Lungu if he could not correctly discern and attract a competent human resource base to help him drive the public agenda.

Below is the full statement


We are not at all surprised that Mr Edgar Lungu can fire a competent FIC Board, and with a lot of fanfare appoint a new one only to dismiss its Chairman 24 hrs later. Mr George Chilengwe Siame who replaced Mr John Kasanga as new FIC Board Chairman has been fired even before chairing a board meeting.

The question on the mind of citizens is, what exactly is going on with this government? When is this PF circus going to end? The PF must immediately stop insulting the collective intelligence of Zambians.

Where is the competence of necessary organs and individuals, vested with responsibilities to carry out critical and unbiased background checks, on people that are appointed to head crucial government portfolios that have implications on the security of our nation?

What reputation remains with Mr Edgar Lungu if he cannot correctly discern and attract a competent human resource base to help him drive the public agenda?

This is the result when a government retires in national interest an experienced and competent civil service and replaces it with political cadres whose interest is only their belly and not the service of citizens.

Fellow citizens, you are yet to see more drama from this chipante pante government. For us in the UPND, governance is a serious business and once entrusted with this sacred responsibility, we will strive to serve the Zambian people with passion and excellence.

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    • Edgar Lungu does not know whether he is moving forward, backward or sideways. He is behaving like a headless chicken. This man is not fit to be president. He is clueless on many many things. Corruption, theft and drugs!!

    • We the Elite Zambians are vested with responsibilities to carrying out critical and unbiased background checks, on people that want to head crucial government portfolios such as Cabinet, plot1 and our armed forces because this has implications on the security of our nation vis Panama and Paradise papers crooks and tax evaders thanks to ICIJ.
      We got this, no escaping.
      Our natural resources are so dear to us although h² and cohorts eats masuku wild fruits on these our very heads. We can’t get lecturers from a disgraced and disparaged corrupt impi like h² mwawa basankwa no basimbi, pepee.

      Remember, I am still studying, analyzing and understanding these (Paradise & Panama) papers. Shocking what I am discovering.

      Some stooges have no traces shame.

    • HH….Mr Know it all…..unfortunately HH only sees disaster,hunger,doom and gloom ……HH never sees hope or bright future and no wonder he never smiles….

    • HH is right. Does have to take a public outcry? What kind of president appoints people without doing a background check? This shows two things. 1. We have lazy man surriunded by other lazy people who give him mediocre work. 2. There is state capture where appointments are made based on what the Presidents handlers recommend. No professional input

    • Sadly for PF cadres even such clear incompetence is nothing and cannot help them see. Especially the ones that are busy eating the spoils of corruption with Mr. Lungu and Findlay.
      Even when Findlay, a drug dealer is always on the presidential jet on presidential trips they dont care. As long as they get some money or get an appointment in foreign service. And its sad to see the people sent to foreign service. I mean look at the things they post! Dull, incoherent, insults etc. They are obsessed with HH. They are desperate to remain in the U.S. So they will do anything to protect their appointments

    • How many veep positions has his Chipampe pante regional grouping revoked? H² hysterical double nature is shocking. See how s.i.l.l.y you sound right now boy?
      …remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

    • My background check on all those aspiring for 2021 tells me that even HH does not have any integrity to contest. Next please

    • The more I read Panama and Paradise papers, the more beef I develop on this h² boy.
      Our mines where stolen from us, the vivid accomplice, oval head merciless, tribal, greedy, terrible, horrible and gullible double h. I can’t understand this thievery behavior. He was poor so he was a petty thief, he is now sweatlessly rich and still stealing from Zambians thus a full blown kleptomaniac. A kleptopyscopath.
      Back ground checks are vital going forward. Imagine you give this stooge keys to plot one. He will sell your land and drift like a hurricane to Panama. No wonder the quack-quack wanted to set mother Zambia ablaze.
      Merciless kleptomaniac.

  1. Bitter Hakiende h with his inherited under five party that has no veep and his cronies aka mp cum cadres at it again! If national President ECL has not revoked this appointment after it was brought to his attention of the mans past conduct one wonders what your “press release” would have read. Whilst you still have your calculator can you please ask your cadre cum mp to explain how it is his name appears as beneficiary of the reserved forest land? Take it easy

  2. Panama HH

    He is faired your boy. Thanks to president from Malawi Lungu.

    We need a president from Northern province now. No foreign president, no to Panama HH president, no to any tribe but yes to a bemba president.

  3. The reasons for revocation of Siame’s appointment are very clear for all to see. Why is this oval headed 1d!ot trying to look important and crying wolf again??

    • The reasons advanced are that Siame does not have a clean past record. The point of concern is that our shushushus ought to have known and advise the President accordingly before he makes an appointment – to avoid embarrassing the office of the President. Clearly, there is incompetency somewhere.

    • He is taking advantage of everything. He seems to have answers to every situation in Zambia. It’s like time is running out for him too. Shame on you Mr. PANAMA.

  4. People of were complaining about the appointment of Mr. Siame.They were saying that ‘He has a questionable attitude to serve in public service.’
    Mr.HH even if UPND forms government Zambians would not allow leaders with questionable attitudes to serve on top levels.
    My opinion..

  5. A wrong appointment is made, the President is criticised.
    He corrects the mistake, he is still criticised instead of being credited with taking a positive corrective measure.

    This may be the one reason HH gets less votes than he should.
    Magnanimity towards competitors always wins with some voters, and they may be the ones who are king makers.

  6. HH is just a sadist that’s why he will die a painful death because he’s hoodwinked his supporters who are in group think mentality that he’s the most intelligent person in Zambia and yet he was caught with a leaked paper at UNZA and was suspended before he continued. We don’t need an arrogant President but a President who can acknowledge a mistake and be able to correct it…Not calibre of the Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers…

  7. Dear God above in heaven we pray that you help us remove this President who bought a presidential Jet while many schools in Zambia have no desks, hospitals no medicine, students have no money to pay school fees. Please help us remove this president is flying around with a known drug dealer who has spent time in a Zambian jail
    We pray in Jesus name


  8. Well I have always reminded you guys on how late King Cobra/M. Sata used to describe HH, especially his behavior and attitude. This guy has no moral standing to attack President Lungu on his reversal of the FIC Chair’s appointment. HH must concentrate on scouting for candidates to fill in the Upnd’s top vacant positions if he has to ever participate in the next elections. For me I can’t vote for a masonic member whose wealth is highly questionable.

  9. There we go, if this is not proof enough that this man (HH) is really an under-five politician then I don’t know what proof people need. This is why Edgar (ECL) is so relaxed because he knows he has no match in the opposition. These guys just scream like chickens coming home to roost.

  10. Mr Sata whilst in opposition had times when he would be serious. Sometimes he would be funny, as a result, his following grew overwhelmingly.Ofcourse you can’t be him, but you’re too bitter. ‘Governance is a serious business ‘, you’re not different from them after all,your interest is to make maximum profits just like they are doing.

  11. PF Cadres: ECL has appointed a new and very competent FIC board, clap for him.

    ECL: Realizes that the Chairman is a… Well….decides to fire him within hours of appointment.

    PF Cadres: ECL has fired new FIC board chairman, clap for him.


  12. Mr HH the forever UPND president do or die.
    You should also look back to where you are coming from.
    If Zambians wanted to follow you and find faults on you they will find them In no time.
    Do not think you are too smart my friend. We know but we just chose to be quiet not because we are foolish but we don’t want to do an evil for evil okay..?
    Our Current president is trying to do anything possible he can to better the our country’s disaster, you even know where you are that you can’t do anything if you were the president ok.
    So we advise you to have a positive mind for our country and provide solutions to the problems you are identifying for the betterment of our nation not just talking ill things okay..
    We love you and let’s promote unity in country unless if you don’t care…

  13. i case i missed out on something. has this same u5 sent any massage of condolences to our neighbours or him being a subject of the imperialists he is tight lipped

  14. HH everything he sees is bad…you see this is how you hh who is dem.on possessed behave,go for deliverance god hh. but hh had serious de.mons, the ones that do not go unless by prayer and fasting ..2021 retirement

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