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Kambwili to appear before DEC this morning

General News Kambwili to appear before DEC this morning

Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili
Opposition National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili will this morning appear for questioning at the Drug Enforcement Commission in connection with allegations of drug trafficking involving President Edgar Lungu and Businessman Valden Findlay.

According to the NDC Media Team, Mr Kambwili will appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission at 09 00 hours at their Ridgeway Lusaka offices.

The opposition Leader was last week summoned by the Commission to provide any further information he may have in connection with the allegations he made that Valden Findlay was a wanted drug trafficker in the USA.

Last week, Mr Kambwili’s Lawyers advised the officers that their client was unwell, hence asked to reschedule the appointment.

Mr Kambwili is expected to appear for interrogation following his press briefing held last which in which he questioned Valden Vindlays trips accompanying the head of state.

The NDC has since asked its members and supporters to be at Ridgeway DEC offices by 08 00 hours and offer solidarity to the NDC leader.

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  1. Kosa Mwiache noti uku fenta. Mugabe was locked up for 10 years no trial and we all know about Mandela fighting for people.
    People are watching.
    Just let them to tell Zambians why his on the presidential trips and we will make our own judgments..

    • Even DEC is busy trying to protect Findlay. This is real state capture. Again I ask, how do PF supporters sleep at night knowing that they are part of such a rotten system. Anyway, money that is not worked for makes unprinciplef people blind to all wrong doing

  2. Whilst the country is facing hunger and power national disasters, the pf government see it fit to spend money prosecuting kambwili who is merely excersing his human rights in speaking against the ills of his former party. I now agree when my white wife says that a black man is his own enemy. After ridding off colonial rule we are now persecuting our fellow Africans for political gains because politics is only way people can survive. A sad case. Zimbabwe faces sanctions and understandably their economy is in crisis. Meanwhile Zambia faced pf government and people are starving and the economy is in tatters. While electricity is now a luxury

  3. There is something fishy here!!!
    Kambwili alleged drug related activities by Findlay and him being linked in FBI investigations. DEC have already done their homework and they know that Kambwili has a weak case with little or no proof – Hence they have quickly summoned him to furnish them with more information. They know that the additional information is not there.
    Two week ago HH reported to ACC about 48 houses, and they knew that he had more data on the case – Hence they opted to avoid him and wash the spoils under the carpet. WHY WAS HH NOT SUMMONED EXPEDITIOULY TO FURNISH MORE DATA??? THEY COULDN’T BECAUSE THEY KNEW THAT HH WOULD OPEN A PANDORA BOX AND THE CASE OF 48 HOUSES REMAIN CLOSED. This is not on.

    • C-General you are absolutely right. This government mwandini, it is one scandal after another. They will have a lot to answer to after they leave office. As Zambians the first mistake we made was to vote for a sick man in Michael Sata

  4. Kambwili is simply trying to protect the reputation of Zambia, in my opinion he is a legit Opposition leader who must be supported by well meaning Zambians. In 2021 I will definitely vote for Chishimba.

  5. These thieves must also bring back the challenger, property of the Zambian people they have been using reportedly for illicit business.

  6. Ck is the only brave politician to point out , that lungu should be mindful of the circle of friends he keeps……especially of GRZ bussiness.

    I hope other leaders with integrity and morals now avoid this lungu.

  7. He is also a perpetrators pretending to be a saint.This is called politics.All are the same.Chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi.

  8. Was the presidential jet purchased to ease Findlay’s movements across the world to traffic drugs or was purchased to rase the President’s movements as he goes to represent Zambians across the world? Zambians this is being docile. How can the president start garavanting with Findlay in a state plane that is meant for state functions. Who is Findlay by the way to be seen to enjoy state machinery at that highest level.

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