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HH directs all UPND MPs to votes against Bill no.10, claims bill has nothing good to benefit Zambians

Headlines HH directs all UPND MPs to votes against Bill no.10, claims bill...

HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM
HH speaking during a radio programme on SUN FM

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has directed all UPND Members of Parliament to vote against the Constitution amendment bill number 10 when it comes up for deliberation before parliament.

Mr. Hichilema emphasized that all opposition members of parliament should walk away in protest of the bill for it has nothing good to benefit Zambians.

Mr. Hichilema said that the decision was arrived at after members of the Central committee deliberated on the matter.

Mr Hichilema said this during a media briefing held at the party Secretariat in Lusaka.

But Parliamentary Chief Whip, Brian Mundubile has described Mr Hichilema ‘s instructions to the MPs as unfortunate.

Mr. Mundubile has since urged Mr. Hichilema to rescind his position by allowing UPND MPs to interrogate bill number ten on the basis of its merits.

He said there is a need to put aside partisan interests when addressing matters of the constitution.

Mr. Mundibile has since called for unity of purpose in responding to the ongoing constitutional amendment process.

Meanwhile, the PF has advised its PF Members of Parliament and independent MPs to support the comprehensive Nuclear bill in Parliament.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says there is a need to support the government in meeting its international atomic energy agency standards through ratification of relevant treaties.

Mr. Chanda says the decision to embrace nuclear energy will help the country in achieving the Seventh National Development Plan-7NDP and the vision 2030.

Mr. Chanda was speaking to ZNBC News in an interview in Lusaka.

And Mr. Chanda further said that nuclear power has very low lifetime greenhouse gas emissions which makes it a climate change mitigation option.

He said climate change is real hence the need to work together in helping the government mitigate the effects.


  1. Nothing new from h² as he string controls upndead mappet personas in parley.
    A natural course for parliament and boom, here it rolls.
    Not quite unusual for MPs to vote their conscience. MPs always vote on party lines.
    H² has hijacked the deads MPs and there is actually nothing new from the directive and quite naturally we don’t expect anything new from walkouts. Vote no, don’t walk out.

    • Every party in this world including here in the UK have whips who try and ensure party members are in line with party policy. If you don’t like party policy why not leave then so that others who share in our ideology can stand? Wake up. Why would any sane person vote in a constitution which is meant to keep one party in power? You are a daft cadre

    • In 2015 it was Belo yalila gilingili. He failed. Then he went to the watermelon campaign which backfired in his a$S and now he has started another campaign called Tomato yapya. He’s dull this chap.
      Does he have campaign strategists this Under 5?

    • How do they vote against it if they walk away? Is HH being reoprted correctly here?They hv to stay in the debating chamber and say it clearly why they’re not going to support it and why.

  2. We are here campaigning in the UK too. My white wife has been very helpful in helping the upnd UK team. In fact I was with Larry M yesterday discussing this issue. Don’t worry we expect all upnd mps to vote against this dictatorial legislation. We thank you. My white wife says vote upnd.

    • @N.ee.ez upnd strategist
      The British dont recognise you as as human being bit an ape fit for the zoo…am sure you sweep London streets

    • I am not a sweeper and even if I was what is wrong with that? The difference with the UK and Zambia is that here the standard of life is so high such that all careers and jobs are paid well and consisted cardinal. When I was in formal employment here the company I worked for ensured that the cleaner had a car rather than senior management because it was considered vital for the cleaner to be at work early. This is called logical thinking. In Zambia we have dogs like you who think cleaner and sweeper are inferior and yet in UK these cleaners are more than you and your useless father combined. Your late President Sata swept London streets so are you saying he was a useless ape?

  3. Who said HH had a love for his motherland? He will only love it if he is in state house. That is the extent to which our under-five politician loves his aspired job [ 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016 and counting] they are saying we give you 30 days in which you are heard when you lose in 2021 instead of the 14 days you were crying about you say No. Ok we want to remove the public order act so that you can meet your financiers in all the dark corners, we want you to hold rallies without police permit or notice he says No. Ok! what do you want ati No. Even his own No he doesnt want it. Kaya!!! These UPND so called MPs are made to just get paid for walking out of parliament. I am not sure that their electorate understand what they voted for.

    • Kainde hasn’t read the contents of the refined constitution. He has no strategy. He thinks being in opposition is just opposing for the sake of it.
      Michael Sata called him an ‘Under 5’ child because he’s still sucking milk he’s a political infant.
      What does Kainde keep in that kinky afro?


  4. There hoes the worshipped god, the alpha and omega in UPND directing grown up people who are fathers and mothers to some people.If HH can honestly rule his MPs like his own possession whilst in opposition, do.you ever imagine him how he can treat ordinary Zambians in the unlikely event that he formed government? Its really sad that these MPs in UPND have been reduced to toys by HH, they are walk-away robors, period. How sad to those who sent them to National Assembly!

  5. Anybody who supports the PF Bill is out of his mind. All Progressive MPs who believe in Constitutional Democracy should secretly Vote against this Bill. The Bill is meant to mutilate our Constitution and transform Zambia into a PF Dictatorship. All ProgressIve Zambians should reject Bill 10 at all costs.

  6. Mr.HH people in Zambia want messiah who can comfort them in the midst of economic upheavals.
    This constitutional politics will not help UPND just like bill of rights of 2016.UPND still have various issues with people of Zambia.Talk about solutions and give people hope by using simple language on how UPND will change Economic crisis once put in power.
    Please learn to work with political pillars like entire Catholic creed not those from north western province as well other regions creeds ,Chiefs and their subjects,Work with the whole total of 134 NGOs not the ones Mr.HH help with funding,diplomats around the country not Britain influence alone.
    Lastly read carefully the moods of people based on their traditional political ideology I mean issues of tribalism and regionalism.Dont be…

  7. “… in protest of the bill for it has nothing good to benefit Zambians…”
    Part (l) of the amendment Bill reads:
    “… (l) establish the Drug Enforcement Commission as the Anti-
    Drugs, Economic and Financial Crimes Agency and re-
    define its function as a national security service;… ”

    • And that is how they blind you, you only see one functional light in an entirely dark mansion. i guess thats the case when you are used to load shedding

    • Cmon, be reasonable. Have you yourself gone through Bill no. 10?? Typical of supporters of useless opposition, you would rather listen to what hh says than read it yourself. The other points are exactly why we have a parliament: THEY HAVE TO DEBATE AND AGREE ON THE BILL!!!!

  8. a certain man who was initiated at a certain grand lodge in Lusaka according to bishop chomba is hagain manifesting his legion of demonic forces. in 2016 we had elections running alongside a referendum, which was very beneficial to the Zambians, its content involved right to life for those who abort, it also required men who damage women to support that particular child until he is an adult, so here we are hagain, the freemaaansooon ordering Upnd MPs to walk out without giving any justifiable reasons, can’t you see this man is working to please foreigners?

    I’m breaker, I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  9. Am happy to see just how many PF supporters are afraid of this man….the majority have rejected this bill why force it down our throats?

  10. Politricks at its best, am not against the bill and am not for the bill, but if Mr hh wants his mps to walk away from parliament then he should explain the bill point by point to the people of Zambia as why this bill #10 is not beneficial to us and not just by instructing his people to protest, equally even those who are supporting the Bill should do the same. Sometimes I even wonder ad ask myself how many people have read this same bill..

  11. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under five party without a Vice President has thumped his calculator again. His vuvuzela cadres aka mps are now shaking in their boots as the grand master has spoken. You debate the bill you vote for the bill a bye election will follow you. This is how this man would rule a country if he ever led. It would be decrees,fear, gossip and paranoia. He is revealing how he would rule brutal force the public order act would be his bread and butter dictator simple! 21st century leadership doesn’t require this person maybe in his house he is needed.

  12. The UPND MP’s behaviour is very predictable. The vast majority of them will obsequiously do HH’s bidding and do exactly as he orders them to do. A few MPs who will dare defy HH will suffer the fate of vilification, stigmatization, and threats of expulsion from the party. One has to wonder if the UPND is a cult or if the party has any independent thinking MPs!

  13. An extract from the so called bill
    The proposed Bill has stripped the National Assembly of many of its oversight powers and functions, for instance, it repeals provisions in the existing Constitution which previously gave the National Assembly oversight over approving public debt before it is contracted into. The Bill also now gives the President power to enter into international treaties and agreements without the approval of the National Assembly. The Bill even goes a step further by allowing the President to create a province, or divide or merge a province, without any approval from the National Assembly

  14. The Bill proposes that the President appoints Deputy Ministers as he considers necessary. This is a disturbing amendment as Deputy Ministers were previously removed because their positions were seen to be redundant and not cost-effective. This re-introduction is obscure and unnecessary given the fact that Provincial Ministers are already in existence notwithstanding the fact that the money required to appoint Deputy Ministers could be used in much more constructive ways.

    • You end your input with and I quote, “Then comment afterwards. It is a disaster. Some issues do not make sense at all”

      To me it sounds like you are alive to the fact that not all the clauses are bad in the said Bill #10. If that is correct, the question arises. Should we tip the barrei of apples because of the bad apples or remove the bad apples and keep the good ones. And maybe include or replace the bad ones with the good.

  15. Financial Accountability
    The Bill reduces Government’s financial accountability by abolishing parliamentary oversight over contracting public debt, and even goes in so far as to repeal the clause that stated that the permanent secretary is responsible and accountable for proper financial management of public monies, without stating who this responsibility is now given to. The Bill also removes oversight from the Secretary to the Treasury in the formulation and implementation of the macro-economic framework and socio-economic plans of the Country.

  16. In line with the removal of financial responsibility, the Bill sees the creation of the Anti-Drugs, Economic and Financial Crimes Agency. The introduction of this Agency is questionable as there is already an existing Financial Intelligence Center which is created by an act of parliament and is responsible for investigating financial crimes.

  17. Further room for political interference can be seen where the Bill gives the President power to appoint a tribunal to remove a sitting judge which power previously sat with the Judicial Complaints Commission.

  18. A further concern is that the Bill proposes that Parliament not be dissolved 90 days before the general election, but instead remains operational until the general election. The practice of dissolving Parliament during the electoral campaigning period assists to ensure equity between candidates.

  19. A further concern is that the Bill proposes that Parliament not be dissolved 90 days before the general election, but instead remains operational until the general election. The practice of dissolving Parliament during the electoral campaigning period assists to ensure equity between candidates.

    This is very *****ic

  20. When it comes to participation in politics, the Bill states that any public officer who wishes to participate in elections is required to resign at least two years before the elections.

    More rubbish

  21. The Bill also removes the qualifications specified for a person to be eligible for appointment as the Bank of Zambia Governor, which will presumably be prescribed in legislation elsewhere.


  22. This bill should not be taken to Parliament for approval as it affects all Zambians. A vote through a referendum will be the correct way and nothing less. Let all Zambians eligible to vote do so. It is about the future

  23. So elected members of parliament, are instructed to not debate or fight out a bill by a man that has never held public office. Zambians do realize that a walk out by UPND MPs is the same as voting yes for the Bill right? I am questioning us as a people now.

  24. Read MUNDIA’s comment on serial number 7. There is sense. PF members of Parliament please also dont vote for this bill 10. Pipo dont support this bill blindly it’s evil. Dont allow it to pass thru.

    • I have heard hh supporters saying this bill is evil and so on. But i have not heard anyone starting from the head of this fish called upnd were and how this bill is bad. All of them are just conderming bcoz their head says so. They havent even read it. When the fish is rotting, it starts from , ( chimutwe) the heard.

  25. Hakaivotela Heka HH, is the worst retrogresive, chimbwi no plan opposition leader who soon in 2021 will be burried in zambia political arcieve as the 6 time presidential election looser. The man has totally failed politics. His silly gimic wont have any positive impact to gain political millage. Ni ka under 5 ( by king cobra) upnd will always be behind like amatako( by mwanawasa) the words of these two late presidents spoken many years ago are right and true. This tomatoe is rotten, ponse paja !!!!!

  26. The purpose of the Constitution Amendment has everything to do with improving Zambia it is all about PF grabbing power from the people and staying in Power forever for fear of being Prosecuted for the looting of the National Treasury. From President Edgar Lungu to most of his Ministers they can not account on how they accumulated their new found wealth.

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