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Zambia Police request Video Footage from Prime TV about Kambwili’s defamation of the President

Headlines Zambia Police request Video Footage from Prime TV about Kambwili's defamation of...

NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili

Zambia Police has written to Prime Television Zambia requesting for video footage covered by the media House and aired to the members of the public on 9 September 2019 in respect of National Democratic Congress (NDC) Opposition leader Chishimba Kambwili’s allegations against the Head of State.

In a letter to the Chief Editor, Deputy Criminal Investigations Officer Mugala said that Zambia Police was carrying out investigations in a matter where Mr Kambwili is alleged to have uttered words which bordered on the defamation of the Republican President.

“The coverage of his Press Briefing at his residence was done by yourselves and aired to the members of the public on the 9th September, 2019. In order for us to conclude these investigations, we humbly as you to avail us with the full footage in question,” stated Assistant Superintendent Mugala.

Yesterday reports emerged that Mr Kambwili was to be arrested this week after he questioned President Edgar Lungu’s links with Businessman Valden Findlay, highly placed government sources have revealed but failed to turn up at the Durg Enforcement Commission summoning due to illness.

Mr Kambwili said that he was not scared of his imminent arrest. In a brazen statement this week, Dr Kambwili questioned why President Lungu is always hanging around Mr Findlay who he described as a convicted drug peddler.

Mr Kambwili further alleged that there are rumours that the official presidential plane is being used to courier drugs by Mr Findlay with or without the knowledge of President Lungu.

But sources close to State House have revealed that both President Lungu and Mr. Findlay want Mr. Kambwili arrested and prosecuted over his claims.

“The President is upset over the issue and he has instructed both the police and the DEC to arrest Kambwili and that order should be executed as early as this week,” the sources said.

“What we know is that such claims have unsettled the President and he now wants Kambwili to feel the heat.”

The sources said the statement issued by State House Spokesman Isaac Chipampe on Tuesday announcing the investigations was the first step towards arresting Mr. Kambwili.

“What Chipampe announced was merely to formalize what was issued to the DEC earlier in the day. What you will see in the next few days is a quick movement of things before Kambwili is picked up.”

Vildan Findlay

And Mr. Findlay has instructed his lawyers to serve Mr. Kambwili with court papers for criminal defamation. The sources disclosed that Mr Findlay has instructed his lawyers to sue Mr Kambwili over his claims.

“What Valden (Findlay) wants is to have Kambwili in court to prove all those allegations and produce evidence that Valden was mentioned in a US court over drugs, so it will be a very interesting case when it kicks off,” the source said.

But Mr Kambwili described reports of his pending arrest as a joke.

“Listen to this joke. I am informed that Lungu (President Lungu) has instructed DEC to arrest me for what I said about Findlay. Tabaishiba Imbwill (They don’t know a Leopard), let them come, twalalwa nabo (we will fight them), let them come, let them come, Mr Kambwili said.

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    • State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu on Saturday fired gun shots and kidnapped four people he accused of following him.
      On Saturday evening of 7th September 2019, Zulu found Mason Mweemba, Saul Amasipoti, Bernard Nshindo and Jerry Senge having fun at Chita Lodge in Kafue.
      Zulu was accompanied by Mpangwe Kachingwe, Rafique and a group of hookers.
      Trouble started when the boys were taking pictures of themselves.
      This annoyed Zulu who accused them of taking pictures of him and his women.
      He also accused them of taking pictures of his speed boats parked at Chita Lodge Harbour next to the Kafue river.
      He approached the boys, beat and bundled the two in the vehicle.
      The other two sped off in fear but Zulu personally gave chase.
      Zulu who was brandishing two guns, fired…

    • Surely under the Rome Statute, the ICC has jurisdiction to deal with a repeat offender like Zulu since LUNGU has failed to cage him.

    • I am encouraged by this development.
      Whenever this foul mouth CKinsultor crosses that line, sue his azs so he can clear his allegations.

      On the request of a vid from unpdead media house Prime TV, kikikikikiki, Police really sounds like double h’s request to ZNBC on evidence video on his petition case which was obviously forthcoming.

    • Prime TV dont give them. Let them go to court and request a Judge to subpoena the pictures. If they dont have the evidence how did they charge Kambwili?

  1. So findley wants to sue CK for defamation of character for saying he was mentioned in FBI drug investigations ??

    Why doesn’t lungu also sue CK for calling him a corrupt theif ???

    Is it because maybe lungu is indeed a corrupt theif ???

  2. Amazing Zambia Police work!! Arrest then investigate later.
    So what happens if ZP do not get that footage? or the footage does not expressly state what you are looking for. Eggs on your faces and loud mouth CK walks in victory! Incompetency at its best

  3. This Zambia Police is no longer worth its name.
    These people cannot investigate anything. They want to be spoon fed.

    The only thing they know to investigate, and at that, badly, is charging for fake traffic offenses.

    Do not law enforcement agencies have subscriptions to pay TV stations so that they can watch what is being broadcast in the nation and abroad?

    Shame on Zambia Police of today. The real Zambia Police died when UNIP left government.

  4. If i heard his excellency well, he said will not waste time responding to those that are insulting him. To me, this is leadership and it makes those insulting him look…….. My question, in whose interest are the police pursuing this matter since the supposedly agreed part is not complaining and has forgiven Ck?

  5. Can the Zambian police go ahead and also ask about the video footage of the 48 houses, fire trucks and corruption issues which CK has been talking about?

  6. Penal Code Act Cap 87 s.69. Any person who, with intent to bring the President into hatred, ridicule or
    contempt, publishes any defamatory or insulting matter, whether by writing, print, word of
    mouth or in any other manner, is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to
    imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years
    This law must be scrapped. Defamation is a civil and personal matter. Why criminalise it?. It is highly subject to abuse as the more reason I request for its scrapping. Does one qualify to use the same defenses available to the civil defamation.

  7. there was a time when police was a respectable arm of justice and equality,but now: to the current leaders in respective positions police does not stand for :People Of Little Intelligence Can Enter

  8. @ndeti ndeti , where was this penal code when half of Zambia was calling mwanawasa a cabbage (drawings included). If mere words hurt you more than the poverty , hunger , disease and lack of economic growth that we are going through in Zed then both you and your president have lost your humanity=your african way and your Zambia way. Let’s concentrate on real matters . (This isn’t primary school!)

  9. Continued, the problem here isn’t the law it’s the leaders who spend more time quoting these laws than creating solutions. scraping it won’t change a thing , correcting it so it makes sense will though. Ridicule and insult should change to use dangerous phrases or change the current punishment to community service which fits here in my opinion.

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