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The Lungu directs Secretary to the Cabinet to immediately clean up the public service payroll

Economy The Lungu directs Secretary to the Cabinet to immediately clean up the...

Dr Simon Miti
Dr Simon Miti

President Edgar Lungu has directed new Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti to ensure that the public service works more prudently.

The Head of State has directed Mr Miti to meet all Permanent Secretaries and senior government officials on a monthly basis and also inform all civil servants that in view of the current economic situation, government needs to work more prudently.

He said working prudently and managing results by doing more with less resources is the new mantra that government is working with, at all levels.

Speaking during the official opening of the fourth session of the Twelfth National Assembly, President Edgar Lungu emphasized on the need to dismantle arrears, while curbing further accumulation.

“My government has taken this very seriously and I have directed those tasked with the responsibility of managing the debt stock to ensure that stringent measures are actively implemented”, he said.

He stated that the non-discretionary debt expenditure which comprises personnel emoluments and debt stands at 50.1 percent and 40 percent respectively, giving a total of 90.1 percent of the annual budget.

President Lungu said this leaves the discretionary expenditure amount at about 9.9 percent of the annual budget, which is alarming.

He further said it is cardinal that personnel emoluments must be reflective of service delivery to the Zambian people.

The Head of State has since directed Secretary to the Cabinet to immediately clean up the public service payroll, in order to stop hemorrhage.

He explained that at the heart of austerity measures going forward, government will implement actions to manage the debt stock and curb any further accumulation, in order to save money and get rid of arrears owed to suppliers.

President Lungu further said that positive results must be achieved at all costs as well as ensure that the need for ministries and public institutions to collaborate on cross-cutting issues is addressed.

He told Mr Miti that all sectors of the economy must be streamlined, to ensure normality in all sub-sectors.

The Head of State noted that such measures will begin to increase liquidity in the economy and place the economy on an accelerated growth trajectory.


    • This Visionless Lungu Govt just doesn’t know how to prudently manage the Economy. Lungu thinks “Directives” work. The don’t. Lungu continuously says “I direct this One and that One” hoping that by saying “I direct Cabinet Secretary” that will produce a magic wand. It won’t.Directives never work. What u need are sound Macroeconomic Policies in line with properly thought out Fiscal and Monetary Policies. Lungu thinks that if he directs Mealie Meal Prices to come down they will come down. They won’t becoz they are determined by the Govt’s Agricultural Policies, Plans and Supply and Demand of maize. Cadabra Cadabra directives ignoring these Economic Fundamentals will not yield any results. The writing is on the Wall.

  1. Closing the stable after the horse has bolted. There’s no money to save anymore. Why don’t you start with removing Valden Findlay from ZAF plane?

    • Lungu is just a Visionless Joke. He was increasing the Public Service Head Count, Globe Trotting, holding the useless NDF, borrowing Money left and Right etc not knowing that he is increasing Total Govt Expenditures. He is traveling Globally with huge delegations including Mandrax Dealers but didn’t know this increases Govt Recurrent Expenditures. Lungu believes in Austerity for others and not for the President’s Office. In terms of Govt Profligacy Lungu is a Bad Example and No wonder Emoluments are now 90.1% of Total Govt Expenditures. Lungu has appointed a huge Cabinet but doesn’t know it costs Money. Lungu is a lost cause when it comes to Economic and Financial Literacy.

  2. Please mr lungu am begging you to start with cleaning up yourself. Kindly remove yourself from the presidency with immediate effect by doing so you will be doing Zambia a huge favor. Your biggest reward is that you will always be remembered as either the only or first zambian president to have resigned.

  3. Cleaning up civil service payroll is gonna be a herculean task considering the ever bloating irreconcilables between the payroll system and the overt developments in the education sector.

  4. Lungu should not talk about austerity. He is the most indiscplined and abusive spender of Zambian public resources.He naively expects other officials to practice austerity while he goes all over and everyday campaigning 2021 misusing public funds.The current poor economy will soon teach him the lesson all the opposition parties in Zambia have failed to deliver.The man has no respect for public resources. Lungu will surely be called to account for his abuse of public resources.He reads speeches whose contents he rarely pays attention to.

  5. simon Miti stole 2 billion kwacha with Kapoko when he was PS at ministry of health, Kapoko was jailed but simon is always sly and bought his way out, how can he clean upper roll, do you can he must steal some ? don’t take us for granted, you surround your self with the likes of Kaiser , findlay soon. etc, what does that say about your presidency?

  6. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this Country called Zambia sure God help us please, deliver us from jokers who alwayz want to make pronouncements and directives that are just full of rhetoric u people dont u feel ashamed sometimes

  7. Wat is so sad 4 this Country called Zambia is we have lost all the dignity that we were known 4, the so called leaders have now become misleaders whose interest is wat they will enjoy for themseves now and not to look at the consequences they are creating 4 future generation and surely 4forgetting that when this country is destroyed 4 their selfish gain even their children and grandchirldren will not be able to enjoy anything. African misleaders why dont u learn from fellow past African misleaders who ammassed so much wealth yet they died poor and very disgraced its a shame indeed, these they cant even inspire anyone including their Children shame its so pain even those so called elder states men and women cant even say anything when the Country is slowly being destroyed shame.

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