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YALI counsels Kambwili and Kaweche Kaunda over drug trafficking allegations

Headlines YALI counsels Kambwili and Kaweche Kaunda over drug trafficking allegations

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

Chishimba Kambwili accusations of the President and Lusaka businessman, Valden Findlay, are motivated by people with competing business interests against Mr. Findlay and meant to undermine the Presidency, Young African Leaders Initiative has charged.

In a press briefing held at Mika Hotel on Sunday, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe, said Mr. Kambwili should not show cowardice by making scathing accusation of drug trafficking against the Head of State while failing to provide details to law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Ntewewe alleged Mr. Kambwili appear to have been sponsored by persons with business interests to fight the Head of State by questioning Mr. Findlay’s association by suggesting the President is using the Presidential jet to traffic in drugs to other countries, remarks which he said border on national security.

“This is why today we want to call upon investigative wings to not only take keen interest in those allegations by issuance of call-outs but we need them to expedite the conclusion of this inquiry they are making,” said Mr. Ntewewe

Mr. Ntewewe has called on Mr. Kambwili to grow up and show maturity in politics by avoiding divisive temptation to use his freedom of expressions to make serious allegations against the Head of State and malign other citizens, all in the name of politics and the pursuit to get popularity among the people.

Mr. Ntewewe has also advised Kaweche Kaunda, son to Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, to avoid bringing his father’s legacy into question by joining political battles that undermine the Head of State.

“Kambwili and Kaweche can assist the Drug Enforcement Commission and other investigative wings with information rather than become a media front of those business entities who may be using them to malign the President and an ordinary citizen,” said Ntewewe.;

Mr. Ntewewe said Mr. Kaweche Kaunda should remember that his father rules during 27 years and thereafter was marred by injuring which Kaunda and other Zambians caused to each other during the process but they decided to forgive each other and move on. He said attempts by Mr. Kaweche Kaunda may sadly open the Pandora box which will not help the rule of Dr. Kaunda.

“DEC has made an appeal to the public for anyone, including Mr. Kaweche, with information to assist and under the whistle-blower protection, Mr. Kaweche would be very safe as he will not be exposed. So why has he chosen to expose himself by playing to the same public gallery as these politicians whose interest is to further their political careers? The question is why, would such senior citizens be so reckless?” questioned Ntewewe.

Mr. Ntewewe said Kambwili and Kaweche are becoming a danger to national security and the enjoyment of constitutional rights by other citizens in their free exercise of freedom of expression.

“Mr. Kambwili’s unsparing allegations against the Head of State as having a questionable association with another citizen for purposes of drug trafficking using the presidential jet is irresponsible, and a reckless act calculated to bring the Republican Presidency into disrepute, locally and internationally,” he said.


    • Andrew Mtewewe is a Pf cadre and the Headline should lead Pf Cadre Mtewewe counsels Kambwili and Kaweche. There is no Yali led by Mtewewe. Is just alone and sponsored by by Pf to appear like a genuine NGO. A lot of people don’t take him seriously. He is only doing what the Pf pays him for.

    • Kaweche, have u forgotten how your father killed so many people including freedom fighters? So if Findlay said the big man was stupid, maybe he was right.

    • Chishimba Kambwili and Kaweche Kaunda are both adults and citizens of sound mind who should know wht they hv opened themselves up to. They’re both commenting on an issue that is in public domain. They’re therefore free to talk about wht they think they know. The least they could do with is advice from Andrew Ntewewe because these are private citizens speaking for themselves. ECL and Valden Findlay both know wht to do in the wake of attacks from Kambwili.

    • Hahaha.
      Here comes Ntewewe, Lungu and Findlay’s saviour.
      Why is a supposed “NGO” busy defending Lungu and Findlay. Again I would love to hear how LT PF blogger will justify this. Especially those that try to pretend to be smart and educated

    • That PF funded YALI need closed. close it. There is no way an NGO can get in drug trafficking discussions, never.
      That Mutewewe need arrested for receiving money from drug cartels.

    • “Mr. Ntewewe said Mr. Kaweche Kaunda should remember that his father rules during 27 years and thereafter was marred by injuring which Kaunda and other Zambians caused to each other during the process but they decided to forgive each other and move on. He said attempts by Mr. Kaweche Kaunda may sadly open the Pandora box which will not help the rule of Dr. Kaunda.”
      Ntewewe you are way in over your head with such a comment about KK. I have now realised your shallowness. This chap should not have a platform to speak anymore, he is unelected and does not represent anyone who doesn’t carry his surname. YALI is not a political organization that imwe ba Ntewewe can be busy making tuma lousy political statements daily. What do you understand by ‘leadership initiative’ you pumpkin? What…

    • ….What do you understand by ‘leadership initiative’ you pumpkin? What are your credentials iwe ka Ntewewe? Your statements would carry weight if your organization carried a name like FODEP, as far as we are concerned YALI isn’t different from the boy’s brigade or JETS club. Silence this b*st*rd. Deregister this bloody YALI. I believe the student unions are doing what he is doing only that he is deluded and obsessed with power. Hallucinator! Aka ka chi color should be talking about ‘the presidency’? This kind of freedom of speech and association is actually what undermines the presidency. If indeed we are serious about respecting the highest office, people like Ntewewe should never talk about politics in the media. He is a nobody and a commoner like most of us, why yap too much iwe…

    • I know a rabid dog, when I see one, Ntewewe is one such rabid blind dog who sees every stupid and *****ic act as normal. Time for reckoning will surely come.

    • His mouth will fast forward his timeline. It will really hit a snug that will bring CKinsultor to an abrupt end.
      He is a danger to himself.

  1. My issue with the presidency is, in what capacity is Findley representing the country on official presidential trips period, if he has been given a position like that of Keiser (adviser to the president) let it be known and then people will put this issue to bed, but currently all that they want to know is how is this gentleman representing us as a country. if it is just personal friendship with our president then let there be a dividing line so that at least he is ommited from official trips and meetings please, that is all I may ask for.

  2. Yali are a bunch of ****** These are the effects of poverty. It leads to poverty of the brain where by one makes decisions based on his own personal needs rather than on merit. These small boys can’t be blamed because they have families to take care of. So that money they receive from pf is out of desperation. I say this because even a grade 4 from chinsali would know that it is not right both morally and legally for a president to spend time flying around with some one who has faced drug related charges. Also a president cannot have relationship with a business man who as we know is probably bidding for government contracts and getting them. So yali please do us a favour and just shut that your smelly mouth and just continue eating our tax payer money in…

  3. IWE KA NTEWEWE, USELESS NON REASONING BUSH CADRE, JUST GO & [email protected] ELSEWHERE, you useless no good for nothing [email protected]!
    Your Brains are in your Boxer shorts, & not your infested Cranium mambala iwe’!!
    Uzafela milandu ya bena, like late Chanda Chimba III.

    • Fact; Dictators are NOT born, they are created by useless [email protected] like this [email protected] Ntewewe.
      A lot of Cadres who Created Mugabe, ended up having their bombasa marbles squeezed until their eyes popped out, once they later disagreed with ba Comrade Bob, as they had made him all Powerful, & I don’t blame late Bob for panaring these sychophants.




  5. @2 CALEB, what advice do you what Kambwili to take? He just asked a genuine question and which needs a genuine answer not all this rubbish coming from morons like Ntewewe, anyway we shall hear more from the courts, all these id1ots like Ntewewe who appear to know anything about this issue will be required to testify for Findlay once the case hearing start.

  6. Andrew Nthewewe is a disgrace to the young ones. I don’t know where he stands as a young man. He is ever on a slippery ground where issues of the nation are concerned. He is like an empty sack that cannot stand upright. A person should be objective and be able to be focused. He is a misrepresentation of youth agenda. He purports to be a youth but his sentiments are contrary to what youths needs. It is a shame that we have such people representing youths using their stomachs instead of their head. A good leader is one who stands on his or her principles without compromising his or her moral standing. It is a pity that Andrew is a wrong representative of youths. He tilts his morals where bread is buttered. He has a spirit of egoism and avarice.

  7. watched and Arrested in 2008 for money laundering offences and racketeering through his Actis Bureau de Change Financial services Watched and Arrested and still wanted in Hong Kong in 2009 released

    Its goes on from 1995 to date Suerly the name is tainted

  8. Ntewewe is it right for finlay to be moving with president lungu?All Zambians want to know in what
    Capacity is he?Is he an adviser ,security,.It would be better if the
    President can clarify.

  9. The reason why he hides in President Lungu is that if he had traveled alone he will be arrested in UK Hong Kong South Africa Nigeria and US as a special interest person,A kingping documented and to be tried and listed under the kingpin act

    He will be arrested by DEA its time and convenience diplomaticy away from presdo lungu entourage

  10. Mwe Less ingoyu Mtewewe mwamufumya kwi? (God where did you brought this Mtewewe from?) He is very confused chap. Mtewewe you have just exposed you foolishness on this issue which looks more big than you. Are you PF carder. I can’t say lesq akupale because so will be just fooling God for such a prayer.

  11. I keep on wondering whether there’s no law that forces individuals who make wild allegations to give evidence to the law enforcement agencies so that the law enforcement agencies can pick it from there to go ahead and make thorough investigation into such matters. But today Dr Kambwili just chickened out and refused to give any details of his allegations. So when you say such things without substantiating them with evidence, then what is the way forward mwe bantu imwe? To me that is mere politicking rather than being serious with important national issues begging for proper answers.

    • Iwe naiwe @ Moses P Sichula, we want to know what Findlay is always doing with Lungu on international trips than the useless evidence your moriband DEC wants from Kambwili. Even if he gave them that evidence what are they going to do about it anyway? We all know they won’t do anything so he just did a nice thing not to tell them anything because they are useless.

  12. Corrupt money rewards many souls. drug traffickers know how to purchase a ‘reputation insurance policy’ by investing in people well ahead of anyone. This is the reason KBF made a shocking statement yesterday, calling on Findlay and Kambwili to reconcile. Ntewewe is in the same shoes. They know a knockdown for Findlay will not only reveal a can of worms but also chose entry into their stomachs. Why can’t Findlay talk for himself? Why should KBF, Ntewewe, Bowman speak for him? We are talking about a private citizen flying the President of Zambia in a private jet to go and negotiate for the release of a criminal from Kenyan jails? Are you taking such a matter lightly, Zambia?

  13. YALI i did not know that as useless as this. SHOW ME YOUR FRIEND SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Findlay is a drug dealer and his frind is ECL, cabinet office treats findlay with a VVIP treatment, they fly, eat, get fotos to show the world. America DEA is not compromising like your DEC who who chase whistle blower leaving the dealer and his best. Infact CK wanted EL to come in the open and tell us the business he has with VF. Is VF part of governance? Who voted him? May be its you YALI and OP why he is free flying in Eagle 1. Stop wafling YALI read what is on the NET and stay from utering. Surely the Americans will be here soon don’t scamper. May be they will pick VF and his friend. Then you will keep quite YALI NONSENSE.

  14. Mtewewe in support of drug trafficking, wonders shall never end. “ubufumu buchindika abene” If you want respect , you first respect yourself, so that you earn respect from people. But #Lun*gu has not respected himself.

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